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I only read moege

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I only read chuunige

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Yuuna is the light of my life.

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I don't read VN's.

I only read visual novels

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CC had some nice chibi art.

I love Suzu

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Both would benefit from NTR.

I only read


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keep your 3D shit out of my moege

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Everything would be better with ntr.

Atlas Shrugged would be better if John Galt got kidnapped by communists and raped until he loved the freely shared and equal cock

I only read NTR

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I like lolis!

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>Then your desire to protect would be more fulfilling if you have something to protect the girl from.

This is blatantly nonsensical
>you place unlimited value in x
>wouldn't you be happier if their were barbarians at the gate attempting to steal x?
Also the prime issue with NTR (outside of rape which actually falls under protection duties) is the morality and principles of the girl.
The intellectually superior choice is to start a relationship with an upright individual that finds NTR as disgusting as I do.

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Cute and sexy

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But then you're NTRing them from a life of the platonic pursuit of intelligence,rationality, and self-improvement. You're making them addicted to the cock of romance with an equal.

Renna a cute!

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she's violent af, would never pick her iRL

Ai > Renna

Hana > Renna

Worst girl Worst route

but thats just wrong user

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You a soyboy or something? Can't take a few love taps?


this but unironically

does anyone know the general plot of Azusa's route in FD?

Worst girl and worst route.

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Again i am not talking of the sexual aspects of it, i mean the competition for her affection where you prove you earned the girl and that she, among the other candidates, decided to go with you.

The intellectual superior choice is to work and show the girl that you were able to go to the utmost of your capacity to earn your place as her boyfriend.

Otherwise the girl just settled with you and in exchange it means that she would had humped on the first cock that reached her. So you see NTR also reveals your waifu's real self.

Based Hiro

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not even japmoot likes ai



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>the most delinquent girl in the VN doesn't get a route in it
I know she has one in the FD but still if I were an 11 who bought this day one I would be kind of miffed since the 3 main heroines I would barely even call delinquents and it's supposed to be a VN about romancing them. Renna's route made me want her even more.

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Lucia is a miracle of the universe.

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>Again i am not talking of the sexual aspects of it

That's the entirety of it you fucking mong

>hurr I like NTR but I am going to repeatedly mischaracterize NTR as day to day relationship development even after I am repeatedly shown to be incorrect with my classifications
>why do you keep talking about actual NTR when I am trying to talk about something that has nothing to do with NTR?

I will not be responding anymore.

Mark my words, kyoudai. Within 24 hours, we'll have the release of the KonoSora re-translation.

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Azusa is shit

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You're shit

You guys didn't tell me Uncle Dante was in Chronicles.

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Hana > Azusa

looks like those g-bombs gave him a nice tan

can he demon trigger?

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You are shit

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Nah you'd be a good little goyim and buy the fandisk.

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and SakuSaku

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Chibi art is a sign of a kamige

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shitty ai gets a whole game while best girl only get a fandisk


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I hope you die translator.

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>Do Maki's route
>Ai is obviously upset every time she turns up in a scene
Man this the fucking best.

>wake up
>see this beside you
What do?

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>people like Miyako 2.0
>people beg Trip for fandisk with Tsubame 2.0
The taste of this general couldn't be any less shit.

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Cause Ai is a big fucking baby when her mary sue powers run out.

>Miyako 2.0
Nah, Miyako was tolerable in routes that weren't her own. Azusa is nice because she actually plays her role and is a delinquent.

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Tsubame did literally nothing wrong. One day you're going to have to accept the fact that your precious Momoyo got fucking annihilated by her.

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>hating on this cunt = automatically liking Momoyo

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wake up for real

Well I mean what other reason could there possibly be? Lmao She is the best Majikoi in all respects, the only reason I can see for someone not liking her is if they feel bad their shit head of a god of war got her shit pushed in.

>2 of my top 3 beat Tsubame
Get rekt, Tsubameshitter.

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There is no such thing as best maji, newshit. The general consensus isthat
every maji >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>>>>>> Miyako >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tsubame
Posting contrarian opinions doesn't make you cool.


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>just a massive dude in a skirt and a padded bra
easily best side character

Yorokobe Shounan

If I pull that mask off, will you die?


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Does anyone know how to get Tsujido in 1080? I've been messing around with the settings for awhile, but I can't seem to get 1920X1080. It's grayed out.

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Open your resolution settings

Suzuanons are the best Anons.

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It's like I warped back into Hatsukoi for a second

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I want to marry and impregnate Suzu!

They could be replaced by a bot and you'd never be able to tell. That disqualifies them from being the best at anything.

I assume you mean in the game itself? Also, thanks for the reply.

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right click your desktop and select screen resolution

The only way I could get the same issue was dropping my resolution, so my first assumption is that either your monitor does not support 1920 or you don't have it enabled.

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thats a disgusting background

First off, fuck you.
Secondly it's overscaled because I dropped resolution.

>having a cropped H scene CG as your background
I don't know whether to laugh or be upset

Doesn't anyone thinks it's a little weird that Maki and Ai are teaming up with Speed Kingdom just to take down Enoshima? Especially since Speed Kingdom is the ones causing the most damage with their shakedowns. How will replacing Enoshima with Speed Kingdom benefit them?

>that background

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Wow, this is weird. I have a 2560x1600 monitor, but I cannot get Tsujidou to 1920x1080 even after switching to multiple resolutions. Oh well, I'll just stick with the next best thing. Thanks.

Implying that all of us aren't bots.

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You might have app scaling enabled.

E-celeb shitposting is not allowed.

I hope you are practicing on your japanese Irru. You are our last hope to ever getting the FD.

Sorry, didn't notice I still had it on.

Yup, that was it. Much appreciated.

Who will win in a fight between Hume and Ai?