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is cute!

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Shadow Mitsuru is #1.

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these dancing games suck ass and aren't even very sniffable

>He hasn't seen Anne's newest costume or Yukari and Fuuka's racing outfits

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ill give you yukari but anne was sexier in the base game

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your threadly reminder that she's comin back

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RWBY in soul calibur when?!

what just happened OH MY GOD!!!

I will when it comes to steam!

Fuck RWBY, we getting 2B
>people's champion of GDC

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will you when it comes in 3 years?

desu we probably wont, because scamco always adds male guest characters for normies.


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What about that year they added the girl in the green tunic with the bombs and arrows?

Post 30 seconds of you playing soul calibur

>scamco always adds male guest characters

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Alex and Q are girls?!?!?

might as well just stick with the one on steam currently and just play it with the few stragglers left.

post 1 female guest character they added in last 10 years.

You mean the last two games?

Is there a ranking of major fighting game tournaments sorted by highest-reached number of entrants? I assume Evo would be #1, but what's second place?

evo japan and ceo, i think

Help me pick my main, bros. Cummy or Akuma?

>a character people already forgot about

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deep sleeping thread

australians and yuros don't play fighting games i fucked up my sleep schedule because of final round and now i'm f*cked

More memorable than Galen "Starkiller" Marek at least.


I'd say they're on the same level really

My internet has been acting weird all morning. I just wanna play some jive or kekken

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Have you tried turning off your router?

Yes. Twice actually.

Did you turn it back on

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Well fuck me, i forgot about that part

Do a pingtest and if you lose too many packets call your ISP.

Well if he turned it off twice then that would mean he pressed the button twice, so he must have turned it back on DINGUS

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Back to bed, Brick, I think you've done enough for today.

Any crapcom insider here? Tell about Falke gameplay

Staff fighting.

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>finals is Marvel vs Smash in DBFZ

uhm ArcCucks where are your players?

based capcom making vappa obsessed

>leffen won wnf dooberz
based leffen killing the WC and dooberz simultaneously

this game wont make it to evo

Play Weiss

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I dont get Street Fighter inputs.
So in the challenge mode in sfv your get to cancel uppercut into ca fireball and theoretically that would be 623MP,236236MP. But its totally fine to just input the 623MP,236MP?! Why can I just not input the other 236 thats actually listed in the move list??

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dont quote me it brings attention to my embarrassment thanks

INFILTRATIONs new hairstyle is looking just great, dont you think?

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Because the DP counts as the first 236. I'm pretty sure that's a thing in most fighting games, or at least in SF and KoF.

you can do 623mp 236236mp but good luck inputting two quarter circles in that tiny cancel window. the input 6236236 covers an uppercut with the initial 623, and has two qcf in there as well, so it works

Juri extra battle costume when???

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theres overlap btwn the uppercut and the first qcf so you're most likely inputting it anyway

other than that, youre not inputting it fast enough for the attacks cancel window or since uppercut makes you airborne after a few frames, you probably aren't even on the ground to execute the fireball

ok, ok help me understand this

abigail is strong but has 1 weak spot that can be abused
guile is strong and has no weak spots

why everyone is complaining about abi while guile gets almost zero attention?

maybe I am wrong about their weaknesses?

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how do I do goku black's yaiba super

because abigail is retarded design, guile is just retarded balance. retarded balance is way easier to rectify

>why everyone is complaining about abi while guile gets almost zero attention?

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Sorry Im new to this and its just unintuitive. The game doesnt tell you at all and just lists the moves. Of course I would try them the way its listed in the movelist present in the game.

Its what I tried all the time and of course failed to do.

I watched a video where someone just wiggles 232323 and a it does dp. This is confusing as hell. If the required inputs are too fast to reliably pull of so the game has to introduce this incredibly lenient system where it doesnt really matter what you input why dont make them slower?

Maybe im just pissed that I wasted the entire yesterday evening trying this shit.

She wasn't even technically a guest in SC3, you could just buy custom character parts to make her.

>30th anniversary delayed
lel capcom cant even rerelease games for the millionth time

I mean twitter is full of shit like this after FR and I don't see anyone complaining about guile or akuma or rashid in the same way. even though there were 0 abis in top 8, and akuma, rashid and guile were
that is true

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I guess they just wanted to release roms as they were but then community asked for training modes and they were like: "oh, sure, they are just not in the beta". and then proceeded to hastily adding them in

>I don't see anyone complaining about guile or akuma or rashid in the same way
guile and akuma players are a large portion of the playerbase and are keeping their characters under the radar by complaining about abigail

based 3rd season of jive destroyed fgg

They are overpowered in different ways.
Abigail is a retarded robbery char, guiles overall tools are too strong.
even with his overtuned kit Guile wont just kill you after one or two bad reads.

Thats why people like abigail less. Even though abigail players wont win consistently, they will be able to scrub out wins here and there in FT2 tournaments. Final Round was the perfect example of that. Abigail didnt make it into top8, but he knocked out many really good players on the way, and many feel its undeserved.

Riot, Blizzard, and Twitch are teaming up to fight toxic gaming behavior. Should Capcom follow suit?

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everyone should be overtuned to Guile's level. He's fun and I like it

There's a couple of things like that, but the challenges are there to showcase that information to you, even if they could do a better job at it. If you have any other doubt regarding them don't hesitate to ask.

If you wanted to buff everybody up this would be the way to go.
He is essentially "honest", his tools are just stronger than what other characters have in the game currently.

Buffing everybody up in an Abigail or S2 Balrog kind of way would be terrible.

unga bunga vtrigger and certain CAs like Abigail's need to be nerfed

There's a lot of characters that can deal 900-950 damage off two mistakes, with Abigail it's just a matter of him having high health and people not knowing the matchup/stream monsters not recognizing hard reads and juggles, thinking it's just braindead mashing.

our boi max BTFOing vappa rn

based /fgg/-bro exposing pro scene as full scrubs

been gamin for like 10 hours bros

most triggers did get nerfd going into S3, and its a good thing. Urien, Ibuki and Balrog are alright now.
for some reason they thought that keeping abigails trigger the way it is while buffing other aspects would be a smart idea.

Be sure to drink water, bro

dont worry im stayin hydrated

wut game

this the water cooler was broken at work today and I forgot to take my sips so I was dizzy and seeing colors after I got home

>let Laura in once

guile's is only strong because

>his sobat kicks (hard to hit him low when he approaches/runs away)
>barely whiff punishable buttons aside from sweep, >flash kick AA is more consistent than a DP
>he's the exception to jive Anti-fireball memes

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tekken and fortnite

gross bro

I think his walkspeed is too good considering his tools.
His sobat and bazooka knee being better than what Nash has is an absolute joke too.

Light boom is the biggest issue by far.

but that's sion from melty blood???

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>starting ranked seriously and wanting to win
>get demoted from Diamond to Super Plat
>stop giving a fuck and trying to have fun
>consistent double digit winstreaks

I fucking hate video games

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I'm based


No, you're not.

I'm tired of women, they're so fucking annoying, at this point I think I'd rather be with a trap or something because at least they would understand me better.

>only find Guiles in ranked
These people don't like the character and just want easy points, right?

Guile is one of my favorite matchups, along with Abigail

holy fucking based

who do you play?