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I give up

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holy shit i figured it out lmao
i had to move place_snapped code under the x,y update
fucking a
should i continue to dev or sleep?

[email protected]
talk to me about our future
and youtubes

I don't know what I'm doing but I made it

I should have attached a picture

also laibach played in north korea

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I don't know what the fuck that is or what you want

Sleep tight, dev.

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We rise
We grow
We walk and we stand tall
We never fall

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Tag! Your turn to dev, nerd.

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Do you guys ever think about just making a silly nonsensical game?

that's all i ever make

my game is very silly but with a unique mechanic and it’s very deep and complex, like a quirky dark sous of indie darling games if you will

i never think about making a game, because commiting to making a game needs a good idea that would motivate me. all i do is experiment on specific things.

like pugdev? Nah, i am not commiting dev suicide

I wish I had the option of being political

ha ha just kidding

Why is rigging so damn hard?

I am hard, Are you hard?

i was banned recently for much less shitposting

It can't be that hard, the russians do it all the time.



A game where you defy your masters

>can't even model a human
>has game ideas


collab when

Because if you mess up you have to start all over, which is why it's important to save incrementally

is there such a thing as idea art
I have the idea of the art I want
I just can't do it

I really want to create a game which is based around the commedia dell'arte. I've got a storyline all sorted out, but unfortunately I don't have programming skills worth a damn Maybe I'll just turn it into a book.

your game will never be as beautiful as nature

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wanna make another story?

We stand alone
But soon the day will come
When freedom rings
We'll meet again
Now eternally
And walk
Once more as one!

This is the only song playing in my head while i dev and see the submission timer counting down to small world jam
what if i can't submit come submission time?
will i get shit on?

Outdated shit that isn't worked on anymore and is in an extremely buggy state for 2.79.

Autorig is the best rigging tool now.

>download 65gb of sound effects
>they're all shit
Time to go bang pans together myself.

Nature created humans, humans created games, games are apart of nature

Oh yes. Seriously, if I wrote one game in my life, I'd be a happy man.

Have you tried combining them?

Every fucking time

Make open-world Germany simulator.

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nature instantiated human, human inherited games, thus games is an object of nature

make sure you can work a super fucking mundane job
those germans love that shit
look at all the simulator games like
train simulator
farming simulator
busdriver simulator
bigrig simulator

i need my comfy germany simultor :(

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just imagine being able to walk and drive around this town and being able to great your fellow people. i bet you wouldn't feel the need to drive them over like in gta.

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too busy trying to make wc3
sozz family

i am making engineering simulator. i bet those guys will love it

post it fgtt

i heard there was a new discord? can i get an invite?

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are you better than yanderray dev, user?

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what's osana?

some gameplay related character he promised a year ago but still hasn't implemented

>follow tutorials
>lots of errors

>can't follow a tutorial without missing a step or not understanding what it actually tells you to do
oh no no no no

Reflections are in too. Reflections are basically non-black shadows with additive blending, I think that's how God designed them too back then.

you know what helps?

the image

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>not duplicating all models with an inverted y scale

i love how obsessively triggered agdg is over yandere dev despite him making more progress than half the people here, and yet nodevsv will shit on him because he's not 24/7 streaming the development of the game and wants some free time once in a while.

truly, get popular -> get hated on agdg, never change

b- but that's what I did

>nodevsv will shit on him because he's not 24/7 streaming the development of the game and wants some free time once in a while.
yes. thats the reason why we shit on him

I sincerely hope that's not what you do for shadows as well

t. evaxephon
have you learnt to take programming advice yet or do you still see it as a personal attack insulting your knowledge

How are shadows and reflections different?

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Well I've partly implemented my new projectile pooling (gotta finish rewriting how shooting works as well as AI tasks related to that), and I'm finally starting to get un-stuck on my grunt.
Plus I've got a bunch of concepts that are in the actual concept stage and not "here's a vague idea" like I always have.
I earn one tenth of his wage though, so I guess I'm not economically better than him.

That sounded like bullshit when I read it but it makes an awful lot of sense after looking at the image and thinking a little more.
Shouldn't it be stretched due to perspective though ?

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No, i literally am just some dude who finds watching his devlogs on yt somewhat interesting and he seems to genuinely work on the game.

What does he get from being DayZ-esque fraud and not working at all on the game? Other than losing a shitton of time?

shadows are the result of light not hitting certain areas due to objects blocking it. They fall in a skewed direction based on the direction of the light.
Reflections are a direct inverse of what can be seen. They are proportioned the same as the real life object that is being reflected and reflect against the normal of the surface.

>What does he get from being DayZ-esque fraud and not working at all on the game? Other than losing a shitton of time?
4.5K per month on patreon regardless of if he actually makes any progress or not
Did you notice that he hasn't mentioned tinybuild in close to a year? Have you ever stopped to question why?

"I spent 8 hours reading emails" is not working on a game

read manga the last 24h and did almost nothing. only added a health globe, moving that checks if theres a tile below, and enemies that dont do anything.

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Why bring this yandere shit to agdg at all.
Go make edrama general or something.

>Shouldn't it be stretched due to perspective though ?
I'm just reimplementing the effect from Mugen right now, this is what it's supposed to look. I think it would look better if it was stretched like shadows, but the original didn't do it. Didn't even provide a parameter, which is weird.

You seem to be under the impression that my game is 3D, I agree that for 3D copying the model for shadows doesn't really work.

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Was the manga good, at least?

Because ts motivating

You're just cherrypicking something that annoyed him and he complained about it like, what, a year ago?

And what would he mention about tinybuild ? He hired a team which is working to fix his shit code (which he said too) and that's all. What do you want him to show, Github commits?

He always shown end results, things you can see in the game. If hes rehauling the whole code structure and all there is nothing to show, something i know as an enginedev.

yes. best part was having an entire chapter about how one of the girls masturbated the entire night.

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What has it motivated you to do on your own game

>He hired a team which is working to fix his shit code (which he said too) and that's all

>For a long time, I was extremely reluctant to consider the possibility of bringing another programmer onboard the project. I didn't want to risk losing weeks or months of my time teaching someone how the systems work, how to modify various aspects of the game, where important files are located, etc. I didn't want to risk "merge conflicts" that occur when two programmers modify the same script and then have to resolve conflicting code. I didn't want to risk the programmer modifying my code in ways that make it alien and foreign to me, impeding my ability to make progress on the game. I didn't want to risk losing time waiting for a programmer to fix a bug he had caused. I didn't want to risk being forced into a situation where I'm reliant on the assistance of someone whose personality is difficult to tolerate. I didn't want to risk all of the other annoying headaches that come from working alongside a programmer instead of just working solo.

>In 2017, I actually did work alongside another programmer for about 5 months. And, tragically, all of the fears described above became a reality. The programmer made a small number of meaningful improvements to the game, but overall, the majority of the work he did was to go over my code and re-write it without actually improving the game's performance. For example, changing (foo == false) to (!foo). Busywork that had no actual impact on the game.

He ditched his tinybuild """team""" (aka one allocated programmer) because he was offended by someone else touching his code. He is the only one working on his game. You didn't actually think there was a game studio somewhere making the game for him, and progress was still this slow, did you?
People have been able to remake yanderedev's engine from scratch in a day. It's not some big elaborate system.

Citation needed.

Looks brighter/saturated than the original version though. But I'm not sure if it's the additive blend or if it's just because the floor is brighter too.

Every time I struggle and become depressed because of the amount of work I that still has to be done, I just remember, at least im not yandev, then im filled with hope again and can continue working.

Yeah, my blending is off.

you also spend days reading manga about girls masturbating?

What was the latest thing you were depressed about that you needed to remember yandev for

it was good until it became a fucking harem
glasses girl with urination fetish is best girl though

>implying you can't just multiply your reflection algorithm output by -1 and get shadows

>meet someone in vrchat who says they browse /agdg/
>ask them what their game is
>they don't have one
ok be honest hands up if you're a nodev and you don't have a game
how many nodevs are in these threads?

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It's from one of his progress videos


>meet someone in vrchat who says they browse /agdg/
did you do gay stuff though

Who doesn't nowadays

How would one achieve a masking effect like this in gamemaker? i'd rather not write a shader.

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last week, was deving at 2am and I had to get up at 5 to go to work, but I still needed to fix one enemies AI that was just temporary added a long time ago and never worked properly before the deadline that morning. Knowing im not him gave me the willpower to work through the night and I made it.

you mean cut a part of an image in the shape of a circle?

I'm trying to make a noise shader in GameMaker.

How do I make a float choose a different value each step? Hell, how do I do anything?

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But there's not one girl you can get rid of, they are all good (both sisters, kohai and piss)

kill sensei, the rest is good

no. well sort of. an opacity mask.
layer 1 is an invisible gradient.
layer 2 subtracts the alpha value from layer 1 and reverses it to block out the image.

well he already broke up with sensei, she hasn't done anything in a while.

open blender
bake noise to jpg
scramble noise around on each step

there you go, brainlet solution

Nodev here. Twice a year I start a new game, post progress for a couple of weeks then fall into a spiral of procrastination until I forget what the fuck my code even was. I've been at it at least since 2013
I'll start a new game soon, maybe it will be different this time.