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Someone update the OP with hyrule warriors release date

I am going to marry Riju!

>making new bread during dead hours
absolute madman


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Why Link is such a soyboy he can't even punch stuff in the face?

Um excuse me Link is testosterone incarnate

>testosterone incarnate
>can pass for a woman easily if crossdressed



would you guys like if BotW had unarmed attacks?

how would that affect the weapon durability system?


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anyone has a link to download the "Master Works" artbook? The only one I could find has a fuckin watermark that makes everything useless (pic related)

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There was literally no reason to not have unarmed attacks and suplex on radiant set
>b-but weapon management
Yet you have 2 bombs pretty much anytime and they will deal much more damage than unarmed hit. Hell literally every enemy in the game can punch you but Link can't punch back because lol fuck you, this is stupid.


>my face when attempting trial of the sword

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If Link ever gets hand to hand combat that's the end of ever bothering with using a weapon

Best thing is to just use a guide so you know what to expect. The difficulty in trial of the sword isn't in the actual combat, it's in knowing the best way to approach each room, and in the higher difficulties, that might require some trial and error. You can go in blind on the beginning and middle with relative ease, but the end trials throw some curve balls at you.

No. That's focusing way too much on combat for a Zelda game.

>using a guide
>for a cave of ordeals

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And why would it be when attack power of a weapon actually matters and hands would be 1?

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My personal ranking of zelda games vs how much people suck their dick

2. WW
3. Spirit Tracks
4. Twilight Princess
5. OoT
6. ALttP
8. Skyward Sword
9. Phantom Hourglass
10. Legend of Zelda

>Haven't played
Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Link's Awakening
Minish Cap
Zelda 2

2. OoT
3. Majora's
4. ALttP
5. TP
6. WW
7. Oracle games
8. Link's Awakening
10. Minish Cap
11. Spirit Tracks
12. Skyward Sword
13. Legend of Zelda
14. Phantom Hourglass
15. Zelda 2


I think you should lurk more and save some opinions for your blog.

Oh fuck, do i have to do this Trial of the Sword garbage all in one go?
how long is this?

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It's three parts you can do separately

Not very

is it worth it?

It lets you keep the Master Sword at full strength even when killing the small things that don't require it.


It's completely essential in Master Mode, i dont know in normal

>completely essential in Master Mode
Is it really?

Oh cool
Tbh tho, i dont like how damage is handled in this game. A lot of the challenge that comes from it very artificial imo


For the dick sucking list, place WW above TP, LA above The Oracle games and you've got an accurate list.

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My personal list of most-correct anons in this thread:
1. (You)

Shhh, you'll trigger the apologists.

Midna's hips

Link's midriff.

Riju's hair

Sidon's smile.

Tingle's nose

Cia's fashion sense

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Go away, Cia. We're talking about Cia, not you.


How did they get away with Cia anyway

>New thread is Falco reference
What a coincidence, I was just playing F-Zero

I've wanted unarmed attacks in Zelda ever since Wind Waker Link had to stealth his way through the forbidden fortress while Bokoblins, Moblins, and Darknuts all had the ability to fight unarmed.

The Great Fairy was mostly naked to begin with. It's not a big deal.

But Zelda is better when the focus is on combat.

Unarmed combat doesn't really gel with the image of a knight though, sword and shield is too iconic

>It's completely essential in Master Mode
I wish somebody would have told me that before I beat Master Mode.

>I don't like thing
>I like thing

Oh no...we seem to have reached an impasse...what now?

Look how much I don't care about adhering to made up tropes..

The Darknuts sure looked pretty cool doing their karate.

Agree to disagree. Or just call each other faggots and derail the thread.

Gold enemies just eat through durability, so not getting it makes the entire game unbearably tedious, specially the later parts of it

>made up tropes
...is there any other kind?

OG Zelda gets its dick sucked way more than being right below Skyward Sword, a game so many people hate.

People are still hailing it as a marvel of open world gaming, instead of the cryptic mess that it was.

>unbearably tedious

legends tell of tropes that were old when the world was young, untouched by human hands

Sure if you just go at them with ordinary melee weapons until they're dead. You can reduce the amount of hits they need considerably with sneak strikes, freezing weapons, fire, and if it's raining or they're in a puddle, electricity.

Personally I don't see how anyone can do Trial of the Sword on Master Mode. You can't prepare the right way like you can in the overworld.

>sneak strikes
Not always available
>freezing weapons
Not always available
Literally useless
Not always available
What you mentioned can help at times but sometimes you have no option but just beat up enemies the traditional way, specially in monster camps.
>Personally I don't see how anyone can do Trial of the Sword on Master Mode
Have a plan. You can cheese most rooms, hardest are by far the beginning trials actually. For the last few rooms you just use Ancient Arrows.

How do you not always have elemental arrows?

And fire isn't useless. Enemies standing in flames take continuous damage. Their heal factor in master mode might nullify that, but you aren't supposed to give them time to heal.

You can usually wipe out the enemies standing on octo platforms with one single fire arrow, you don't even have to hit them with it, just light their platform on fire and they'll die in the flames before it even breaks.

I've quite literally never used elemetal arrows, to be fair. And I'm not gonna bother making a forest fire just so I can get some extra DoT when I can just beat shit up with the upgraded MS.
>octo platforms
Literally just grab the chest with magnesis and walk away.

Well, you can't say there aren't other options than brute forcing it with the master sword.

No, but I did say it's tedious, gimmicky, and generally unfun.

>quite literally never used elemetal arrows
That's your own loss? Elemental arrows are fucking great


is Zelda into /ss/

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Zelda's fetish is consensual sex in the missionary position


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How is the Master Sword's resting place moved in between games without a Link to move the sword itself?

Little boys have nothing to offer a woman of her station

You don't need Link to move the sword? BotW Zelda carries it perfectly fine, same should be for other games


Look at his tiny patas

Yes, but only because Urbosa corrupted her with /ll/ at a young age

they just excavate the entire pedestal


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This picture's stupid. If Twilight Princess Link is Gamecube, then BotW Link is Wii U

Gotta validate that Switch purchase somehow

I look forward to seeing your superior artwork

Because the lore of the series is actually wafer thin.

>literally justifying broken logic with "huh I'd like to see you do better"
I'm not even surprised at this point...

>beep boop broken logic
Maybe the artist just drew what they liked, even if it meant breaking the imagined pattern in your head?

I liked that the Oracle games gave you that option. It was fun fighting barehanded, and served as a challenge.

Also Spirit Zelda is objectively the best Zelda to date.

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zelda should be killed/body hijacked more often

Kind of rude of them not to check with that user first before spending time making the picture.

The artist can draw whatever the fuck they want, doesn't change the fact that it's stupid

Ah, okay.

It really is

Well said. Critique is critique.

mailman sounds

In my experience MM is fellated so hard it's dick doesn't work anymore.
If I hear it described as "so dark" one more time I might internally scream.

toot toot