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Brigitte is LIVE. Not in comp till season 10.

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Mercy sucks


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Official Overwatch Feet Tier RankingsS Tier

A Tier
Widowmaker, DVA, Ana (Young)

B Tier

C Tier
Sombra (Pre-Nerf), Tracer, Symmetra (With Chair)

D Tier
Brigitte, Mei, Moira, Pharah

OWG I am now terrified of closets and small rooms.

You see I was playing tracer and minding my own business soloing the entire enemy team when SUDDENLY this girl jumps out of a darkened corner and slaps my ass.

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Why is my aim only good after midnight?

since you stay up late all the time, your body's biological clock adjusted your best productivity time to when you're most active

Is that picture supposed to be encouraging or discouraging suicide? I can't tell

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I want to breed Ana Amari!!!

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>Sombra (Pre-Nerf)

>when autists troll

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>every match goes to extra rounds
great game design

get in loser

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>Bronze match
>Pick Genji
>See a bronze Mercy onetrick playing on the other team in a duostack
>Proceed to kill her
>Run to her spawn
>Spawncamp her for the rest of the match

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>Spawncamp her for the rest of the match

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Act 2

>She goes Symmetra
>Still loses to Genji
>Guy comes
>Stall him with healslut
>We win
>Mercy insults me for not letting her play
>Prefer both
>Next match they're both on my team
>Pick a controller, instalock Widow
>Proceed to suck hard
>Guy in voice chat has a French accent
>It's basically a white knight

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>don't bother learning d.va because she's boring
>expect her to be nerfed soon
>never gets nerfed

>it's another "genji main complaining about other heroes being OP" episode

She's a necessary evil. Without D.Va a Soldier on the high ground is stupidly strong

>Houston outlaws
>most qt fanbase
>most retarded team
what is this? are all these fan girls that fragile?

i had a bad day, /owg/, post some cute shit to cheer me up

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I feel like the rockets were unnecessary when they changed DM and let her shoot while flying

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have some friendship my dude

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>platinum match - gibraltar defend
>nobody talks
>holding the payload before the first checkpoint
>our McCree dies
>1 minute pass
>still not back from spawn
>suddenly a 10 years old whiny voice
>"HELP ME PLEASE! Tracer won't let me out of the spawn!
>nobody moves
>levitate back, discord and headshot the tracer two times
>"you can come out now"
>"T-thanks user"
Oga boga etc I wish the matches weren't decided on the loading screen

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I've had so many games in plat where my teammates are brand new players who have just played DPS in QP and somehow got placed in plat, and if you ever criticize their player they just come back with "we're the same rank"

God I fucking hate the ultimates in this game.
>lol imma hit the ground with my hammer and hook you unconscious even though you were out of my ultimates reach

>crying about rein of all things

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>complaining about most inconsistent ult in the game

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People who switch to Pharah in QP because there’s no hitscan are the biggest faggots

>Complaining about Rein's ult, which works just fine
>When Coalescence is basically useless, Dragonblade is OP and half the heroes can ability out of Graviton when another half can't

Have Soe wearing a fake mustache.

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>I use rein ult
>stopped by any type of elevation, doorways, etc
>enemy rein ults
>knocks me down even when I'm on higher platforms or around corners

Soe is so sweet and good at her job.

>Tfw you will never commentate on esports with Soe

They aren't necessary brand new either. I play with a lot of people who have zero game sense except shooting enemies in the head if possible. Overwatch is a game where your skills are not equally challenged by playing certain characters and roles. In an average fps you usually have to be equally better in everything to go up in the ranks.

Platinum is a real clusterfuck, I regularly see Tracers who 1v6 teams and ones who can't even finish any kill. One team breaks a Rein shield in seconds, the other never make it crack in the entire game.

>reaper, moira, zarya, orisa and doom if you count his ult
who else can get out of grav? I thought translocator/dash/blink/recall/charge don't work in it anymore?

Soe can't do commentary.

how long until overbuff can compare stats on brig?

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>half the heroes can ability out of Graviton
Three heroes can get out of graviton since the patch disabling movement abilities. Which is still bullshit, but not half of the cast.

Zarya can get out of graviton?

>me playing Bee in a proper comp
>destroyed in seconds
>enemy playing Bee with 5 dps
>shield never breaks

Does Orisa have a lap?

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Thought she could just bubble and walk out
I never have one on my team so I wasn't sure desu

i love how as brig you can just VL
"group up", "my ultimate is ready" and the whole team falls in.

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she can't

Why is the boring three so boring?

>Try playing Genji
>Brigitte can combo you
>Use blade, she fucking stunlocks you
I don't see how this can be healthy for the game when most players play Genji/Tracer. It's going to bring back tank meta which cost a lot of players as all DPS mains just left the game in large numbers and had koreans stop playing the game.

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I don't think she can. Reaper, Moira and Orisa can get out if their abilities are not on cooldown. I don't count ults realistically because if it doesn't keep your team alive it is useless to drop it when your team gets wiped anyway.
Orisa is justified maybe, but Reaper and Moira is bullshit and I'm playing a lot of Moira. I would make it if they activate it before the graviton sucks them in they can get away but if they are caught then nope.

right now 99% of all matches are dive, they have been trying to counter that for a while now

Fuck Genji and fuck Tracer

>tfw metal rank Genji/Tracer tears will get Brigitte's abilities nerfed to uselessness

And in return we get tank meta which is stall

>When people already have over 10 hours on brigitte

>people think brigitte is going to be good in rank

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byebye genji

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Here am I floating 'round my tin can
Far above the moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do

bubble doesn't cancel the effects of grav because it's a shield, it isn't immune to CC

Considering how much she eats Brigitte canonically takes the biggest dumps.

Does Jake have an alt account?

>finally get a non 2cp map
>1 thrower and an afker

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Sanctus Christus DEUS VULT

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>moira has a less-than-garbage matchup vs tracer genji
>nope still dive
>brig has a less-than-garbage matchup vs tracer genji
do you understand where your logic fails
like why would a team run tanks when they can run brig PLUS dive and have her peel for zen while providing her own tracer/genji with perpetual armor

Did ourguys actually win something?

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>be me
>spamming tracer in QM trying to git gud
>friends log on and invite me to stack
>hop on TS
>mention i've been spamming tracer
>they tell me to go ahead and pick her since we're just messing around
>i do poorly
>they bully me

can i get banned for shouting deus vult after team killing with brigitte
it's technically racist, right

>devs say tank meta will come back thanks to intensive testing on their part
>explain that they also have to buff anti tanks because of this
>meanwhile some retard bronzie says it's all false
Let me laugh at your face

>playt against new hero multiple times
>all they do is just hold shield and back up into corners
>literally zone them from her team while my team wins the 5v5
>tries to 1v1 me as any dps
>gets shit stomped because im not going near her with a stunlock
Wow guys new champ is OP and needs nerfs PLS

They btfo sinatraa

There is little reason to believe the meta will shift away from dive since Brig just drops into that comp as well.

shes perfect for quad tank though

>picking symmetra on koth is somehow not bannable

>come to country-with-a-future
umm just dont sweaty

do you know how good shield gen is on koth
especially in your shitty sr

brigitte is anti dive.

shield slam + bop does like 80% of a tracer/genji's health and will force them to retreat in most scenarios

unfortunately her E can be used to instantly "prime" a dive hero with an additional 50 armor making them effectively unkillable (i've had like six different genjis today survive a point blank flash + FTH with 25 or so life) so in the long run i think she does more to enable diving than to counter it.

if they change the way her E works, even if they just make it so it doesn't grant armor for overhealing, it would go a long way to fixing things.

>Not picking her as the wildcard pick

no one ever expects a sym

Not at all since it just gets immediately blown up by anyone not retarded.

It will be interesting to see what the Mei and Reaper buffs bring to the table.

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>buffing mei AGAIN


>tfw day by day i get a little better at doomfist

today i got a triple kill POTG when the enemy funneled one by one into a room to try and kill me. and i used all my skills, i didn't just punch them into a wall.

>by anyone not retarded
everyone is retarded, lad

She's kinda shit even for qp

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>shiny silver thinking they're better than silver

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Rein's annoys me so much
>based on the graphics, you're out of range of the ultimate
>still get stunned

how can she see her ult gauge with that chin in the way

yeah because she provides the necessary speed boost just like lucio and her heal throughput very clearly compliments their large healthpools while her supportive abilities supplement tanks mediocre damage and allow them to confirm kills where they normally wouldnt be able to on their own

whats that jeff
you say none of these things are actually the case?
you say shes built from the ground up to compliment fragile, low health characters like zen and tracer, to prevent them from dying instantly to spam bullshit and play full aggro without consequence
and that her armor ability ends up invalidating tanks more than helping them because they lose more from the inability to confirm kills on squishy targets than they gain from an extra 25% more hp
gee jeff that doesnt sound like "tank meta" to me
whats that
tracer has 300hp so shes a tank now?
oh ok now i get it thanks jeff, you have without a doubt fixed the meta, what would we do without you

Most people don't sit like that warcraft guy from South Park.

you get lucio you mongrel

god why

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pure poetry

>keep running into the same shitty mercy main on the enemy team

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what makes a mercy main shit