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Man needed help with his fashion >Season 5 Info

>Season 5 Gear

>For Honor v1.19 Patch Notes

>New players:
>If you plan on using a controller, it is highly recommended you go into your settings and shrink the dead zone

>Things that were changed since launch

>Multiple hero video guides (outdated, ask your fellow anons)


>Character values

>Gear modifier values

>Gear Stat Help

>Gear appearances

>Max Punish Guide

>Friends list sign up Doc:

>For those that have signed up:

>War of Factions:

>PVP Stat Tracker:

>Story mode collectables:

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Whom's the most American character?

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It's time for the fire among the big guys to rise

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What is this low effort hodgepodge of random pictures and green text even supposed to represent?


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African american Conqueror with a 'murica shield and a mix of fireworks/the screaming eagle mask.

I think it's the waifufag trying to stir some shit.

Give me the good and the bad.

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xth for how the fuck do I deal with Shaman as Nobushi?

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What's bad about the matchup?

I feel like I can't deal with her mixups at all, and I can't distance myself from her at all, even with viper's retreat

I don't like how many blacks play 4honor

pirate boys!

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I'm a big fat weeb and I only use the Kakashi one

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>Kensei has dodge attacks, great mix-up with his unblockable and said dodge attacks
>Raider has an unblockable, an extra dangerous GB punish and mix-up with the pommel bash
>Warden has his shoulder and, if we are being generous, his zone

I'm not salty, just sad

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Say it with me.

It's not if your character has a dodge attack, though. Just dodge attack after every shoulder and it will cuck Warden out of either of his options.

>feint shoulder
Woooow that was a hard one

And then when they notice you start doing that, they will mix up what they do, making you the one that has to guess, not them.

>start testing their reaction by feinting shoulder more and mix your stuff up to keep them the one guessing
Woah... Warden is so complex and skill dependent, even his good move puts him at disadvantage. Finally, after all these years us brodens have truly become... Low Tier Gods™


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>It's okay for Warden to be a one trick pony because his shoulder can be, through effort, an efficient tool

Meanwhile, there are characters with similar tools that have thrice the move repertoire of Warden.

It seems weird to bitch about Warden when some of these other characters exist. He's got to be top 50% of characters

What determines when an enemies GB attempt will drain my stamina or not? It seems so inconsistent.

I'm not really bitching about him in the sense that he isn't efficient, because he is. Very much so in capable hands.

I'm saying that he is a one dimensional, boring to play as and against character who is in desperate need of a rework.


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You might get a conq "rework"

Careful what you wish for

Fair enough, the thing is, some people just like the simple characters. You are always going to upset somebody.

>People unironically think conq is remotely fair after his rework
>People are literally this fucking retarded

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Don't you just block the light spam, sidestep the bash and punish? maybe I'm just against shit Conqs but what else does he do?

he loses hard to anyone he cant safely bash on. which is everyone with a dodge attack. and he wins for free on everyone without a dodge attack. except raider because he has a dodge GB.

he has roughly as many 10-0 match ups in his favour as he has against him now. yet another utterly horrible example of ubisoft's completely aimless and scattershot balancing policy

it actually says in conq's season 5 patch notes that they removed his light attack full guard feint because it was causing rollback issues with the poor netcode, which was completely untrue, but then they left zerk with his lightspeed feints, left PK and shaman with a whole arsenal of unreactable moves in 95% of connections and then fucked the connection quality even more in all modes

they literally have no fucking idea what theyre doing

>he wins for free on everyone without a dodge attack. except raider because he has a dodge GB.
Raider has a dodge attack though. He just never uses it because gb is almost always the better option.

Does anybody actually like the revenge mechanic? It really shouldn't trigger in a 1v1 fight as often as it does.

its not a true dodge attack. its more like he can feint his dodge into an attack he can otherwise access. but thats really splitting hairs. his dodge GB is so OP that the dodge stunning tap is really pointless

so it's not a fifty fifty you imbecile

warden's GB cancel never had the range to catch you if you were outside of nose picking range, just backdodge

>Rep 1
>playing with Rep 37
>Higher than your allies
How can people who have played for so long be so bad?

no i absolutely hate it. it is no help at all whatsoever at bailing you out of outnumbered situations against anyone with some coordination, but various scumbag heroes and builds generate it all the time in 1v1 situations.

the most annoying revenge related scenario is when youre about to win a close 1v1, and your mate runs in and hits your opponent with a CC that can be cancelled into revenge. the CC fills the revenge meter, and the revenge user kills you with a hyper armor heavy while youre knocked down after the fucking retarded auto parry and the proceeds to rape your idiot mate too until back up turns up for the revenger and you lose the point

revenge is a fucking cancer mechanic

The skill measurement only takes into account your last like, three games. That shit changes literally like every third match

4v4s, 1v1s and possibly brawls (not sure if it's shared with 1v1s) all have separate skill ratings.
It might be his first time playing that specific mode.

I mean, even accounting for the "Higher than your" system being shit, there are countless people with ridiculous rep who are just absolute trash.

Reminder, do not do your contracts.

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how do you know this

Should I care about where I deploy my troops or just let that shit sort itself out?

Honestly, I couldn't prove it if I wanted to, it's all personal experience.

I'll play one game with a group of friends, and I'll be "on par," they take a break and I get stomped for two games, rejoin my group and now I'm "slightly lower than my allies"

After we win a few games as a group, I'm back to "on par."

I'm ''on par'' with everyone 90% of the time even though I'm bad, I'm convinced it's broken and it doesn't mean shit

Yes you should if your faction is aiming to take mills, castles or farms. Those 3 things I just listed help you outside the faction war. More mills means more XP, more castles means more end of match loot, more farms means more troops for the faction you are in. However if you really don’t feel like deploying troops manually, there is a banner option that allows for automatic deployement on where ever you put the banner.

>Implying I need XP
Nigger I need a way to get rid of XP at this point. Rep 140 is getting embarrassing because I did not improve in skill since 40 or so

I'm trying to learn Aramusha, is the full block worth using over a parry? Is there a guaranteed punish you should use or do you have to mix up after it?

Top heavy after full block only works on heavies, not lights
Side heavy is slow but had hyper armor(uninterruptible stance) to trade with and can link into your infinite chain from a top light.
Ring the bell always confirms on anyone, no matter if they are in revenge or not. Does not work on unblockables obviously.
His kick is ok but can be side dodge if you’re a shitty Aramusha who delayed the kick long enough, it wallsplats and from that confirms a side heavy to top.

he has a bash off full block that drains a grip of stamina afaik

it seems to be like conq's full block except it comes out fast enough to be useful more often. one definitely good use for it is against shaman. if you can bait her into doing that cheesey as fuck leaping/teleporting heavy attack, you dont have to guess which angle its coming from if you have a full block stance

full block only if you are absolutely sure they're not feinting or else you eat shit, parry is always more optimal unless there's a wall or pit in which case kick gets guaranteed heavy or death

The fullblock guarantees a top heavy unless it was a light attack you blocked, the side heavy is unblockable but never guaranteed and if there is a wall behind the opponent you do the kick, the wallsplat gives you time for side heavy into top light.

Also I have heard the top heavy is confirmed on any parry, not sure if true.

Thanks for the help. Does ring the bell confirm anything or is it just a good opener for mixup?

It was buffed to be 600ms and stated by the devs in the patch notes that they wanted him to get a heavy off a Gb like most of the cast. Yes it’s confirmed

Confirms nothing but drains decent stamina and you recover from the animation quick enough to to at least throw an attack during there blurry screen recovery.

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Be honest with me Warden mains. During the GDC talk today, when a person asks when wardens buff is coming. And Damien and Roman respond with “his zone buff was de buff for him. His performance shows that shoulder bash mixup is still pretty good. We don’t think he needs a rework”
How will you all feel, tell me in detail.

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I know it's today, but is it possible to watch it online somewhere?
Or do I gotta wait few hours until somone recorded it posts it?


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Video states around 5:30 to 6:30 pm. I’m still finding the time fram if it’s EST GMT or others

>alt tab for 10 seconds

Seriously fuck off with this bullshit
no, I know when it happens, it's most likely in PT since it's happening in SF.
But I want to know can I watch it online?

>farm for an armor piece for for a month
>buy 10k of armor packs afterwards
How ? What is this RNG ?

Yes. Twitch exists buddy

It’s Designed for suckers like you.
So here’s some wisdom...

Is rep level only for gear rank or are certain appearances of gear locked behind rep as well? I don't care about stats, I just want to look AESTHETIC


>Audience members will have the tools and weapons (in design, production and communication) that will allow them to release an online game and face the challenges of the post-launch period. What's more, they'll have witnessed that some periods can get rough, but resilience and determination will allow you to prevail.

yes, you too could have a game that has a few thousand users left out of the millions that bought it on launch. and most of those few thousand hate the game as much as they love it and only play it because theres nothing better available thats comparable

the higher your rep is the gear you get remains almost the same expcept it gets more spikes

Don't you fucking joke about that user

I the spikes so dame much

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And apparently a retard underbite


It’s time

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What is this special dominion anyway?


who is the retard on the pic

Dominion without attack indicators. Was fun in S2 once but it's getting lame

What the fuck is this.

Realistic Mode, meaning no attack indicator. Have fun against Conqs, PK's and Shamans.

Americans waking up.

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Down for maintenence?

Based on a movie helmet from Spartacus I think? Or was it gladitator? Looks similar

Hot Centurion dick

is that real? lmao. cent is a fat cunt

What did I just write ? Been playing dominion just with this character to get the item for over a month, FUCKING NOTHING.
>wasting steel
It's a free currency that's earned for free and can be spent only within the game. How the fuck do you "waste" that if you use it as intended and it didn't cost you anything.

Not only that but he's a fat crying cunt that constantly whines, literally a reddit hero

Amerimutts shitposting and (you) baiting. Have fun you fags
You’re buying boxes like a moron.

I love that helmet desu. So memetastic.

Mom says it's my turn to incredibilis

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nice, genuine chuckle desu famalam

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So I'm supposed to just sit on all the steel I don't need like some hoarding moron ? I'd rather use it for what it was intended and have ubi fix their fucking RNG.

fixed version of shitty OC from yesterday

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>play a simple/basic hero
>get shit on because hero is too simple/basic while the enemy's hero is super well developed or effortlessly does things
Nearly all of my Warden matches.

Why not get new executions or emotes?

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>Play simple hero
>literally just punch the enemy to death with lights while they overthink and try to do weird feints and spams.
Every time.

Already got all the ones I liked and if they release a new one I like I will earn the steel for it then. I guess I could start spending it on executions or shit for other characters but I'd rather invest into the ones I'm playing.

He's bearmode you fucking soyboy

>When you bop an enemy to death with awkwardly timed Lawbringer top lights that always catches them when they try to GB/feint/do anything

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