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Farming is cutest skill edition

>Latest news

-DMM community is pissed
-Ardy Knights getting nerfed
-Anti-dragon shields/dragonfire shields will require dragon slayer
-Raids II rewards
-Upvote system in logout menu
-Revenants buffed
-Raids II boss preview
-OSRS 5th birthday event
-Corp & Zuk pets given transmog

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>I'm new, what should I do

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xth for filling up mod wolfs diaper with cummies

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both my accounts got perm'd for botting. opps.

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The day of the rope will come soon for you he**ro scum.

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May God the glorious and highest bring down much misfortune apon the homosexuals who defile have creation daily, and may the wicked homosexuals seek to change their ways before it is too late.
All of the new mods need gassing holy shit what happened to this game

umi is the cutest

2011 was the peak of RuneScape.

>2011 was the peak of RuneScape.

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You are not smart

>I enjoy sitting at west varrock with my auto typer on for hours spamming to sell my guthan's warspear.

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Train farming.

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Doings and listening

glorious fredboat

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your discord sucks, bitch. youtube.com/watch?v=H816YFtMGTE

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What are you talking about?

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>What are you talking about?

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>He doesn't have wyverns blocked

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Iv'e won over 50m+ from osrs streamers, easiest money making method.

master clues

Should I make a maxed 60 attack pure or maxed gmualer? what's more fun?

Do people still play castle wars?

60 attack is good if your nhing aka the only good type of pking
50 atk is good for rushing and better at a lower level cause maul is busted

Haven't played RuneScape in over a decade now and was looking to get back into it, but I guess they reset your progress for OSRS. Is there a browser that works for the web-client or should I just play in the downloadable one?

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You can play in the browser, on Firefox it works. Don't think it works on chrome well. The dow.loadable client is your best bet. Have fun!


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Yeah, just tried to play through Firefox and it just says "Thanks for playing", guess I'll use the client.
I vaguely remember osbuddy being a botting client, is botting just allowable now in OSRS?

get fucked virgin

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>get 99 ranged
>get kicked

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>being so buttflustered

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Where in runescape is australia?

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Are Ardy Knights changed? Also if they aren't yet, does that mean we have at least another week?

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>tfw you obtain the ultimate revenge after getting muted for crashing the fishboy
This is a dumb change that continues the trend of redesigning the game to make a challenge mode easier at the expense of the overall ecosystem, but I can't get too mad about it since I had my fun

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based animeposter

Jesus H Christ this is cringy lmao

This is perhaps the gayest thing I've seen all month

literally /ourguys/ btfoing helmlets

>this music
>spamming your clan name

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all of those things are peak traditional rs
dumb nuscaper frogposter

>nigger music
>traditional RS
I think you are mistaken

>attack on left click
>bringing a warhammer for vetion when he has no defense
>falling for obvious skull trick
about as real as pamela andersons tits. also kys tranny animeposter

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go watch practically any pre-2007 pk vid and it'll either be linkin park/papa roach or nigger music of some description

happened live on his stream in front of hundreds of viewers
try again, frogman

90% of it was emo music like nightwish and the above two, 5% electronic and maybe 5% nigger music.

You underestimate how dumb the average helmie is.

every thread until you like it

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get ready for them to nerf the blowpipe and tridents next, slowing their attack speed by one tick each cause muh balance

is there any Veeky Forums community quite as cancerous as ours? genuinely curious

every community says this but there's way worse shit

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tiny gz pls

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rip clone wars

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tfw not invited to osg discord

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Oh no no no

just made a new account and im at 20/20/10 att/str/def, with 1 range and mage. is there an optimal route to hit 60 in all combat stats? I'm f2p right now, I'll get members once I have some decent stats

someone last thread asking about konduit being small. right click -> properties -> compatibility: set dpi scaling to be performed by system

I hit 92 farming and got diagnosed with testicular cancer the next day
Halfway to max tranny skill and half a man already, send help

Mod genocide best of my life

GZ on 92 farming user!

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is farming supposed to cost a lot of money to train? tree seeds are practically 100k each

i don't think so. i've seen some people say keep strength 4 levels higher than attack?

>bringing a warhammer for vetion when he has no defense

more than half the fight is spent killing the hellhounds which means bringing dragon warhammer instead of another item that boosts your dps is a complete waste but you would know this if you weren't such a fucking retarded tranny animeposter you stupid disappointment.

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Just started out a new account (literally haven't played since high school) and all I want is a skillcape. What would be a manageable/affordable/least tedious/potentially profitable/not wanting to kill myself-tier skill to invest my time in?

Its not like you have to do magic trees.
Go with papaya and calquat trees, and do herb runs for profit.
So get out there and do you farm runs and stay cute :3

Firemaking is pretty braindead now with Wintertodt and it's free to do.
You make a bit of profit but it's free to do. The xp/hr is one of the best in the game.

there are enough to share!!!!

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firemaking or cooking

I want to rip off those tassets and do lewd things with her(him)

good webm

Friendly reminder penn is still a paki

>people did fucking stupid things when they were 12 years old
>let's keep doing those things in earnest to stay badass

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one of the biggest appeals of osrs is the ability to relive the fun of childish retardation in a safe environment
if you get bent out of shape over people acting like kids in a literal game for kids, you should probably stop taking this trashheap so seriously and loosen up a bit
doing stupid shit can be a lot of fun, but if you're so insecure that you insist on acting like a big mature adult all the time it's unsurprising that you might miss that

>listening to a certain popular music genre is stupid
Cringe but unironically.

What's flinching?

I'm not really sure what I want to do in runescape right now. I've tried a few things that didn't really pan out.

1st I got 85 mining to try and mine runite
>competing with bots hopping on every world

Then I did Fremmenik hard tasks in order to cast tan leather
>the margins are all but gone

Then I did Morytania hard tasks to kill Fiyr shades
>Fiyr remains are the lowest they've been in 6 months and they don't sell

I'm ok with working towards something, but it feels like every time I get there the reward isn't as good as it used to be, or it was never that good in the 1st place.

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why the fuck would you waste that much time on obscure/unreliable money makers when you can just do pvm (slayer)
if you absolutely want to make money through skilling then catch chinchompas, it's reliable 700k gp/h at lvl 80 at red chins
at level 92 i make 1.2m gp/h at blacks (though you need a high combat level to not get fucked instantly there)

*spends 1700 hours killing 1 boss for a 1/5k drop*
fuck bondies

>join osg
>full of memespouting reddit newfags and unironic president dump supporters
new cc when?

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i'm a bondie and i did that shit. i got 99 range on my alt and and made 260m doing it. 1/5k isn't even that low considering how easy they are to kill, i got one every 3 days pretty much.

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Looks like ironbulls win again :)

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Hunter it is. Thanks user, here's hoping they've not crashed by the time I get to them

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I'm going to have 1000 steel bars smelted by the end of today. What's the most money I can make from them while also getting some experience? I was thinking making darts/arrowheads for some fletching experience then selling those?

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don't listen to that retard, do runecrafting. it's way more money than hunter. you will make more at 59 rc doing double cosmics than you will from getting 73 for black chinchompas which you will fail a shitload until the 80's anyway

best xp/gp is just making more bars

I seriously hope you're doing blast furnace too

How can I force Nieve to give me a black dragon task?

This is mostly for some starting money and I want to get a bit of experience on the way so I've mined up the coal and iron myself for the mining levels. More bars means more mining and I'd like to do something else for awhile. I'm not 60 smithing yet but I figure the 1000 coal I'd save is worth more than however much gold I'd spend while smelting there, so ya. I don't need ice gloves right? Just a bucket of water?

Literally me. Stuck in a horrible catch 22.
>every guide sucks or expects to perform at bot precision.
>range fucking sucks to level pre 75 with out a cannon or chinchompas
>slayer also sucks to level with put a cannon
>need to get decent slayer level to make any real money.
>every other skill has obnoxious starting cash requirements or requires 85+ to make it worth while.
>every high level monster guide is basically "use the succpipe" which brings me back to square one.

You can train slayer with melee you know. Poorfags got 99 slayer long before the blowpipe existed.

Jagex should nerf the leaf-bladed battleaxe

It sucks that the answer is always slayer.


please reply to this post if you started before 2015 and still play regularly. include the year/season if you like :)

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join roggy cc

don't advertise it you fucking moron

join qcc

because it's so shit?