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What happened to the last thread??


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Me hate catgirl

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>still salty your lady ignores you

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>thread so dead it just died to death
holy the fuck

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The threads go through really inactive periods and really active periods, if people don't keep them bumped during the inactive periods then they die very quickly.

I tried, but it's kinda hard to bump threads and sleep at the same time.

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Damn that makes me feel like making an autobumper.
Too much work though.

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Anyone have any clue when we'll get info about the rare blade pack?

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>tfw bought expansion pass but staying on 4.1.0 so I can get CFW

Just making sure he's got her tail.

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haha what a funny picture I can understand because everyone here speaks moonrunes.

More moon for you

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Could you translate?

Not that user but I could make an educated guess on this one >big boobs
>modest boobs
>"let's be friends" "get fooked moight"

have fun waiting 2 years minimum.

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>tfw no Jin blade
Need a cool ice ATK blade.

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Is Ursulas quest even worth it?

If you don't have any other important Merc Missions, yeah. It's good for leveling up Blades.

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What do I do with Poppi Alpha of I want Tora to be an attacker?

You wait until you get QT and QTpi.

I already have. I have both equipped with a lot of crit stuff. Problem is, Poppi Alpha is pretty much useless. I also want Rex as tank but he still has Pyra and the AI will probably be too dumb to not use her. Concidering to start NG+ because of that, but I'm only Level 70..

Make her an attacker too?

It doesn't work. Poppi Alpha can only be a tank.

There's not enough Pneuma art. Give me some ideas or inspiration. Nothing lewd, though.

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Huh, didn't know that. Bit strange.

Pneuma smug pepe

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Evil Torna Pneuma.

Pneuma bending towards the camera

Fuck all the sidequests make me feel like I should grind 30 levels before even trying.
Fuck me.

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Does Malos have an aegis sword as well?


No. He has a Monado

What's the best way to play XB1?
I didn't play it before XB2, but apparently it takes place at the exact same time as XB2, but in a different universe, and ties in at the end when the Architect fades.

Fine by me. This place has started to go to Nia-land of recent late (even more than before)., so good riddance.

What's your problem with Nia?

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Extremely autistic part of her fanbase that refuses to shut up.

>Why are people vocal about things they like?

Morag just binds hers!

When will we get Jin as a playable blade?

>Blade Jin is added
>Has unique field skill that's essentially all elemental masteries combined

Dolphin (read the wiki for a couple of minor config settings, and set it up so that it thinks you're using a classic controller) is probably the best way if you don't care about portability. That's sad, because there's a rerelease on a current handheld, but playing in HD is better

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Is there a way ro get the orginal weapon unique blades have when you first awaken them? Or are you stuck with the ugly core chip ones?

Tachyon chips

So I just got to the part where I needed to pick Pyra or Mythra. I picked the later.
Now whenever either Pyra or Mythra transforms the name plate on the UI is always Mythra. Does this mean, in terms of gameplay, I actually ended up chosing Mythra's affinity chart for her new form? I noticed that I can still spam double spinning edge, meaning that she does use Mythra affinity chart. I can't confirm whether she use Pyra's as well since most of her affinity chart relates with damage output.
Anyone picked Pyra here? Did you notice that while using her next form that you can't spam arts like you're using Mythra?

Pneuma acts like Pyra when you pick pyra, didn’t know how it worked the other way around.

Pneuma doesn't use the affinity charts of either. She has her own set of skills

So, where do we go from here if Monolith ever do a Xenoblade 3? Not talking about XCX, since a sequel is pretty much obligatory.

XB are now defined by their use of Titans, so those we can expect. But since Shulk's and Rex's world are now healed, what's left to tell? Surely they can't use Klaus' experiments as a the big twist for a third time, that would be stretching it. I know Takahashi reintroduced the Zohar, so he now has the perfect plot device to do whatever he wants, but still. And it's not present in Alrest anymore, and I doubt it's in Shulk's world.

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Maybe a prequel set in the world that came before.




That doesn't help
I'm going to guess it means chafe for work

no and no. just be done with it.

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>no and no. just be done with it.
But why?

Help me get KOS-MOS please!
I've used 400 cores on Zeke with luck 600 and dominant Justice and she just won't pop up.

What am I doing wrong?

You aren't doing anything wrong, you're just unlucky.

because let good things finish
then let the same creative team make something NEW

You gotta boost that luck up
I rolled most of my rares on Morag by boosting her luck to 850+

Alright guys, thank you.
Is there any way to boost Zeke's luck outside of accessories and blade Luck mods?

there are core chips that boost luck by 50, forget the name though. You gotta put those on blades with luck mods.

I sexually Identify as a Gormotti Driver. Ever since I was instantiated I dreamed of being fucking average and pretending that my memories belong to me and not the girl who had her brain transplanted into my skull. People say to me that a Blade being a Human is Impossible and I’m a fucking cannibal but I don’t care, I’m hideous. I’m having a plastic surgeon install really dumb looking shinguards, a yellow jumpsuit, and backward earlobes on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Nia” and respect my right to pull all the aggro and heal only when you have like 90 percent health. If you can’t accept me you’re a HLRphobe and need to check your ATK/TNK privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

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Cannibals not welcome

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>ywn never be eaten by a qt blade girl

How long does it take to finish Xenogears story?

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What's wrong with Dromarch's face?

A face of disgust

looks smug to me
what's wrong with nia's face?

>what's wrong with nia's face?
she ate a bee

The activity in these threads pleases me

I really had issues with the whole eating flesh thing.

I mean, what the fuck. Also Lora didn't look wounded in her cristal. Or was her heart eaten and Jin carefully covered the hole with her clothes?

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I really had issues with the whole eating flesh thing.

I mean, what the fuck. Also Lora didn't look wounded in her crystal. Or was her heart eaten and Jin carefully covered the hole with her clothes?

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Probably for the same reason Aerith didn't have a hole in her in FF7. I really wish the game did tell us exactly how flesh eaters are made

I think the scar on Jin's chest is supposed to be where he implanted her heart though.

Remember your spoiler tags user please


Is it ever established if flesh eating is meant literally? The term blade eater is used for Zeke and Mikhail but they didn't literally eat their blades, so I imagine the opposite might also be true.

>Aerith dying is still considered a spoiler.


The real [problem is that it's established that there's both a right (Jin,Nia) and wrong (Cole) to do it but we're never told what the difference is.

Not that, the other thing about Jin. Why the hell would I be telling you to spoiler a PS1 era game?

XB2's story is so overloaded with unexplored potential that I'd much rather see a XBC2-2 than XBC3. I don't expect the DLC to resolve this either after how NG+ completely wasted the Torna blades

I can't say I disagree. What's there is serviceable but there were so many aspects that were screaming to be fleshed out.

While waiting for my Switch to arrive, I'm playing Xenoblade X again. How do I git gud?

I have a level 50 Mastema and I still can't figure out how to approach the super bosses or higher level enemies, and I really wanna beat up that giant octopus looking battleship over Cauldros.

This game is just so huge - I have literally zero idea where to start.

the giant battleships have very specific things you have to dodge. I wanna say it's a "doomed" status with a countdown.
The superbosses are all super OP and have major shit you have to grind crystals to become immune to or they kill you
otherwise it should all be pretty doable
oh, there's one thing, uh... a particular kind of missile arm attachment that is glitched so if you grind for one that fires a ton, and equip a second one, it will also fire a ton. that way you can build up your overdrive meter in seconds. vital, really.

I'll be in the lookout. It's gonna be a lot of attachment grinding and loot prayer, then?

XB2's story is meant to be a journey into "rightness" as Plato explored. It's concerned with making a world that's new and has problems that are believable for its setting, and which can work into a typical quest-for-order, rather making than a completely fleshed out Sci-fi world like, say, Dune.

Although its sidequests are underrated and glossed over. You get a lot of info and lore from them.

Can we all agree that basically all of the Xeno games are good games?

Yes, I think so. XB2 let me down personally in a lot of ways but it's still a very well made, gorgeous game. XBX let me down from a couple ways too but it's my favorite behind Xenogears.

I think the series is one of the strongest in gaming, to be honest. Certainly aged better than Final Fashion Show.

While Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my first Xeno game I can see why some long time fans might not have enjoyed it as much. However in between the flaws it's still a bloody good game and I have it to thank for getting me into Xeno to begin with.

I'm planning on going back and playing XBX and XB1 at some point (XBX will require emulation since I don't have a Wii U) and then eventually playing Xenogears and Xenosaga as well. Monolith soft sure as hell know how to make a good JRPG

unfortunately when it comes to the BIG stuff, yeah
but there's no reward for doing that except knowing you did it, so I didn't worry as much.