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Strike the earth!

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>wins all mayor elections

>no edition
Fuck you op

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Why would you disable beards on your male dwarves? Why would you not enable beards on your female dwarves?

5th for helm plumps

They're DIFFERENTLY abled, shitlord. Ugh.


Can you pick fruit in adventure mode?

Yes you can.

So I just found my broker dead above the hill the fort is built on, in a mixture of his and a yak's blood and vomit.

Apparently my hunter left the bull limping but ran out of ammo and went to fetch some more, and in the meantime the broker somehow found the time to get out of the fort, wander around, and DECIDE WILLINGLY to punch a bull in the face.


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Seriously, why dude
What a way to go

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And then the cow got enraged and he died a bloody death, skipped a bunch of the log

Fucking dying bovine gored the shit out of that dorf, shattered his ribs with kicks too

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Is there a way to assign a job so that whenever it starts raining or some other condition, a dwarf goes to pull a lever automatically?

Or must lever pulling always be player ordered?

There are ways to automate things with pressure plates. I don't think rain activates a pressure plate though.

When choosing an embark zone, how do you find the balance between being simple enough to learn while being complicated enough to not get boring easily?

I'm in the boat of knowing generally what I am supposed to do it, and some of the constraints for how to do it most efficiently, but so far I've struggled to stay devoted to a particular fort long enough to get past a population of say, 50-60, maybe even up to 80 dwarves before getting to the point that I forget what I was doing when I last played and it's such a mess it doesn't feel worth while to figure it all out.

Also, how important is the history of the world?

It determines what stuff you get to embark with depending on where your civilization has sites.
It determines what megabeasts are present in the world, whether your civ is at war with any other civ.
It determines a lot of other things too, like necromancers, vampires and werebeasts.
A longer history means more interesting things, but a larger chance that a civilization is wiped out or megabeasts have been killed off.

>she doesnt mind a little tumult and DISCORD in day to-day-living
heh, nice one

but that's where you're wrong kiddo

Fuck off elf

>he's still trying

I meant the opposite dum-dums

>I meant the opposite of what I implied

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fuck, stop bullying me guys

I thought you liked a bit of tumult and discord in day-to-day living

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Kind of new to trading, second elf caraven to leave without accepting my trade. Im selling them tons of stone crafts and i make sure they have more profit but they wont accept and get mad and leave?

If you're selling them stuff in wooden barrels then they'll take offense and leave. Respect their beliefs plox.

Just seize their shit, far easier. You're not afraid of the elves are you?

Elves are for loving

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That's amazing, thanks

Did try and sell them wooden wheelbarrows

Don't really have a military but I'll makr a few useless dwarves train and slaughter those elves, two years in a row they haven't brought any guards

>blocks your path

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Identify yourself!

i just seized all the elves goods, they are now leaving, because they are leaving with this news, how much of a chance is there there will be REPERCUSSIONS?

yeh fuck you too

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Low as they aren't often pissed by the first seizure. Should have spammed wood or glass at them and then seize their goods

Is there any way to reduce the Population Cap to, say, 50, yet still have all the game features like inasions and kings?

I like to play DF on my laptop in public, like a mobile game, but it gets too complex for that around the 50 dorf mark.

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You could try editing the entity raws, I think the invasion timings and monarch timings are contained there.

Can anybody help me here?
My save got corrupted (crashes on world information), but id really like to restart on the same location
Is there any way to get an empty world save without abandoning your fortress ingame?

Asked this the last couple of threads, but TILESETANON WHERE ARE YOU?!

I need to know if you finished your sweet set!

Finding the world seed and remaking the world should work, but I don't know how you could do that without getting into legends mode, dfhack maybe

How do I seize their goods? Just kill them all right

You mark them and i think that the hotkey is "s" to seize
You seize only the marked goods this way, by killing them you take everything

Not even once.

I'm talking about this nigga

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speaking of shitty tilesets, post your best screenshot gore

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didn't find anything like that unfortunately
I just hope it's not hardcoded...

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I don't think it is, though I've never played with these raws.

Try looking for PROGRESS_TRIGGER_POP_SIEGE for sieges and LAND_HOLDER_TRIGGER for nobles.

dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Entity_token might help you too.

Fuk u niger, last year he was posting some sweet progress screenshots and i kept bugging him to finish his set so I could play with it but he was never happy with it.

He had come up with some really nice diagonal walls and put some dither patterns on a bunch of tiles.

That image looks absolutely disgusting though

It's the only thing I could find and it's from a super old release.

>newfags shitting on based tileset anons OC
What have you contributed besides retarded questions about your starter pack install?

Time to start my new fort in "The Forest of Friends".

>The yak cow takes the broker down by the first toe, right foot with her left front leg
Damn that sucks, held in place by his toe then gored. What a way to go.

Syrupdrinkers seems to be dying today, unfortunately. The dwarves there seem to have succumbed to some sort of fighting madness- a Strange Mood dwarf went beserk. After I got the militia to pre-emptively punish his crimes, they became so hungry for blood that they began to kill indiscriminately, I guess, so now they're basically low-budget werecreatures. Too bad I never got to use that gnarly ballista room on the top underground floor... I need to start making sure there are hostile civs near my embarks.

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Loyalty cascade! Lotta fun.

Not a bad way for a first fort to end. Mine died to a goblin ambush after my recruits failed to kill a giant with their copper battle axes.

>allowing strange mood dwarfs to go berserk

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>Dwarf asks for silk.
>Got none.
>Wall him inside the workshop.
>He dies some time later to dehydration.

>she values parties in the abstract
What does that mean?

>Parties are a great way for people to get together and learn about each other!
>My feet hurt.

I want mounts to work so that I can build a functioning jousting arena

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Mmm... delicious

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If invaders have mounts, why can't we have them yet?

I've been playing DF off and on since before there were Z levels, how about you guys?

Started 40d a week before the next release.

Still got a save from this version sitting around.

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I think because there's no actual code for controling the animals. Mounted invaders just sort of go where their mount takes them, and pets just follow their master with no input from us players beyond "follow this guy until one of you dies".

Nice. I lost all of my saves when my hard disk died in 2013. The earliest one was a 40d adventurer save where I had killed around 800 people, give or take, using a leg bone of a dead priest.


Ive been playing dwarf fortress since before you were born.

there are many tilesets that are more default than ascii, that emulate vga, XGA, YGA whateaver GA fonts

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>been gone for ages
>I wonder what dwarf fortress is up to
>read the devlog
>raiding, razing and tributes


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>start new fort
>decide I want to try a circular layout
>carefully drawout a 60 diameter circle and begin initial layout
>dig down 6 layers into stone, make some rooms and dining hall
>start digging out space between main hub and surface
>encounter aquifer in southeast corner
No big deal, I'll just have this floor be smaller
>begin digging next floor down
>accidentally dig an up staircase into the aquifer
>fort begins flooding
>babies drowning
>entire food stockpile quickly submerged
>people drowning

GOOD FORT. Time to try again I guess. I had even channeled out a huge moat/lake I intended on filling with lava

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That better not be a fucking wooden wall, else you're going to have to cut that beard, dwarflet

yeah, its wood. Not a big fan of that, but it was a temporary thing. I intended on replacing it and lots of the dirt beneath it with a stone exterior.

aquifers exist only for shitting on your fort aesthetics and that's why I always disable them

I feel the same way about Werebeasts.

>he uses ramps instead of up/down stairs

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Yeah, I thought I had properly scouted my map with a few shafts. Fuck aquifers.

Unironically a good thing

Lol wut? Ramps are superior to st*irs in every way

>he doesnt know how to avoid aquifers
>he doesnt knows the magnetite embark trick
>he needs to modify the default game files

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Not the guy you're responding to, but could you explain it for me please?

whats the magnetite embark trick?

>ramps can transport you 2 squares in a single movement (up/down and the direction you are walking to)
>pathing is better for ramps; dwarves dont walk over others too often like in stairs

>pick a magnetite embark (with aquifer)
>dig into soil
>find magnetite
>chunks of the ore will be aquifer-free and you will get free iron
>easy way to go down
this tr

autoposted accidentally, cont
this trick will also wreck your fort aesthetics, be carefull

How do you know what embarks have magnetite

Thanks, that seems usefull

Pure mothafuckin magic

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also known as dfhack

.... uh, that's not much of a trick. It's easy enough to find an embark without an aquifier, its just that sometimes the corners of your map have unexpected aquifiers. I can't exactly demand magnetite everywhere I want it to be.

Anybody knows why i cant slaughter my animals anymore? The option to mark animals for slaughter is gone, and i have a working butcher workshop