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Bunny cummies!




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oho fellow brother

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Olwen is finished

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>yfw you free roll S!kagero

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I'm still going to use Olwen

"heh, you may have one again Nino, but just you wait, you'll never see it coming."

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Breeding with Sharena endlessly!

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>Awakening is 6 years old
>More than half a decade

Holy shit where did my life go?

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I am going in Boys see you on the other side
Send Luck

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how do we prevent amaigatarou from corrupting the pure


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Welp, I guess there's my f2p cherry.

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I'm not even trying. I know im getting Setsuna'd and regular Catria hasn't even showed up for me so im going Green or even Red

Greil when?

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I wanna rape Lucina!

>Never getting in
Who cares

>you may have one

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what does ninja milky taste like?


what the fuck is this face

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>Spring S-Sharena's better than Nino guys!
>s-he's more minxmaxed
>t-the last f2p god f-falls

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please excuse my Alabama public school district education

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Why are people saying her skirt was torn off when she didn't have one to begin with?

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I don't really get it. Sharena is basically Green Arvis but with stronger defenses.
And people agreed that Arvis was good and didn't just call him worse Tharja.

So why is everyone acting like Sharena is shit?

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You can refine Kagero weapon right?

>Paying for this game
>paying for cucktria
>not waiting for est alt

Why should I roll for Rauls wife?

>Titania didn't get to fuck this

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I wish she were attack hp

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Rotten just like Kagero.

Can you make her bigger?

would you roll for alfonse's dick or man pecs?

Feels good to be a legs man when the plebs keep fighting over boobs, asses and feet.

It's Sharena, she's pure bully bait.

Ninofags mad that she has been powercrept

Because it's Sharena memes.

thinkegn of getting impaled on his ragnel

How many orbs?

You want to do what with me user?

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reminder not to fall for the hype and wait for the Lego banner to roll on the Spring Banner

I come from the future with an omen for Reinhardtlovers
CYL Celica will powercreep your beloved cav with an OC prf brave tome, attack stat of +atk rein, and a prf skill that will make /feg/ implode with
>>>thunder's shits
Be humble, reinhardt, your days of hlory are numbered
Oh and Ephraim will complete the quartet of the cavalry perfecta

The meme is too strong

spring has sprung

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The only thing he'll have on Nino is like 40 spd and a tome that gives him like darting blow 3 and something else cool

>Want to get Alphonse
>Have a chance to get cucked by his sister
>She has nothing worth foddering off for.
Of course IS would make a pity break hero to make it harder to get the better green unit.

Now you have to make it spin.

Bully Sharena!!!

so does my dick

Like you can only have one or like are these things a good enough incentive?
I say yes.

That crotch curtain looks like it's either flying up or torn off in her damaged.

based, I know what im nutting to tonight

>standard flier team is one of each color, including at least one mage, and Airzura
I have an extra Airzura for passing on Hone Fliers. Think it's safe to axe her for Kagero?

>+6 atk/spd to sword lance axe dagger and bows within 2 spaces


>*blocks your path*

It's a Gunnthra vs. Cecilia debate all over again.
One hero is much better than the other but is limited in avaiablity and merges while the other is shit but can get to +10 easily because 3*-4* is common to get.
Arvis is free and you can get a...+3 one of him now? That's not bad.

225 orbs and 30 int TT
I am scared af bro

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>People agreed that Arvis was good
What? Arvis was and is shit


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I'm gonna be sacking my spare Airzura too but to Corrin, not Kagero, since Kagero wants the HF buff, not give it.

Arvis is mediocre as fuck nowdays.
Lute is the future

cuboon don't harrass another cuboon

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Careful friend, I spent ~210 USD for Spring Lucina and Summer Robin and only got them on their reruns on the b8%s. I'm happy I got them but it was just a momentary high from gambling. Now they're in my barracks, decently built but just waiting for occasional use like the rest of my units.

That's not much of a debate though. Gunnthra is a better blade tome while Cecilia is a better raven tome.

Swift Stance is our first Speed Stance and she even has the still-5 star exclusive Rally Atk/Speed.

>phoneposters are the only people who give a fuck about FEW

He is molesting her. But it's like he doesn't even care.
Does he do it more as a sport than out of the desire to actually feel them up now?

hey kid...

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Free roll with 13 minutes remaining.

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Has Raul even said anything about Tharja in Warriors?

>this fucking post got 60+ (you)s last thread

>obligatory autism

>One of the best healers in the game with Recover Ring/Ardent Sacrifice
>Triple Ploy in his base kit
>Can become quad ploy by sacrificing his wife and putting on a sacred seal
Arvis is amazing

Based cocktria poster


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sharena CUMMIES

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t-taiwanese bodybuilder-san?!?!

do squats!

Hell no. Kagero is decent but hone flier is rare and a colorless dagger isn't worth the same as hone flier. You might regret it if a new flying staff or bow drops this year.

He's just going through the motions at this point, his heart's no longer in it.
Part of him wants a coworker to notice and talk to him about it but another part's dreading the conversation.

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Giving you all my luck since im not rolling

The more you want something the less likely you going get it.

Desire sensor is one hell of a bitch.

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She doesn't have Recovery Ring. Arvis shines in Chain Challenges and Tempest Trials because he both debuffs enemies and sustains himself and your other units. Sharena's debuff also only affects one target at a time and not always the one you want. Arvis' res is high enough that are very few units that won't be affected by him.

I didn't know there was a Dorcas daki design

Elise is cute!

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