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1st for Dark Magician Link when?

first for aki

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Same time we get a Blue-Eyes Link.

>FLOD coming soon
fuck up my rarity bumps, senpai

Reminder to all Blue-Eyes players to make room for Semen Sorceress in your ED so you can OTK your opponents with Chaos Max by giving them a monster with 0 DEF.

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how many should i have?


with so many good cards some will have rarities lower than they would get in other sets, just the Knightmares will take 2-3 of the Secrets

I'm honestly surprised about the quality of FLOD. Here's hoping CYHO can match it.

2 knightmares or 1 knightmare and 1 iblee
red reboot
infinte transcience
needlefiber and another import

dragon mommy > silent mommy

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>Overlays with a shota and a loli
she is a degenerate

She knows what she likes.

>A mother cuddles with her son and daughter
You're the only degenerate here.

>Dragon mommy will never come off the ban list, even though she easily could

>look up builds for a Millennium-Eyes Restrict deck
>find a decent looking one
>guy says to have two Evenly Matched and three Linkuriboh
>look up their prices

Jesus, do these cards have functionality in other decks? Spending nearly 200 bucks for cards I'm going to use in this mid-tier at best deck seems pointless.

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So how do I get Semen Sorcerer again? Am I too late?

Evenly Matched is arguably the best removal card currently in the game and Linkuriboh is used in Altergeists and was used in SPYRAL for that like 1 week they were still good.

>Evenly matched and Linkuriboh
>Do these cards have funtionality in other deck
Yes. Read the effects.

You have until April 19 to subscribe to Jump.

>do these cards have functionality in other decks?
>Evenly Matched and Linkuriboh
Did you literally just start playing, my man?

get an annual subscription to Shonen Jump, you have until mid April to do it, only in burger and leafland though

Why does everyone hate on cubics? They're pretty decent. Nothing like whooping the ass of an ABC player who goes first turn ABC, Skull Dread, and Infinity. Crimson Nova puts in work.

But isn't shota canon?

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When will we get something like this?

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Do you remember your first monster card?
Do you remember how you got it?
Well I challenge you all to make a deck with it as your boss monster and post it.

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Sorry, I just got back into the game. Millennium-Eyes Restrict looked cool and it triggered my inner nostalgiafag, so I was just hoping to build a deck around that monster.

I just shove 59 other cards like the dumb kid I was and have fun.

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It's cool. If anything test the deck out on pro and see how you like it.

unironically my first card was Summoned Skull that I bought to a friend just because it looked cool, so though luck for me

What is stopping anyone from doing this.

t BR, hue to you
nice thtd fodder

Question for singlefags. Is buying a box of FLOD worth it?

No one has talked about them in a while, but most people only read the semi-nomis and Vijam and concluded they were all shit without really investigating how the deck plays. And yeah, you can steal games and it's fun, but they're too inconsistent. I still love them, but I could never take them to a serious event as long as forehead is running amok.

If I make it to worlds I may take them anyway for the memes.

Your own desire to have fun and be original.

Depends on the imports. I would say it needs Needlefiber and Jasmine to be worth it.

Other than the cards, is there any reason to subscribe to SJ now? It's only a digital magazine, right? Is there anything exclusive in it?


What are the odds of Inzektors going to 3 next ban list?

plant ftk is dead though

>t BR, hue to you
I'm too free to be a BR.
Uraby was given to me by a kid I had made friends with, while camping with my family.

very slim considering what 6sam got for their return, the same goes for windups too.

Extremely high. Banlist PTSD normally lasts 4-6 years. At the very least, they'll stagger them off over two or three banlists.

No clue why we're not getting our usual banlist autism considering it's coming out in two weeks.

Hornet could go to 3 with no real issue.
Dragonfly is less likely. If Picofarena is in it they may give it a shot like they did with Qlis, but you also have to consider that MR4 fucked Qlis harder than nearly any other archetype, and only made Inzektors better.

stratos coming off the list. literally no reason it should be on.

Most likely, but Jasmine is still an incredible combo piece that many decks can utilize.

no need to change the congo story
the banner strat had its time there

Where's the cheapest place to buy boxes of packs?


not really, you can read manga earlier on pirate sites, you basically pay 26 bucks for 4 promos, which can be good or bad, the people that subscribed for Linkuriboh will get Semen Sorceress as well, so in their case it was a good business

Leave Brandish to me

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Ebay, swap meet or a garage sale.

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>Uraby was given to me by a kid I had made friends with, while camping with my family.
Are you me?
My first encounter with Yu-Gi-Oh was on a Scouts trip. Several kids were collecting the cards and trading, and I convinced someone to give me a trash card or two for free. Then I spent the rest of the trip trading up until I got to 12 some-odd cards.

Uraby was my first card too.

(You) are the reason why
they feed off that rally of hopelessness

Win locals.

>play Sky Striker vs Super Heavy Samurais
>get Kaiju'd, have my S/T wiped, and get all 10 or so spells banished from grave including all 3 Widow Anchor, all in one turn
>left with only Start-Up in hand
>still 2-0 my opponent
Real fuckin' sugoi, senpai.

Any Yugitubers worth watching. dzeeff has some interesting videos but I find his personality insufferable.

just suck the serbian cock and call it a day

>play against a retard
nothing new 先輩

You should really avoid dzeeff in general since most of his stuff is click bait. Rata is a given and the most entertaining of the bunch. TGS Anime is wiki dump you put in the background. cvit has Everything Wrong with Yu-gi-oh series and some memes. cimo provide some great yugioh information if you can deal with his facecam. ThePoorfessionalGamers make troll/bad build and play them.

cvit and rata are the only watchable ones

the only ones i watch are ocg players. there's two on youtube that are very good are predicting the new meta. some of their market watch videos are cool too.

With """yugitubers""" being so """bad""", what exactly is it that they're doing wrong, and what exactly are you looking for in a youtube video about card games?

Dzeeff follow the same pitfall as other certain youtubers like Game Theory and wooden potato: they spend the first hour talking about random shit or their head canon, trying to establish that their head canon is right, then spend one minute actually explaining it at the end. Half the time, their video is just venting shit with a clickbait image and title. Dzeeff is so prone to this that is easily predictable what kind of video rant he would post in the future.

How do I make a cop deck?

Attached: Pursuit Chaser.jpg (416x416, 56K)

Which ones?

I was feeling nostalgic the other day and brought out my Jowgen trap stun to local expecting to get my ass beat. The other guy has a reputation of being a strong player, and that he chases after a new meta deck all the time. First game I open with Village and Jowgen along with a bunch of backrows.
>He quits
Second game I open Jowgen and Village again and for some asinine reason he lets me go first.
>mfw he was playing Invoke Mekk-Knight and he didn't open any of the Invoke engine so it becomes a go second deck.
>mfw he quit

Watch Cap G, he's fun.

In 6 months?

there's a reason that's tip #49 out of 50

what drives a child to play burn

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Dios mio es la goblina oscuro...

What makes Flames of Destruction so sought after? Should I buy some boxes?

Altergeist, Knightmares, Light of Sekka, Called by the Grave, Red Reboot, possibility of Cherubini, Needlefiber or Jasmine.
Always buy singles.

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Also I forgot Infinite Transcience.

Another day without a card reveal from CYHO.

Are the OCG Twitter guys not getting paid lately?

Leave the meta to me!

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Don't firget the TCG Exclusives; given that it's the last wave that means they could release something to tie it all together like they did for UA.

you know if you're not careful they'll actually make this a card

It's cheap

Tewart really read these threads?

yes I do

I love Holly Angel

cyber commander retrain when? tristan support in leg duelists 3 please

Rata for entertainment
Lithium2300 for meta stuff, also replay previews
Shark YGOPRO for decent replays.

for me, it's duel links twitch streamers

Sometimes I wonder if Tewart knows how much the playerbase fucking hates him.

Honestly HOW HARD IS IT to just release a banlist ON TIME? Seriously what the fuck.

I could imagine he got somekind of gag order because he kept talking stupid ass shit on forums

We did stop seeing him post on forums in 2013

Also remember that one twitter account someone posted that had his name? He posted about six samurai and MTG. The account is gone now after someone from here tweeted at him.

Straps is on the list for a reason dipshit. Only brainless fanboys want him off

dpygo is fine

Me too I love her

Reminder that the Dark Cuck was a shitty card even when he came out. The Summoned CHAD was cheaper for a better attack and typing, and the Blue-Eyes White CHAD had way more attack and a better typing for the same price

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nobody in the community is as obnoxious as him.
the editing is mind numbing and unfunny.

Do we know when TCG will get Structure Deck R: Curse of the Dark

it had better support cards desu.

Compared to Blue Eyes? Maybe back then, but not today