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Should I play FFX-2? I bought it along with FFX ages ago when I wanted to replay FFX but never got around to it.I've heard it's fun.

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Fuck OO for bringing this blight on this general.


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>tfw have yet to get one actually good set of passives from artifacts

i;d agree if it was something from OO, but it was the tomb raider collab in BE that did this. thats when this shit started.
give it a shot at least. some like it some dont. depends on tastes

>wow user, your dick sure is tiny!

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Stop asking stupid shit like this. You have the game, just play it. If you don't like it, stop playing it.

>what she sees

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seething kh kid

Try it and find out.

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OO did nothing wrong.


X-2 has the best battle system in the series, (and the most definitively FF battle system).
It has the worst everything else.

do the main characters from FF9 all know they can go into a trance state? or can everyone just do that and its just a normal thing

The music for X-2 is one of the worst, aside from a few songs.

god i wish that was me

Fuck discord. Those faggots need to be exiled

next question.

Okay I'll start

Discuss your favorite Job Class, and judge people according to their tastes

Mine's Dragoon

Mine's Dragoon

agreed. this llfag shit is the final straw. it's obvious they want this place to get moved to /trash/


You're gay. I like Summoners.


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white mage! I like the healing and supportive aspects of it, as well as the option to deal with undead using its few offensive magic spells.

And the white mage robes are really cute

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Goddess is not a job class.

oh yeah forgot the judge part
you're a cuck
beta faggot

These threads are hardly bad enough to get moved to /trash/. If anything (You)r constant whining about the discord server is the real trash here. Stop bringing it up and pining for (You)s and maybe these threads will increase in value and substance, faggot.


Blue Mage

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Summoner a best job

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White Mage
Because Holy is awesome and I can't trust people to heal.
Also, I miss hammers.

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Tossup between Magic Knights and Dragoons.

>being this delusional
You discord faggots are the worst thing plaguing this thread along with your new pet llfag. If you won't take responsibility then you faggot really have no braincells left. So fuck off already

bit of a loose cannon but one cool rood dood
whats your favorite summon?


Stop giving them attention.

I actually really like the FFXIII Bahamut.


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How does that even work?

Looking for some OO friends
you don't gotta be meta i like to host and just play for fun

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All this shit began with llfag. What the fuck is his endgame?

This is hard
I like Paladins, then Dragoons then Bards
>tfw you'll never be as explosive as a Dragoon

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she kicks your butt and heals you

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My favorite is Carbuncle because I have very fond memories when I played FFXI and go to go all over the world with him by my side. It was a comfier time.

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t. people who like to take it up the ass

Interesting. Seem like the type that's perfectly okay to wait for the good things to come to you. The patient type.
The ones who are here to have a good time and make sure no one dies. Might have a fondness for cute things, but also could instead be a lack of trust in anyone else to do what their supposed to.
The wild card, definitely willing to play any role to get what needs to be done accomplished. Unpredictable, but generally someone people can trust and maybe even look up to.
Summoners are tricky, because as mentioned, it depends on the summons they prefer. Generally very outgoing though, prefer working with others and willing to do so whenever it's both beneficial and more exciting.
Probably inwardly a very caring person, considering the role they take on, even if they don't show it. Very patient with people and willing to put up with a lot of guff to get to a better understanding.

If anyone's curious, mine's machinist. I've always had a fondness for higher level tech in fantasy worlds, makes it more special and interesting and combining it with magic just makes it that much more unique.

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Time Mage

Hey guys!! We heard you faggots like idols!

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Why can't your ff girls look like this?

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It's supposed to be a rare thing, but everyone can do it other than Kuja (innately) because he's emotionally retarded.
Think of it like those stories you hear of people getting "super strength" or having time slowed down for them in life-or-death situations.

Ya'll niggas in for it now

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and then imagine instead of running slightly faster they turn purple and start shitting energy out their furry dick

Hows that ff7 remake coming guys?

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Are we being raided?

Zidane and Kuja are the only characters who have their abilities fundamentally changed in trance, probably because they were designed specifically for that purpose.
Other characters just have their pre-existing abilities powered up.

oh...have retards from here been going over there to vent now about it? i assume thats why they are here now. Just how many retards do we have here?

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>this thread

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it's a "coordinated raid," allegedly.


Belongs to us now

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We don't want our girls to look like trash lmao

I actually like Final Fantasy. How is Dissidia NT?

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7/10 it's okay I guess

>that photoshop

>Believe me, this general is too stupid to do something like that. There are literal shitters here who took a dump on printed out idol pictures.
>mfw we're being raided by literal shit posters

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At least there's no nailposting here

Hey guys, /@/ here. Umm, everything going alright in here? I was told to come in here and shitpost for whatever reason, but I guess it's just /llsifg/ stirring up some drama again. Hope you guys are well. Probably not though by the looks of things...welp whatever. See ya.

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>mfw we're being raided by literal shit posters


Who is this goddess


The raiders can be found at SIF IDs 050100483 and 214724899 if you want to ask them to stop directly

We've had problems with those two for years now

llfag irl

I don't understand what's going on anymore
are the beapes at it again?

wish we would have gotten raided by some actual shitposters and not these tryhards. something like /snk/ would have been more fun

If there's a party goin' down in here I'm your man!

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>Fujiwara's interview in the Official Works includes some impressions about Episode Ardyn
Interesting. Didn't know they've already finished the voice recordings.



Send this discord/llfag drama to him. Let's get famous boys.

I've heard stories. Lots of them. No thanks.

Jobel? Is that you?




Why can't your 2D?

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This place has gone to shit.

I'd photo her shop

Oh shit

Random scan of Official Works. Not sure when this is supposed to be.

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>tfw no reason to play shitty mobages now that /ffg/ is basically dead
thank you, anime people


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