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Doc is my pure loving husband!

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The turret will be attack. Unless tachanka gets a meaningful rework

i want to iron IQ's soles with my face!

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xth f-for
>still no mateba
;w ;

I want Bartlett back

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Why don't you wait for 750+ replies/page 10 before making a new thread?

(And That's A Great Fucking Thing!)

What fucking purpose would an autoturret be on attack other than a less effective claymore?

Don't respond to me ever again.

Hell yeah i cropped that pic


devil hs
don't think its up on boorus or anything, he posted it on his t*mblr today.

Remove Lion from the premises

j u s t

Reminder that last thread has proven that the actual state of frost and elafags are retarded children who think instagram memes on casual frag vids is the height of comecy

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>incel mentions ela despite ela having nothing to do with it

STOP playing lion

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I started playing IQ when I got the game and I've never stopped.
I think it's because I'm fucking retarded.

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I think with Bartlett they really just needed to add more cover outside to stop the rampant spawn killing. The map itself wasn't that bad. (1000x better than Plane still.)

Plane is good, Fuck off.

there is NOTHING wrong with Dokkaebi

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IQ is my most played operator but i hardly ever use her anymore in ranked except during the placement matches since it doesnt really matter what you bring at low MMR.
if you want 3 speed you bring ash
if you want to kill gadgets you bring twitch
if you want nades you bring buck

3 speed and nades just arent enough to justify mediocre guns and a meme gadget.
thats unless its consulate/skyscraper and they have a good valk but how often does this happen.
i like the idea behind the gadget but it just doesnt translate well into gameplay since you cant just pull it out and scan every time you advance 20 meters when inside the building.

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>comeback from 0-2
>have defuser, everyone on team is dead
>mfw plant defuser, get the last kill in a shootout
jesus christ my heart is beating so fast right now
this shit can get so intense i love it

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How long until the Pizza Pasta Force join the fight?

Like 14 days or however many the Outbreak timer says is left.

Doc mains are literally super humans

Plane is the worst map in the game, succeeded only by Favela when playing with higher ranked people. It's terrible on both attack and defense, and has no place in the game.

IQ is my most played operator as well. It's weird because I don't remember playing her that much and I'm generally bad with her.

t. glaz

>if you want to kill gadgets you bring twitch

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Got a 9% alpha pack

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>launch game
>start match
>based korean mans gadget STILL doesnt counter Lion
ETA on when they'll patch this in? Or are they actually this fucking retarded?

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be my IQ foot goddess Fleur.

It will be a common. :P

They won't touch anything until the mid season reinforcement.

it was. But it was valk rock headgear

oh thats nice I like that one.

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How do you play Mira?

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>be Bandit on Plane
>electrify deployable shields in entrances then Frost slaps a trap behind
>not a single shieldshitter could get past and the only regular op who did got shocked and frost trapped
>they kept taking IQ instead of Thatcher for the next two attacks too

I'd sorta get "people ever playing IQ" if someone is learning cams or if she was fappable but right now the devotion people have is puzzling.

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twitch will always be a infinitely better anti gadget pick in ranked compared to thatcher unless its a garage site.
and even then you are best off bringing both.
twitch just has so much going for her with the gun being the best in the game and the fact she can fuck mira so hard.

That's from egg's video isn't it

I still forget to take IQ even against really sneaky valks


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I use her in situations where the enemy is spamming Valk, or if I know the enemies will be picking certain sites like armory on Border. (Although Buck and Thatcher could be just as useful in that situation.)


It's better than a lot of the gun skins, at least!

>deployable shield
operator pick isnt the issue here

>Theme Park
Return to Menu, Confirm?

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pretty please?

Based Egg chads. Why are you in this shit general?

Only shitters hate border.

>"This is for you Satan"
>Kills our hostage and throws the game

>playing ranked
>matched against a team of golds
Nice matchmaking you got there, ubi

For Satan

How do i play Ying?
I usually do Six12 candela rushes and use pistol on mid-long range

Not picking a shotgun on attack for one.

>default mmr is 2500 aka gold 4
>he cant even hold his own vs the newcomer average skill level
>cries about "muh metal element" instead

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Frick off bordercuck

>hating one of the best maps in the game
kys irl

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Shitter alert.

Yes I'm a shitter, what of it ? It doesn't change that the matchmaking is ansolute dogshit. My team was made of silvers and me who's unranked. It's the same shit as casual

There's no such thing as good matchmaking for shitters.

>"Yes I'm a shitter"
>"why am i getting shit on"
big think

Get ranked. You fucking idiot

It's my birthday, r6g, and it's pretty much guaranteed that I won't get any gift, like always. I say fuck it, imma buy some nice shit myself. SO here is my question - should I get something nice for my Rainbow ops or maybe invest in another game? I was thinking about Far Cry 5, cause I find the series mildly entertaining. Divsion is on sale now, and I has my eye on it for some time now too.
Help me anonz

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get Space Beast Terror Fright and 3 friends.

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I'd get something nice for my favorite ops, I want to get Far Cry 5 since I actually like the series and like the new setting, but I'm gonna wait on it, at least for a few review/gameplay vids to come out before I get it.

i wouldn't post here if i had friends
i can't wait, i have to fill the hole now

i mean if you play siege regularly and dont just hop games then yeah buy something you want in siege.
personally im not interested in FC 3.2 and division fixed its shit too late and its rather dead now, also pvp was and will always be abysmal in that game.
happy birthday user.

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Eh then get it. If you got the cash and can spare it then do it. No harm in that, if you have fun with it then its all good right?

far cry. happy birth

So you're saying there's something in ranked that prevents people from picking IQ instead of Thatcher or Twitch too?

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This has been ubi's position on releasing strong characters since release user

they gotta sell those season passes

>my team is mostly always unranked like me or silvers
>other team has plats and golds
Matchmaking was never good, I'm not the only one who ever complained about it.

>specify I'm doing ranked and that so far I'm unranked
>get ranked u idiot
Did your mom drop you on the head as a baby ?

Happy bday, user! Wish you all the best!
As for what to buy, buy another game, cosmetics are a waste of money

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when you do your 10 placements and it ranks you the matchmaking gets much better. by being unranked the system has no idea where to match you so you usually start out against golds

New to game

Which guns are good on ash

prevents? no
but you essentially gimp yourself and your team by bringing an inferior operator, in terms of firepower no other operator can rival twitch and her drone also has a higher impact than the emp/scanner since it can not only destroy gadgets while you are on the other side of the map but also take out mira windows.
ranked meta also revolves around the guns alot, its why twitch and ash are so popular while zofia/thatcher arent despite being top picks in PL.

obviously this isnt overwatch and you can play any operator that isnt chanka at any level, but theres still optimal and less optimal picks, it doesnt guarantee a loss if you pick sub optimal operators like in mobashit but you will have to work harder to win if you do.

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did you come out of your mothers ass that you're such a dumb shitter?
can you fuck off back to habbo hotel already?


I'm a beast with Doc but shit with Rook wtf.

>getting this assblasted over some petty shit on some obscure chinese cartoons forum

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You're shit with both.

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I think we're both arguing about the same person not at each-other here because I think we can both agree that IQ is a pretty shitty pick no matter the situation.

pssh move aside kiddo

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About to try my very first ranked game solo

Any advice?

Shoot the enemy and kill them and don't die.

What edition should I get?

Standard, Advanced, Gold or Complete?

What is the fucking difference

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>got one at 4%
You're both like little babies

Standard or complete.

thank you anones
i think ill get far cry
ill just draw and play siege until it comes out

Can I get all the operators if I get standard?

>"y-you mad" mutters the shitter after being laughed at for blaming the game for his own flaws

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draw IQ feet

Draw IQ in a hajib

Yeah but the DLC ones can be a bit of a grind since there's so many now.

>Sad, slanted eyes with wrinkles.
>Hair's greying.

Doc's seen some shit.

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>he got ass hurt over a random post on an anonymous image board on the interwebz and answers with a laughing reaction picture because he wants to make it look like he's chill with it
If you were that starved for (You)s, you could just have said it

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Need a diaper?