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Last thread!~

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Oh, well.
Good thread

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>Went from about £450 to £170
D-did I go too far?

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Kill me

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You did get her, right?

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>These are from datamining the files, no images, using methods that we think is what the japanese dataminers were using.

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Just hurry up and make a banner of 4 Cordelias, at the intersection of esports and waifufaggotry.

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>tfw +HP/-Spd


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So what's the verdict for the new units?

You actually managed to get Catria!
Nice one user!

Yep, just trying to figure out whether or not to give her watersweep and debating fury vs LaD for her A

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I got 5 of her. The only one with +spd had -atk.

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I don't know, I got a Hardin

I got Lachesis and Mist instead

Fuck this planet

I dropped 200+ orbs and the best fodder I got was one Sothe


Imagine spending money on this game.

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Here user, a glimpse into your future.

Certainly is.

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>Retards will still believe that
I'm ready to go OH NONONO next monday

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>If Legendary Hero FRobin that means the next Legendary Hero is probably from the Thracia Banner
>April will probably announce a Wind Legendary
>Yfw Legendary Hero Sety

But wait there's more

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Nobody wants four downs patients on a banner

Got her from my free summon, probably the game's way of apologizing after failing to get Chrom

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>want to roll on spring banner
>have to wait until the legendary banner until I do so
Next week when!?

>200 orbs
>+def -res Kagero
>+res -atk Catria

I know they could be worse, but IVs fucking hurt man. I wish editing wasn't just a meme and/or too spooky to try after having gotten an account this deep anyway.

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LnD or DB for Alm?
I feel like that +5 spd can help him with either Windsweep or landing some quads if not using Windsweep
-hp +res btw

Imagine sex with this game

how would you save this +def - res bunny? :(

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My Reinhardt has Chill Res 3

Does yours?

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No more... please... I'm lready dying from this and then Leif.

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I'm on Apple support now and the Apple person I'm chatting with just told me that many people were asking for refunds for the same game since the past hour.

I now have to prove more shit just to get a refund and my persuasion/charisma isn't high enough.

>Alfonse was telling me there are Heroes who can turn into bunnies!
Stop holding the beasts hostage, ISIS.

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This isn't my titty ninja...

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Forget those chongs. I've been using secret hacking methods learnt from Ugandan FEH enthusiasts and found out that the next legendary hero is colorless dragon Dheginsea, but he's a genderbent tsudere loli with twintails.

She's gonna get into the next FE, right?

Masked girls get my dick so fucking hard

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They are quite good but no must haves. I'd skip green except you really, really like either Al or Shrena.

Alright feg place your bets on legendary Robin!
>colorless dragon (grima)
>Levin sword (dagger with built in close counter)
Money is on levin sword because each legendary hero has been inherently relatively heroic and not a villain

I would wait for death and be reincarnated as someone with a better luck stat.

I sure did only 40 orbs

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Got a +spd -res one
Is she salvageable, bros?

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Adios Kid...epik

My bet is on "not falling for redditors being retarded (as usual)"

what like that's crippling or something? keep spd/res bond and put her on a flier team where she can get fortify buffs

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That's +atk right? Lucky you. I'm thinking going wew lad and desperation since her defenses are shit anyways but mine is +res and fury will boost her res to 30 so idk

But then who would be the colourless dragon?

Legendary Hero Robin


>next Wind Legendary being anyone other than Lyn

Good bunny?

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Catria is the best
Alfonse is tied second best with Kagero
Sharena is last but she's still good

All in on
>fake and gay



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Who the fuck is this bitch? Only got her and another Azura.

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Can someone explain to me why my tiny little phone has a larger resolution than my HD TV?
That seems absolutely ridiculous to me. For what purpose?



Dumb slut is -spd, so I'll probably end up giving it to him

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Holy shit!
Congrats for real now user!
Double Prizes!

if you ask for refund is your account going to get banned? if not seems like worth a try

180 orbs are gone
no kagero
bad news. god is dead

Yes. +def -res so nothing special for ivs but it could have been worse.

>Catricuck is seething this much

Can someone post the level 40 stats

Has Raul rolled his wife yet?

No, I've refunded three times already and I've never been banned.

Including two times with one $100 iTunes card.

Yeah, +atk/-def which kind of sucks because it's a superbane but it's not like she has much defense to begin with and I'm not complaining because I got her in like 65 orbs with good IVs to boot

Literally the worst possible combination.

>Luckshitted a +spd/-def Catria
On the other hand I know I'll never be able to pull my boy Alfonse now.

>Around 150 orbs
>Got all 4 including a few other 5* along the way
Luckiest banner yet.

Nobody cares

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Emma in Heroes when?

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hm now to ask around if this shit work for android

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Was in the TT. Missed the whole datamine.

How are these seasonals rated? Who is good and who is bad? Go for them or skip them?

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>Rolling on first day instead of waiting for news of the next banners
THIRTYONE days bros

He had 50 orbs and got nothing

He said he will waste all of April's orbs and if he doesn't get her he claims he will whale


>putting it on Reinhardt even though any of his team mates can carry it as well
>not mentally disabled
Pick one.

Only the finest whores in the land for the king of Ylisse.

Forgot my image.

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>the guy who draws snack got Sakura'd
Colorless is hell

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Got Catria fodder. Thinking of inheriting Chill Res onto this +Atk / -Res Lilina. How's this build sound?

>Green Gift (+Spd) / Gronnblade
>Blazing Flame / Glimmer
>Death Blow, Fury, or Life and Death (which one is best?)
>Chill Res
>Atk Tactic / Hone Cavalry
>Initiate Seal Atk

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You can't with Android, the game will outright ban you.

That's not a picture of Sumia though

>putting it on any of his team mates even though Reinhardt can carry it as well
>not mentally disabled
Pick one.
you are terribly unconvincing, try again once you understand basic shit like opportunity cost. reinhardt is infamous for not using his B slot, and being free to waste it on shit like lancebreaker since he's never going to be activating desperation anyway. fucking retard, learn to play.

Her name is Clair. She battles alongside her dear brother in the Deliverance forces that fight for Zofia.

Second best blue cav mage
worse nino
Best axe cav
I don't know if she is better than Sothe but she has tits so who cares just roll for her

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Kageroubros, how do you plan on building her. I could think about keeping that A skill but mine is +Spd -Res which is a super bane... Probably Windsweep for Arena and Poison Savage for PvE?

be nice to her, she's better than plebians like you.

Its her super bane though. I guess you have a point.

70 orbs on colourless and nothing. Not even a Klien or Setsuna or Sothe. I hate gacha so fucking much.

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>giving Chill Res to an inferior unit
At least give Chill Res to a good unit like Reinhardt if you're going to sacrifice her.


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you guys are fucking obsessed with this faggot, what is wrong with you? He did the work to get you miserable cunts your lewd jpegs early for FREE and he deserves recognition for that

How do I fix a +def/-hp Kageropyon? Or is it terminal?