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Thread #3: Jolly Cooperation Edition

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows (10 only) and Xbox One.

Sea of Thieves is cross-play compatible with Windows 10 and Xbox One, so you can play with people on both.

Need news about the game?
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Looking to join a crew?

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Arr, Repostin'

>Me and a Streamer mate of mine both just had an epic chase across the entire sea of thieves!

>We had beaten a Stronghold, but by the time we did, three other Sloops showed up, and while they were celebrating, we both had the great idea, to Steal the key, and sail off with it, but not before trying to sink a ship or two.

>Commence the greatest Rat Race to get away with the Stronghold key. All the way from, the Shores of Plenty, to just beyond the Wilds. After the chasing sloop got confused with other sloops in the Wilds, we both sailed through a Storm, and finally lost them, cashed in 18k gold this night, along with a treasure map that lead to four fucking X's on Snake Island, including a Chest of 1,000 Grogs. We proceed to then stand on opposite ends of the sail beam, while we scuttled our Ship, playing our song while walking to the nearby Inn.

>Got me a Sovereign Hat, a Hook, and a beard+mustache combo, in my personal quest to look as close to Captain Hook as I can.

>Pic Related, our prize after a chase all around the Sea.

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Stupid animoo poster


So, is this game actually good? it seems like another No Man's Sky

how many angry people who arent having fun can we get in this thread again

You probably suck. If you hit them an X will appear.

no this game is literally garbage

i got outpost camped, my wife left me because i threw the controller at the tv, and then threatened to beat her with the hdmi cord

Don't be a stupid dumb dumb. No Man's Sky didn't have multiplayer, even though it was promised. This is like No Man's Sky if it had multiplayer, lol. I say that because the islands are always the same set but don't have any cool scripted event. The islands might as well be procedurally generated.

It's a lot more interesting than no mans sky. It is possible to play solo but is kind of boring. Heaps of fun as a group.
Depends. /v/ already made another post to moan about it but it won't hit bump limit for a while.

You threatened to beat your wife? Do you think you're a man? You're not. A man wouldn't have warned her and just beaten her.

Fiddles and flutes fucking when?

if you have doubts, go with the two week free trial of xbox game pass

had fun during my first four hours or so yesterday

Did my first stronghold today. I wish the loot was working properly so I could see how much I made as we turned it in. I guess I'll see later but it's quite annoying.

>flute fucking
This isn't band camp, user.

ebon pistol tomorrow 1pm CST on xbox mixer channel of Thieves Mixer stream - Potentially get a skin for your pistol!&font=sanserif


>scuttle ship
>spawn in tavern
>four players happen to be in there messing around turn and look at me
>continue drinking and playing music
Legends are those who don't instantly attack you on sight, good moment

I so wish there was a little more incentive for people to not be hostile.
Every time I've tried to approach and be friendly they just start shooting cannons at me.

maybe with dealth penalty being released

That will probably just make people even more hostile since people will have something on the line even when they don't have any loot on board.
Whoever starts firing first has an advantage, so it's always safer to assume everyone is hostile. Do unto others before they do unto you.

Pretty much this, it's like a passed on mentality, I gave 4 ships chances last night and all fired, so on my 5th I fired first

im all against being friendly in this game

pve only is cancer

>keep restarting because I don't like my character

God this system sucks so bad

should try that irl

Do you guys play together or just go with random crews?

If you didn't pick a morbidly obese character for your pirate then don't even think about coming onboard my ship.

You should be able to form a crew in game organically. There's no real way to do this at the moment, giving no incentive to making friends by meeting them in game.

Morbidly obese pirates can't see the compass while piloting the ship because their forearms are too fat.

How is this game when it comes to grouping up with randoms? Almost none of my friends are gamers, and the ones that are rarely explore anything out of the usual annual titles...

Eh. Try it for free for two weeks with the Xbox Game Pass trial (works on both PC and Console just FYI).

Servers are going down for maintenance. Post your pirates.

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It was an honor sailing with you tonight.

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>30 minutes left
>spend all of it trying to sink a galleon doing a skeleton fort
>another galleon shows up
>all 3 of us sink each other

neat! I wish I could team up with the 2nd galleon, but I've been hurt too many times in the past to bother ;_;

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Servers asleep, post fight scenes

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You need a better PC user.

It's cropped user

So is this and it's not even on max settings.

>doing a skull fort with a bro, taking cover in our little sloop, while constantly wondering when some galleons are gonna show up and fuck us while we're trying to kill skeletons
>and while we're loading the loot on board our ship
>and while we're sailing away
>and while we're offloading it all to sell
>our faces

We sighted some galleons sailing around too, they just decided to completely ignore us.

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>3 hour downtime

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I could have very well been in one of those galleons if this was earlier today because I distinctly remember seeing a sloop parked near an active skelly fort and discussing with the rest of my crew what to do about it, and we unanimously agreed "skelly forts are a pain in the ass to do with four people, if they're doing it with two fuck it let them have it"

When we sail in galleons we assess whether or not we can attack a sloop. If the area is too rocky or has too many islands the sloop can easily escape because it's more maneuverable so we won't bother unless it's anchored.
I like to pull up on the other side of the island and send 3 to kill you after you dig up your treasure or summon a boss skele.

>touch this game infrequently so I dont get burnt out on it
>feel like doing some late night sloop lootin' and sailin'

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only 2 and a half more hours.


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I want specifics, If I get spawncamped potentially, is that annoying the the Ferryman?

Sounds great

not going to be too much gold since new players start off with nothing

Longer CD sounds more ideal.
Having to deal with the same unrelenting 4 retards gets old quick

It seems to imply suicide is more expensive than getting killed by another player.

sink their ship

I think it would go as such
>Killed by Player, regular
>Killed by environmental mobs (sharks and skellingtons), going over
>Suicide spam, probably extended

Out of cannon balls.

You realize the world can only produce a finite amount of cannon balls while these fuckwads have a lumber mill worth of planks below deck

You should always store a powder keg somewhere for just this occasion.
Another thing to do is climb on their ship and eat all their bananas.

>queue sloop
>join random dude at outpost with a simple voyage
>he quits and leaves me alone
>go to island to do voyage because why not
>it's 3 fucking islands away
>sail and chill, spot shipwreck
>captain's chest, crate of tea, message in bottle for island with 3 Xs
>go to that island instead, get 3 average chests
>head for outpost, another shipwreck
>golden skull, crate of tea, captains chest
>as I reach outpost some american kid joins me
>says its his first time playing
>tell him where to sell each thing
>he gets himself a hook
>mfw I didnt even do the voyage

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>Kiwibeard 2 days into launch
Are servers down?

maintenance, 2 hours left

>tfw the only gold I've spent is on voyage upgrades and the day one patch
Since I'm a solo player and I don't have much chance for other pirates to see me without trying to shell the shit out of me, I really want my ship customized

>Queue into duo matchmaking
>Join game with some Chinese guy
>He quits pretty quickly
>Captains quarters has a glowing skull and 2 chests
>Sail sloop back to outpost
>turn them in for free gold

Everytime, I love this - or further more, join a group of three voice comm'd chatty friends right at the end of their absolutely massive voyage, getting thousands of gold and faction rep cashed on you 'cause you joined at the right second

I want my pirate to look perfect first, then I will focus on the ship. I don't know what happens if you have an upgraded galleon and you join a game where someone else is the leader. My guess is it will spawn their crappy basic ship so I don't want to waste my gold on shit that other players won't even see.

If you watch this stream in about 7 hours you will get a gun skin.

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I got a new coat, hook, pants and boots. Saving for a sword now.

I think someone said you can sign into Mixer with your Microsoft account, correct?

looks good

Yes. Same way you sign into PC Sea of Thieves.

i feel comparing it to No mans sky dilutes the lesson that was supposed to be learned from that dumpster fire.
which don't fuckin lie to your fanbase,ever and if you do,atleast put half of what you fuckin promise

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suicide pact? suicide pact

In defense of rare, they haven't lied about any promises on what will be in the game, and they had many chances for people to play and stream the game prior to launch.

Thats my point. comparing it to no mans sky is bizarre to me because that game was such a unique disaster. By comparing SOT to no mans sky, you distract from the core issues of no mans sky

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I think its mostly a comparison with the hype before game and disapointment after

Help. How do I stop caring about what other people think about a game I like.

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Is it worth carrying powder kegs, seems dangerous? I beat a 4 man galleon yesterday as a 2 man sloop by blowing up the powder kegs they kept in their ship.

i mean, at least SoT delivered what they promised, even if we now want to have upgrades and more permanence and ownership to our boats

I don't have enough space on this reply to chart and list each and every single lie, ruse, misdirection, and lack of content NMS has under its belt
to call NMS snake oil is an insult to actual snake oil

You get off Veeky Forums.

Just put them in your crow's nest, even if they blow up by accident there's no damage to your ship. You can also sell them for like 150 gold each. I like to have always atleast 2 aboard.

Absolutely, keep them in your crows nest so if they get shot there's no damage.
You can sell them to the merchants at the end of your session for some of their rep since their voyages are ass anyway.

>they had many chances for people to play and stream the game prior to launch.
This. Rare gave exactly what they promised. If you bought Sea of Thieves and were disappointed then you're an idiot and have no one to blame other than yourself.

I never even thought of putting them in the crows nest. Thanks.

But then you risk a funny guy making them all go poof with a single bullet from really far away.

Personally I'd rather just keep them safe and other ships at a distance

I thought powder kegs were a bit of a meme anyway. All I ever use them for is sneaking upto a ship holding one so people don't shoot me when I climb onto their ship because they're too scared that they'll blow up their own ship.

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Fuck that, you do that on my ship you're getting lit up like a fire cracker. I got planks.

Best random crew mates?

>3 man galleon with an open 4th spot
>chinese guy matches with us because oceania
>no english, no mic
>chen needs no instruction. always first to repair damage. adjusts the sails as the wind changes
>follows close and fights by our side for about 3 hours and we do a raid with him
>come across sloop
>1 guy doing a skull mission
>"Friendly!" he yells as we pelt him with cannonballs.
>we cease fire and search his ship, he has nothing
>we let him do his thing, he summons the captain skele
>chen shoots him in the back of the head and steals the skull

10/10 would chen again

This has to be one of the only games so far that actually has enjoyable, competent and funny Asians. I hope Chen sails along some pleasant winds tonight

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I added him as a friend, I hope to join him again

>>chen needs no instruction. always first to repair damage. adjusts the sails as the wind changes
We could all use a little Chen in our lives

>get permission from wife to travel there
>after an arduous 5 minute journey I have to go and breastfeed her son
>finally get to collect my soybeans
>find some weed along the way
>load back up on the boat, have to put my wife's son jamal to bed, she already went out for the night with her girlfriends
>get back to my computer and my ship is gone
>hear "bing Bing wahoo!" As another ship sails away
This is truly a game about the experience but isn't there a way to play an offline solo session? I'm a very busy 34 year old father and trolls keep grieving me

Post times you've been a dirty scumbag
>wait in bush while galleon unloads chests at outpost then kill them and steal their chests
>unanchor and raise sails on the ship of someone doing a raid so they can't bring their chests back
>sit at the cannon on Devil's Ridge for 2 hours and sink any ships that come there for a voyage
>kill all 12 of the animals on some guy's ship then kill him and sail his ship into a rock
>lock a crewmate in the brig and then sink the ship

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>sit at the cannon on Devil's Ridge for 2 hours and sink any ships that come there for a voyage
I dont see how

going live in 10 minutes
live now
stream says i have no viewers, must be a glitch. restarting the stream in 15

stream in 10
streaming in 5
live now
guess the stream is broken

People tend to arrive at the island in a certain direction where you can get a clean couple of shots off on them before they dock/notice that it's not a skeleton shooting at them, while they repair the ship you can then cannon yourself off the side of the island into the water, get on their ship, kill them and let the ship sink.

>Smuff and Exto
God damn it guys. I bet Vik was the one recording this. Or was this when you were playing with Clowncar?

oh, I assumed you were sitting the whole time at the cannon

Pirate Legend content is being leaked.

All gold versions of the gear
All gold versions of the ship figureheads

in 4 minutes

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We'll see.

Im at work so can the people logging in see if they caught up to the gold and rep you are suposed to have?