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The owner of every post below this one must send me L$10 or else they're a tranny forever.

but I don't even know your username

I guess you're going to have to ask around and find out my identity.



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I'm safe

Lol wasn't me
you just got swindled

>maitreya, a normie body made for stacies and western normie clothing, has a wide variety and support of traditional jap clothes
>kemono, a japanese-inspired body, has next to none
Why is this allowed.

anime != japanese

are you really denying that anime is of japanese origins and culture

no I'm saying the words are not interchangeable, the kemono body is an anime body and not a japanese person body
anime isn't even real

>maitreya has a million bazillion fucking poly and all its clothes are excessive in tris too
>kemono has a reasonable amount

I all I hear is the sound of toast cooking

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>the kemono body is an anime body
>kemono is anime

Literally ripped from mmd

Someone made thousands of dollars off of a literal MMD rip he did in an hour
There's bakapantsu too

reminder uti is a literal proud pedophile who hits on ACTUAL children in SL and ageplays with infants

karma is gonna hit the one day but at least he had fun

wow brainlet city on this thread tonight.

>mmd is anime

I mean if you don't care about anyone else seeing your avatar that's your deal.

Is Maitreya the expensive permanoob body?

The expensive fat old hag permanoob body, yes.

is there any body (with support/clothing for it) between the kemono and maitreya? Kemono looks 14 y/o and maitreya looks late 30s or something, idk I can't seem to get a middle ground.

No. Your options are either pedobody with lots of support and some frankenmod options with somewhat less support, generic thicc milf bodies with a lot of clothing support but cost a fuckton to make look remotely decent or a wide selection of alternative bodies with varied shapes and tones that only have clothing created by the body maker and nobody else.


Would I be a madman to make my own avi and clothing line?

good luck with that. you'll get exhausted by the time you're making your first shitty T-shirt.

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is that a really ancient anime head?

Updated a few times after, but yeah

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>describe yourself as a chad
>using an avi you never wear
>and never will
the absolute state

I guess you just aren’t worthy of my final form

he looks cute. any lewds?

*humps umom pusy while youre distracte *

Nep the cringe faggot who steals his av ideas from older SL 4channers. Has a group of dedicated loser friends who hang arounds him and ERPs him at /d/. He posts pictures of his fat chubby self on his shit discord fishing for complements. Still browses /b/ to this day trying to pretend to be an oldfag. Doesn't realize real grieflords actually get banned instead of wallflowers who do nothing at all. The only reason no on talks shit about him to his face is because of his loyal groups of retards that people tolerate but do not like. Thinks everyone who doesn't like him is quoth or some other faggot. Ultra ironic shit posting to cover up how he really feels and self-deprecation.

Nep no one likes you outside a 5 or so people. Everyone else just ignores your existence or talks shit behind your back just to keep the peace in the group. Not everyone wants to say anything to your face as your autistic group will be the loudest nasally drama queens around.

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lol mad

what's honestly so overwhelmingly bad about nep?

granted I've been here less time than most folks but despite multiple people's warnings to steer clear of nep I've yet had to be proven "wow, this is an absolutely disgusting madman who is ruining everything for me"

haha i take hormones haha haha diaper haha u mad haha.... :'(

if you are new and dont spend enough time around Veeky Forums then of course you would know you dumb fuck

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Nep isn't bad initially, though. But it's not even him, it's everyone around him who is helpful and good if you're starting out.

Nep just tends to take credit for everyone else's accomplishments and try to pass off his unrelated Toppmart group as actually being Veeky Forums to strangle it to death.

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one problem is he spends most of his time attention whoring and not actually doing anythng interesting

what head is it?

define “doing anything interesting”

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with that tranny faggot. He walks around on voice like he is god himself lording over all of us quiet typers with his scratchy high pitched wail. Then his annoying friends come in and they’re always listening to nigger music or wine reviews. He’s always bringing back weird furries to erp way past his damn bedtime. Then the furries try to join Veeky Forums n they won’t erp with me and it really makes me mad. why does nep get all these furries and I dont all he ever does is threaten to rape them on mic and say nigger. He’s always taking credit for my erp ideas and he won’t even wear his diapy for me!! I hate nep! stay away from him he is the worst person ever.

Talk shit on Nep all you want but who made you cum

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chainsword audion

I loved erp until the clinginess and plainly disturbing drama turned me off.

I erp to write hardcore pornography, not jack off.
Yet, I turn myself on and could easily, and have, masturbated to erp for hours daily. Usually I focus so much on the possibility I can make some soyboy spill it in a few paragraphs, or how good I am at writing, that I forget to spill my own soy milk. Nobody in veegee subreddit will have the privilege of RPING THE BEST RPER HERE, ME.

The Cherry head with some texture editing.

If you got a lot of old hunt stuff, there's always the system body.

To be fair, the skins maitreya comes with are ugly as shit, do some snooping about and you'll be sure to find something

>high level social pvp tank
>tanks in mmos press 1 button gain hate acting like tanking is the hardest job ever while the rest of the group actually does all the work
even a broken clock is right twice a day I guess

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lol baku is gone

bumping this shit show

>1 image per hour
>2 are general related
Good thread

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cry about it fag

incorrect. the body skin is fine. it's the default catwa skin that is sinful.

Nep has friends just like everyone else here does. Nep owns some land inworld and some people hang out there. Nep posts pictures of their avatar, and you fuckos lost your shit and go into your 3 paragraph rants when really you should just be posting here and enjoy your time equally with everyone else who graciously gives up their time to converse with you. You must really be a riot if all you do is concern yourself with how popular this one person is who posts on a thread.

Quit bitching. It’s lame. Let’s get back to the real debate, over anime, out of the box kemono or whatever.

what constitutes as general related

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>Not playing a realistic tranny instead of your lame anime girl like all other faggots

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So who was the guy who posted the unimpressive dick picture in /d/, I missed it.

>not playing an anime boy


In-game screens, mostly

i already do though

what about anime girls

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Only good if it's a girl (boy).

anime is so boring

breed me

Most look like ass though.

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So i have this sword, and some of its attack ask my permission to equip some attachments. Is there anyway to auto accept attachments without having to click "yes" on the popup menu every time?

what avatar is this?

that's really cute

what is the go-to anime boy avatar? the maitreya V tech mod isn't really my style.

thx bb

Do you want boy or girl pretending they look like a boy?(ugg twink)

Chain uses Signature Gianni for a more rugged look. I think Fred uses it now as well.

Belleza Jake is also popular and well updated, but it's a bit more lean.

For anime BOI look, you should consider the Kuroo. It supposedly has pretty high compatibility with clothing.

depends on what you are going for

im open to either one. more into the androgynous twinky thing but a boys a boy and is better than the stock avi.

You can just join the crew of kemono + venus / m3 if you just wanna blend into the clone zone. You sound new and just wanna get a quick beat off.

If you wanna actually be a male though your are probably gonna wanna invest in kuroo + bjd and or some other heads out there.

Kemono body with the ABC flat chest mod and M3 Venus head for kawaii style. Lots of clothing available to you.

Kuroo body with the BJD head for a bishounen style character. Soon will have a new bishounen style head available from Utilizator though so it could be worth waiting.

his new head looks like a twink from bleach imo

what skin and which applicators do I need to buy to do the kemono, ABC chest, Venus head combo?

I almost understand the mesh avatar thing but still need guidance on the skin/applicators /putting it all together and making the skin all match part

you need to find a skin that says venus/kemono and follow whatever instructions that come with it (which is usually unbox, rez/equip the applier, click it and load all)

Cherry+Kuroo. I didn't take any full body shots, so I guess it's hard to tell


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>people recommending venus + kemono

like pottery

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they asked to make an anime
never said anything about a good anime which doesnt exist :^))))))

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>not wanting to hose your seed on hot kemono sluts

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She hasn't logged in for weeks now, we had so much fun together, we explored all corners of the cool sci-fi and horror places, danced together at the club many times, watched the sweetest sunsets at the most romantic sims, we had everything in common, I don't understand what happened.

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she ghosted you because you're a frogposter