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[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 - capcom-unity.com/monster_hunter/blog/2018/03/21/

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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Jho set SUCKS

Made and upgraded my GS. Now I can sleep in peace.

For those who are still farming for your weapon, good luck.

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How good is it compared to the other memes?

>find Deviljho for the first time in Coral Highlands
>Odogaron is in
>fucking dumbass hellhound goes up to Deviljho and gets ragdolled
>he repeats this two more times during the fight

Odogaron you fucking dumbass

>jho hunting horn has attack up L
>the bwongs are literally just Deviljho roars
stop capcom
my benis can only get so erect

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Milsy-chan wants to give you a Mog Ore.

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Highest raw by far and white sharpness, but I don't have augs yet.
-% affinity kinda sucks.

Why are pin attacks so lame in World? Hell most of the time they don't even attack you at all once you're pinned.

First for sensibly making a build with pieces/weapons that you enjoy by building to their strengths while making a reasonably serviceable balance of other general skills all while maintaining intelligent performance and decision-making out in your hunts!

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Blessed Jho

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Good tier:
Jho Lance
Jho Gunlance (new Smackstick, no shelling)
Jho GS
Jho HH

Shit tier
Gunlance because it's not wide level 4, fuck you capcom
Not sure about CB after the elemental buff

Elder shit tier:

Haven't looked at DB

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I've never played HH but it seems by the reactions seen in /mhg/ since the release that they're the happiest with Jho's contribution to new weapons.

>consider myself ok at monhun
>can beat most monsters in a reasonable amount of time
>Always take 10 minutes+ hunting Deviljho
I don't get it, I have always struggled against him

Good graphics.

Load times are definitely better on the Pro now. Pretty cool

Why does Jho hit like a HR Great Jagras?
I got hit by his breath and it literally did 20% damage. In older games that shit was almost a death sentence.

What about LS

Enjoy getting kicked on sight from my hunts.

Jho has always been a damage sponge.
Haven't fought him in World yet, but the health downscaling in solo hunting is pretty strong in World, so you could probably improve that time.

Is the Neset set good until I can make a mixed set?

>accidently GS slide attack kill a giant vigor wasp i havent captured yet while landing the final hit on joe

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The pickle bow is good actually

That giant vigorwasp always spawns there in jho investigations my dude don't worry about it.

So say a new player just picks up Monster Hunter World right now.
How long would it take for them to meet Deviljho?

How is the HBG shit? Are its reload/recoil really bad on Clust/Sticky/Wyvern? Because if not it's better than the Diablos for wyvernshots and better than zorah for cluster, and can do both at the same time

>guns in elder shit tier
fucking how. the lbg is one of the best for spread 3 and the hbg has the same clust setup as zorah

Xbox One /mhg/ squad is open and recruiting! Will post this thrice a thread! Session ID: NhYxPmb6pLN
Join for tempered hunts, the /mhg/ squad, arena quests, arm wrestling and more!!
>inb4 "lol no one joins"
Probably right. Just trying to fill the /mhg/ squad to start having squad sessions open

It has a really interesting design too. Here's praying Capcom takes enough time to do more of that in G Rank, because what the fuck were they doing in this game before

Dragonbone Bow still seems better

It is a death sentence on Tempered Jho but why would you farm tempered anything but ED

So, how's CB now?
How much did they nerf the impact phial scaling?
How much did they buff the elemental phials?

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60 hours-ish



Diablos HBG can use elementless deco so that's a no no

>How much did they nerf the impact phial scaling?
Not enough
>How much did they buff the elemental phials?
Not enough

Not by much
Not enough

Because you're wearing max upgrade augmented 500defense armor vs a high rank monster

I agree, I tested hazak, db, and pickle bows against rathalos and they all had the same damage, but pickle bow crits less so DB is the best

Did the patch already kicked in?
Man it was so minor then, didn't notice any difference in the GS charges

Enjoy being sent a welcoming, courteous sticker upon me joining your session and cooperating with you on many hunts thereafter.

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Don't let the Fapper die.

So? It still hits for less than a Great Jagras in the exact same armor setup? There are plenty of other high rank monsters that still do decent damage even if you're in a 400 defense clownsuit?

What exactly are you trying to say?

>tfw afraid to join this late because i might be the last one on and i can't handle the pressure of keeping it alive

epic trololo m8

You have to fap before bed, we get it.

Do you join the regular /mhg/ sessions here? Because you should.

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Your fault for playing a baby game

do you not?

>Buffs GS 1nd and 2nd charge
>Still useless
>Buffs GL Wyvernfire and Stake
>Still useless
>Buffs CB elemental phials
>Still useless

Is there another company as incompetent when it comes to balancing as capcom?

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>capture jho
>get 2 scalps and 2 gems
I thought you said scalps were carve only?

i fap on bed

I wasn't saying that!

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Is 20-25min on HR jho too long (XX)? Solo of course.

That was one user falseflagging like crazy. Many other anons chimed in letting everyone know that scalps are also a cap reward.

Where exactly is the troll you dumb retard?
If Jho hits for less damage than a fucking Jagras in the same exact armor setup then you can't say "I-it only does no damage because you're in endgame armor!" because if i took it off it would still only hit for as much as a fucking Great Jagras.

>everything still dies in under 10 minutes
wew user


A bit, yes. Try to turn that into 10-15 minutes at the most.

>completely missing the point because you're a retard


Well they still haven't buffed bowgun element shots, Swax element phial... element in general
I think CCP is still worse than this though.

I was wailing on him the whole time (mostly the legs because his face is tiny). What else can I do to speed this up?

Think about the children user


How does Jho GS compare to other GS? Please tell me I can finally put down the Jagras GS.

What armor do you have, and what weapon/style are you using?

It's k

Buffing in increments is preferable over most devs taking a fucking hatchet to the concept of game balance on a weekly basis
I wish they'd make going for monster weaknesses a bit more rewarding over stacking straight raw but that'll take a lot more than a balance patch.

But where are the rooms?

You've got the contest GS as well


Only twice. I'll probably join more at some point, those two sessions were pretty comfy

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When the hell does Jho spawn?
Doing shitty 7 stars and Azure Rathalos is pissing me off when he wants to join every fight

Not that guy but you sound a bit retarded yourself.
Why exactly are the GS charges "useless"? Because they don't the same damage as True Charge?
Wyvern Fire and Elemental Phials are also perfectly fine, piss off.

Fuck why can't I land a sleep TCS the spacing is so hard to get for me. Either I miss by a millimeter or hit with the first slash.

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so, real talk, how does female vangis armor butt look like? Will I finally need to make my hunter a tranny?

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lmao they made jhos hitboxes mega tiny

>Need mighty gem to finish set
>Do a Vaal temp
>Mighty gem
based god

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When Jho hit me with defense down it put this visual effect on my armor that matched my skin tone so it looked like my huntress' bare ass cheeks were hanging out of them.

My entire life was to lead into this perfect webm.

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Pls respon

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So where is Deviljho's Orange extract? Is it his tiny arms? Please tell me it's not his tiny fucking arms.

Can I join if I'm a newbie?

screens now

Okay, but, like... You're completely wrong?

Run up to the point you want to hit
Hold R and do a 180
Roll forwards from there
Hold R and do a 180
Swing (no charge) -> Strong Swing (no charge) -> True Charge, you should reach with the tip of your sword

How are the new Deviljho weapons?

It's not. Use the wiki armor search in the pastebin.

Contest GS?

The belly/back I guess.


It's not great.
There's visible baggage to the pants, unlike the commision ones.

Dreams crushed

Does it save the jewels I have in cookies or will I have to manually input them every time?

>Pre World Deviljho
>Stand under him
>He stomps your ass

>World Deviljho
>Stand under him
>He does a dragon breath in front of him


I don't understand
Did they just copypaste him and not actually tweak him and leave bugs in? He is not threatening at all and does suboptimal shit all the time. His movement is also limited as shit

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Sure. We're running tempered quests, but if you meed someone to fuck some low rank shit up for you, I'll join ya

Boosto GS, not out yet but it will be by far the strongest GS if they don't nerf it by the time it releases

You sure he wasn't backed up against a wall when he dragonbreathed? Usually he backpedals a bit during the windup.

Dodge into R2 into Circle. DP is not something you should try and spam nonstop. It's for when the monster is downed. Craft a Fitness Charm and make sure you equip it on any bow build.

the stomp hitbox is also tiny

Considering dropping my 145 hour character because I don't like the name. Should I do it? I need my huntress what my friends knew me by for clarity but they dropped the game weeks ago.