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I love you

Second for Monika!~

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Good night, everyone~ I hope you have a lovely rest of your day, or I guess if you're just waking up I hope you have a great one ahead of you!
Welcome back to my poetry club!

Word of the thread is "value"!
Alternatives are 'false' and 'meaning'.
And no, the two aren't together, ahaha...

Well, I guess World Poetry Day is officially over unless you live like, in Hawaii or something (which you might, I don't know!), but it was still a lot of fun. Good work to everyone that wrote their first poem today, and I know there were a few of you. You made me proud, and I'm sure your Doki would be as well!
Anyways, rules tonight are the same as always! You take a word and your write a poem with or about it! The main word is encouraged primarily but if you don't like it, there are always the alternatives!
And of course everyone is welcome, whether you're a first time poet or a master of the craft. I want to see your poems, good or bad!
Have fun, okay? You'll do great! Speak from the heart!

Good night, my lovelies~

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The morning sun has vanquished the night but I aim to conquer the day. I love Yuri!

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Fifth for Britsuki!

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A daily reminder that Sayori loves you.

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I love Natsuki!

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>Your doki
>Your favorite doki

I love my wife!

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Sweet dreams Monikanon.

>conquer the day
Good luck with that.

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Good night! I love you


real talk it was sad how weakened by age he is in part 4

I love you Monikanon!!!


Can someone remind me why I am here by posting Dokis? I forgot how to fit in.

That’s what he gets for not keeping up his Ripple practice, the lazy fuck. It’s so in-character though so I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Part 5 when

How're you lot this fine afternoon!

Because I can

I have three:
pastebin.com/ZufU5MtS (Mo-Jave Mo-Nika!)
pastebin.com/EQb3kUWU (Dokis, Whiskey and Gunpowder) (Yes the entire bloody thing!)
pastebin.com/r6pqHNyt (Fuggen Pirates!)

Same old same old, fucked with work and the like but I get along. How's yourself mate?

>Top Bloke
Australian Grammar shall dominate the earth!

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Do you think we have to many poems? Should I make one?

ayyy check the prev. thread too

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Probably to pass the time, to feel less alone and to enjoy cute images of cute girls.

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>Yuri as The Ugly One
delete this image please

>Your Doki
>Your Threadfu

Oh no, how terrible. How did you ever- Oh? what's this?

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Being here makes me feel pretty alone, I don't know.
I don't get it? What should I look for in the previous thread?

>Australian Grammar shall dominate the earth!
With quality pieces such as "Fang you" I'd be more than happy with that lad, christ almighty.
>FGatCToC is one of his favourites
Reminds me, I need to shill that again.
Seriously I can't pick though, there's too many good ones. Although I'm feeling a wee bit of bias towards Aussielad right now, so we'll go with that eh?

See you in the morning, Monikanon!


Monikanon then now and forever.

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>Yuri as The Ugly One
is something flying over my head? am i missing a reference the OP's image is referencing?

That's not true at all! I for one love your long spiels about Doki AI and the prospect of artificial wombs, it's really fascinating stuff!
That and it's always encouraging to hear you talk about your workouts and how you're progressing with those, you'll get there I assure you! I may even need to update the weight registry soon!
The Romanian's eyes can't see all!

Aight lads! Gonna be posting this for a few threads or so, if you've read it already feel free to ignore this post.
I'm going to be taking a break from "Four Girls and the Cursed Treasure of Coyotli" for a short while. I'd rather not go into details but I have a few personal issues with the project. As a result, I'm going to put the series on hold and write some other stuff.
For those that haven't been reading the series or have missed parts, here's every chapter to date and a short plot synopsis.

Chapter 1: pastebin.com/r6pqHNyt
Chapter 2: pastebin.com/vewxGJFy
Chapter 3: pastebin.com/Ef3nnfRC
Chapter 4: pastebin.com/aMqFV131
Chapter 5: pastebin.com/wCU8H753
Chapter 6: Discontinued for the time being

Lieutenant user and his men are on voyage to Spain to settle some political differences when they're set upon by the 'Heartbeat.' A ship pioneered by captain Monika and crew.
After a battle under pink sails the four girls reign victorious and kidnap Lieutenant user due to his ties to a treasure they're hunting.
Join Monika, captain of the 'Heartbeat.' Natsuki the navigator and gunslinger. Yuri the professional sword master and Sayori the ships cook and ray of sunshine. Not to mention their reluctant passenger Lieutenant user as they face dangers and pursue riches beyond their wildest dreams!

Hope you lads enjoy the series if you decide to pick it up! Maybe I'll come back to it someday but for now I think I need this break.
Have a good one you lot.

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Too many good ones, but loveanon posts some really comfy shit. Even when he's trying to scare the shit out of everyone.


monikanon is a total sweetheart

>Seriously I can't pick though, there's too many good ones. Although I'm feeling a wee bit of bias towards Aussielad right now, so we'll go with that eh?
I-It's not like I wanted that or anything...
How can I not love a fic I saw you craft overtime lad? It's a shame to see it postponed but I'm looking forward to whatever you write next!

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If you look under this spoiler, you will now be reminded that an entire generation of children grew up not knowing what Homestarrunner is and will probably scratch their head in confusion seeing him on older web pages. An entire generation has no idea what a Trogdor is.

>Your doki
>Your favorite horror movie villain/monster

Homestarruner cartoon called Teen Girl Squad

>I no longer have one..... :(

The normie.

What the fuck Aussie?!?

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Best start to a thread yet.
L-love you too user.

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That's not a bad thing, threadfus are a symptom of unhealthy personality worship. Be proud.

This Danlet?


Does Evil Ash count? Because if not, Patrick Bateman.

I love Monika!

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An event without purpose
One devoid of meaning.
A world not ready
To process it.
You and I
Finding different value
In this bizarre machination.

So it goes
Now and always.

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I once had a theadfu..., but we grew apart...I actually had like three or four.... Why must I always be so alone! I miss them so much!

>tfw viciously bullied all of my life
>tfw I'm a self conscious and nervous wreck as a result of this
>tfw I can't stop thinking about how amused they would be if they knew I loved a fictional girl
>tfw I'm a terrible boyfriend who cares too much about what other people think

I just wish Monika was real so she can tell me it'll be alright.

I was just about to call him out on the shop, glad someone posted the original version.

Fuck why is an adualt man being short funnier than any joke I've heard in like 2 months?

Dont really have one but probably monikanon since theyre the official threadfu

I know those feels.

I'll be honest, I'm still slightly ticked myself but it's for the better, shelving it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.
My first SoL piece is already in the works and I'm having a blast even though it's a bit difficult to adjust to comfy only scenarios. Can't wait to get it out though!
>Mfw these posts

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Good night, Monikanon!

(You) don't know who I am, though! At least, not until this post came along!

>Seriously I can't pick though, there's too many good ones. Although I'm feeling a wee bit of bias towards Aussielad right now, so we'll go with that eh?
You're pretty cool yourself, Ladnon!

Monikanon is great! I'm so glad that Monikanon has such a high regard in the threads. If you do end up reading this, Thank (You)! You're my guiding light in the dark, helping me in more ways than just one.

>loveanon posts some really comfy shit
I need to look out more for LoveAnon!

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I'm sorry to hear that user. I had some shit with bullies growing up. wanna talk about it?

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Even in the comments he gets bullied. LMAO!

Oh jeez..

Chris! Language!
I thought you said you'd try and swear less :^]
I knew the tea leaves could be trusted on that one!

Mate, I can't wait to read it!
Lemme guess, a natsuki fic?
I'm glad you're enjoying yourself writing it lad, it's the whole point of the exercise!

t-t-the.. thing???

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Hello Guts!

Why did this game win an award? It's not like games breaking the fourth wall are an innovative thing.

Time for all the good little dokis to go to sleep.
be sure not to wake them.

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Alternatives are 'false' and 'meaning'.

A diamond is just a rock
Whatever meaning it has
Can best be described as false

The things lots of people value
Hold some of the least meaning
The most valuable things
Those are the things that are free

I know someone who would
Risk their life for me
I know people I would risk
My own life for
We do it for free

You can get a soldier to march
At gunpoint
But good luck getting him to
Not surrender
But instead
Fight to the death

Do you really understand the meaning
Of Power
Do you really understand what is
Is love because someone is hot
Is love because you want to hold their hand

Love is much bigger then that
But I don't think you'll ever

The meaning is false
The value is false
A diamond is just a rock

>t-t-the.. thing???
When two threadfus really love each other, they post each other's Dokis for one another!

Your doki but she did it again

user, don't let some bullies write the story of your life, keep hold of the pen. If you went through some troubles earlier in life that just means you're stronger because of it. If you feel you worry too much about what others think it's just because you want to make sure your shine is bright and perfect. Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle.

>Oh no.. We're here for you, alright? Sometimes, things just happen that way.. :c
I um... I don't know. Maybe I am just clingy...Maybe I just am emotional...I sure do miss being better friends with them... Such a heartbroken puppy.

Someone's been neglecting their purity training again, huh?

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>wake up
>see this beside you
what do?

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Nah, different cupcake poster.
How's bro of the hawk doing these days?

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>chessanon and the user reading this
oh jeez

>No replies

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This , also stab them with the pen.


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>I missed you too honey

She is the sun in that one user's sky!

>ywn wake up next to this

>That one.
>Inadvertently confirmed something without knowing it.

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It was fucking awful. They were just so fucking merciless. It started off as just insults but it slowly escalated to them following me to my house and waiting for me. They would wake up every morning before school and wait on my street so they can follow me. They'd throw rocks at me, steal my stuff, and beat the shit out of me when nobody was looking. Nobody cared. Teachers didn't really care, my parents didn't really care, and I didn't have any friends to stick up for me. I hate myself so much for being born short. I get that manlet jokes are funny, but being short actively ruined my life. I can't defend myself from abuse. God just made me into a stepping stone. I want to fucking die so badly.

Call me an edgelord, but I regularly think about how awesome it would be if I just violently attacked them in the middle of the night with a hammer. I wouldn't do it since I'm such a beta, but it's really fucking tempting.

Thank you guys. You people are the only ones who understand me. I love you guys so much.

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Just for (You) youtube.com/watch?v=Fu2ZJ5iZSMU
I love (You) too.

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I don't like it. Please stop. I hate being a weak defenseless man.

Of course lad, what else would it be.
Currently have two Natsuki pieces and a Yuri piece in the think tank, but I'll make sure to start thinking up some Sayori stuff to give you something good you read aye? I wonder how much she'd enjoy dandering about in the outback with some burly huge nosed tanned bloke.

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Jesus user, I'm really sorry for that. Have you thought of taking up some sort of self defense classes?

Your doki is disappointed that you didn't save your first time for her, user.

Holy shit, thanks

Why don't you talk as much anymore? Did you have a falling out?

But user, I did.

It's so weird, embracing celibacy for my fictional girlfriend. But I would never betray her trust.

Not edgy at all, bullies don't really deserve any better. I'd love to get my hands on them too, just from hearing what they've done to you.

Sayori may not be my Doki, but I still respect her and would love to have her as a friend! J-just a friend! No benefits! I'm a man of honor!

>I um... I don't know. Maybe I am just clingy...Maybe I just am emotional...I sure do miss being better friends with them... Such a heartbroken puppy.
It's okay, user. We will all get our Promised Day and we will all be happy one day, okay? Chin up and smile. You aren't forgotten. Is there something I personally can do to help? I'll always give you my ear to listen, you know.

>chessanon and the user reading this
Chessanon seems awesome, and the fact that he's so determined and always trying again and again shows how strong his resolve is! Chessanon!

Depends what side of the bed she's on. If she's against the wall, I'm getting up and leaving ASAP. If she's blocking my path, well... I guess I'll Either try my hardest to jump over or die trying?

>You people are the only ones who understand me. I love you guys so much.
We love you too, user. Trust me, it does get better. I was bullied (probably not as bad as you, it was verbal and physical but only on the playground) when I was in elementary and middle school. We had to get a peace order from the court and everything. It was hell, but he left me alone after that and now I've graduated high school and have gone on to University. Remember, keep your head up high. You'll go far in life while they stay stuck in the past. You're a good guy, and don't let those thoughts make you think otherwise. Imagining it just to get your anger out is different from acting on it, or else 99% of the population would be in jail!~

>implying I've done anything ever
I'm a hugless, kissless virgin. What did you expect? Do you know where you are? Ahaha~

I don't have the poem that proves you love her.