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Japanese Launch Edition

>What is King's Raid?
KR is a hero focused PvE/PvP battler mobage with all heroes easily obtainable and not locked behind a gacha.

>Data about heroes, relevant weapons and game mechanics:

>Latest News & Events:
March 22nd Patch: plug.game/kingsraid/1030449#/posts/9857
Transcendence Day and Juno's Meals: plug.game/kingsraid/1030449#/posts/9855
Hero Training Camp: plug.game/kingsraid/1030449#/posts/9856

>Helpful Links
Valuation Spreedsheet & Fragment Farming: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q4IljvuENRTJIgm38bLOncwr5d5wTSZ_W08hXtEvzgI/edit#gid=1400033148
EXP Calculator: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nemYGJm_itk96ycXiF0EwzJIwOrPbj2cC3Ymvjy0ljM/edit#gid=79146673
Tier List (updated 3/13, do not take as gospel): docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13h5L3nGpHzUqfmY3AWxRMDKFNCgfUro8L_VX0Jz486o/htmlview?sle=true#

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That's a nice 5* UW you have there, be a shame if you didn't have the corresponding 5*, perfect option, UT to go with it. A damn shame.

Honestly UT having a random option is bullshit.

1.5 more hours

I don't get the multiplay shit, is it possible to keep playing forever or does at least one guy (the leader) need stamina? Also how the fuck am I gonna transcend someone from 3* to T5 in time to get all the rewards? I'm poor as shit and the bonuses only gives 3 essences.

>objective Viska buffs and a decent UT to go with the S3 spam build
good patch

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Kek the gooks must be mad as fuck Ricardo's bug got fixed.

>find someone to let you run party for the treasury for gold
>find someone to let you run party for the UDs
everything is now obtainable through the magic of friendship user.

We finally got a general
Op you're so awesome !!

Anyone on NA here ?

>With UT, Bau's S3 now gives mana regen too
Bau meta incoming again.

Is it enough cc that we can drop maria now ?

>Bau UT feeds into Nyx's UT allowing him to do an even stronger S3 ultra fast

She'd need a ton of mana but with S3 Light her 3 second stun would never be on cooldown after the initial soul gain.

With UT, Maria's S3 can also buff P AND M damage now. And Jane can now do 100% magic amp.

Viskafag on suicide watch.

yeah but did either of those just get a 150% crit damage buff?

Actual best part of the patch coming through.

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>based Japan about to save kings raid's from it's lack of porn.

Mask of Goblin is already updated with treasures and their images, look pretty alright.

Posting Frey emotes is my calling and will become my greatest contribution to global chat ...

>Gladi is too strong and gets nerfed to hell
>Roi is too strong and gets the strongest DPS UT
It's not fair.

patch actually looks good. vespa are good guys after all

Don't worry he's still more annoying to auto than Mitra, so they will buff him again.

I auto my Roi all the time and he's still a god. It's not like his S1/S2 use up a lot of mana or have particularly quick cooldowns.

>constant Cleo emotes taking up the top right corner of my screen

>x150 deluxe potions for T1
Is this the best reward to aim for as a noob?
i.e. minimum effort max reward ratio

All the rewards are good, it's a good event. Best % discount is at 5* so I'd be sure my full team were 5* if I were a noob then move to T1.

Where to get new apk for Nox guys?

Anyone gonna start on Japan server?

Someone carry me ud ch7.

After you link me the new apk.

>208 days login
>Got 3 costumes, 1 random UW among other things
Thanks bespa

>party play rewards
Holy shit. 7-4 hell is heaven.

>Spent a few tickets just because
>Got Naila and Scarlet unique treasure
Unique treasure pick ticket when? Grinding them only give frags for random treasure ticket.

>using hot time and party play will be near impossible without dedicated friends
This is bad.

I’ll grind with you anytime you want, bby

I've yet to even play with a single /krg/ fag despite having 2-4 of them on my friend's list. People don't even respond.

>Used a few more
>Requina and dupe Scarlet unique treasure
Fuck gacha.

>all reforges reset

>not being in the guild

>Treasures can be forged but not enhanced, so you need forge to get better stats
What's Vespa master plan?

>didn't get a single treasure in any of my tickets
>got enough uws to 3* requinas uw and 2* ophelia and miriannes uws
Bad decisions pay off once again
How good are the mirianne buffs anyway?

>4m dragon coins on common treasures and they’re all shit

We need recolor that souls to white

>before reset
>1 legendary enchant box and 1 dragon kinship box left
>after maintenance
>3 baby dragon kinship box available 2 dragon's kinship box available and -4/1 legendary enchant scroll box sold out

What in the hell?

Code of Annihilation
[Process of Elimination] DMG is increased by 20% and upon ATK, gains 2 stack of Charge.
This stack can be gained while in Overcharge state.

Holy shit. Is "upon ATK" means whenever she auto attack or when her S3 attack? If it's the former then she'll be more OP than she already is right now.

its only on S3


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we need her to do her S3 after she collects the 5th soul for a perfect loop

>built Gladi on 2 accounts, Roi on the 3rd
>the Roi account gets Gladi's treasure
Knew it'd happen, got another of Roi's UW from 5x10 pulls though so I'm happy. Got 4 of the Assassin UW, class UWs in general seem worse than BD gear with decent substats.


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Is Gladi still worth t5ing? I could get him to 1* uw now but I'm still hesitating.

>they're worth 25 UW shards a pop

Yeah he's still really good unless you already have a T5 1-2*+ Roi.

I want to praise Luna-chan!

She's going to be useless in arena one shot meme teams with Maria now thanks to how much HP everyone will have isn't she

>Yanne's UT increases the uptime of her S3 which already has 100% uptime
for what purpose

Convince me not to build Gladi for the 3rd time now that I have his treasure on that account.

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Mana cost of course

>complete quest reset when I was 2 days from getting the 4 T5 heroes one done
shit must have overlooked that

>T5 1-2*+ Roi
Fuck, already have a T5 3* Roi. Can he replace Pris as an amp/subdps?

>UT can reach 900k HP at 0*
Sonia is happy

I'd say so, I take him over Pris in my high BD teams and would definitely be the choice in WB2. His amp is larger and has a much better uptime and his DPS is massive compared to Pris. You'd just be missing out on Pris's S2 buff for Roi and maybe slightly more CC.

>this annoyance of regearing everyone with a treasure
God I can't imagine how big of a shitshow chapter 8 is gonna be

>tfw Knight UW is better than Clause UW
Isn't fair

1v1 level 1 arena when

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>2 days before random UW login
all is well

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How much does one have to spend to be a whale? I've spent 275$ so far.

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Did nips save kr yet

That's still dolphin range, whale is like 4 digits a month.

Are we kill?

As a person with a toaster do I benefit from turning on balanced mode even when running KR on Nox?

Is there a reason the apk file I grab from androidappsgame.net/king-s-raid tends to always fail and crash me when I turn the game on high definition and restart to download the high res files despite it not being a problem when later sites like apkpure puts their shit up? Like I've been playing with high definition textures all this while and while it isn't silky smooth I only crash during dragon raids but I've noticed every time a patch hits I have no idea how to get KR fast like you guys, and have to resort to these sites.

Does this mean selene will be best now since she has better damage consistently?

>mfw the titties on the 3d models of the new heroes

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I don't recall angel girl being that big or lewd.

2 weeks unless they're nice and give it to us next week against their usual release schedule.

I got scarlet's ut too even if I don't have her or have any plans of getting her. Why the fuck is the craftable ut ticket even random?

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I imagine they'll cave to pressure and change that eventually.

Never mind that's bigger than Naila. Shame she's an angel type, those damn wings always get in the way during combat.

I swear if their kits turn out to be ezekiel or mirianne at release lvls

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Fuck, my dick is only for making gentle and passionate love to Tanya, Vespa.

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>another full set of T6 gear selector tickets from quests
very nice

>win any battle
>summon item
this shit needed to be removed too.

summon item is fine, the arena visits annoy me the most

Arch probably does her ass everyday.

do angels even have genitals


More like the limited stuff needs to be removed. Stuff like ancient vaults is regularly done during hot time, so if you do other shit in between you are basically wasting your hot time especially stuff like summoning, amity, arena, etc.

I thought this revamp was to remove the limited stuff?

I hope this shortstack is good, her portrait art is the cutest.

Just leave stockades/treasury it still counts.

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I want to cum inside Sia!

It gives you a ton of reset items, if you want to go full steam ahead I don't think you'll be blocked at any point.

Yeah I want to, I didn't even complete it last time.

This game needs more knife ears.

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I want more dark elves like El rosed.

Fuck it, I'll just run two tanks then. The dude you start the game with will just have to be sidelined and WB-only.

I just want a all elf team. All female of course.

>tfw annette's nip voice doesn't have the POPUPAPEPIPI

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>"use an exp booster"
>like 7 quests later "use another one lol"

You can go with mirianne, dimael, lorraine, and selene if you want a full elf team right now.

They have both