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Every single Kingdom Hearts game, besides the phone game, is now available on PS4! Catching up has never been this easy.
KINGDOM HEARTS I.5+II.5 ReMIX -- Released March 28, 2017
KINDGOM HEARTS II.8 Final Chapter Prologue -- Released January 12, 2017
KH 1.5 and KH 2.5 also available separately on PS3

Coming 2018

Monster's Inc Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=W5CTlRKa1SE
"Don't Think Twice" Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=Zc2vEr-618g
"Oath" Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=LuSh4-cbAOc

March 1, 2018
Ishimoto and Sekito working on KHIII OST:
February 14, 2018
All updates from D23 Expo:

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>master tells me that war cannot be avoided
>try to prevent it anyway

we live again

oh we are trying this again?


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>hades cup
>6000 jewels
>all these jewels jp's giving out
Somethings coming. Something...

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Illustrated Best Girl 2: Meta Boogaloo

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Hades Cup always gives lots of Jewels. Pretty much the best thing they can give in an event is Jewels, so all the hardest events have high Jewel payouts.

In addition, it's the Union χ[Cross] anniversary month.

what is a good slot 6 medal

A copy forward medal

avoid medals that are "best on third/fith/whatever slot"

However hades cup will be super hard

i've been trying to get illustrated kairi EX from the once a day banner. i keep getting fucking 0.2. my main problem is getting more fully guilted medals. i need good ones. and i'm closing in on the store at 525 soon so i wont be able to get any more jewels frequently. what the fuck should i do.

Well yeah, it's always super hard.

stop spending jewels, try to get 15k jewels at least before 15th april

why whats gonna happen

global anniversary
we might get guranted kairi ex banner

is there gonna be an update to increase level cap to 500 and etc


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inb4 the Jewels you get every 50 levels are reduced or removed entirely

>best girl

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>finish kh2fm for the first time last week
>kh2 sora and riku ex comes back right before anniversary
I know it has no place in any of my setups now, but dat art and music!

At least tell me that by this time next year the currently outdated EXs will either become standard premiums or will have "guaranteed in 3 pulls" or lower

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You forgot the most likely option of the boards containing five mirrors and some cids
They'll disappear from the meta completely, never to be seen again in any banners

>hades avatar lets you have super saiyan hair
But what clothes would best match goku/gohan's gi?
Peter Pan?

What if they give us a buttload of jewels to play with as an anniversary gift and this "save for anniversary" meme was for nothing?
They did it like 3 times last year

The most they've ever given us is three pull's worth, ie not enough to mercy even a regular premium

whats the best tablet to play KHux on? i dont like the small screen on my phone

Are any of these current banners even worth rolling for?


>i've been trying to get illustrated kairi EX from the once a day banner. i keep getting fucking 0.2.

Oh thank fuck, I'm glad I'm not in that hell alone.

Guys I need a DBM medal, is there any sign they're going to have a DB4M, or even DB5M, board or banner soon?

Ok, I'm brand new to the ux game.
I keep reading you should join a party right away, but I'm concerned I will just be a burden since I'm so weak right now.
Do I wait til I reach a certain level or what?

There's a search option for casual parties which are perfectly fine for new players.
Also, I doubt any of the /khg/ parties will turn you away as long as you're trying. I know there's one in Bear Union, I think there's one in Leopard Union, think there's a third one as well. Just have to wait for those guys to get into the thread.

Join a party so you can get the daily party free jews for completing shit

Thank you.

trait medal mercy is shit

>tfw I finished Proud Mode in KHUX 100%
Now onto Story Mode

>Judy & Nick B [1 Target, 5 SP] For 1 turn: ATK+7, enemy Upright DEF-2, Guilt+30%. Attack Counter+2, inflicts 8 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets

Nick & Judy B looks like the Speed version of WoL and RK Terra. I wonder if global will get it. What happened to Triton/Scar/DiZ and where the fuck is the Pegasus cup

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Shit medal

And Nick & Judy B medal is better than WoL and RK Terra because it’s a tier 8 medal.

Took us long enough to get some better Speed medals. Too bad Reversed Speed is still the worst.

You know, I wouldn't mind a Zootopia world in KHUX if it got us more animal-themed heartless. Keep Sora the hell away from there, though.

>Hard to utilize with small amount of gauge
>Upright medals always come before reverse counterparts
>Shit amount of Moon Gems meaning you'll never compete with it
What's even the point of these reverse keyblades. I just want use Diamond Dust

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Then you'll have even more jewels to use during anniversary.

Gib jews

They gave us 15K last September

Vanitas HD Ver [EXmod] [AOE, 4 SP] For 1 turn: Enemy Reverse DEF-2, M DEF-7. Inflicts 3 hits that deal more damage with more HP


>What happened to Triton/Scar/DiZ and where the fuck is the Pegasus cup

we had the pegasus cup...

>six hundred missions
i'm clearing through them faster than i expected, but still. jesus christ this is more content than i expected for a mobage

I wouldn't consider hundreds of filler missions in Agrabah """""content"""""

what are the odds we'll see the heartless designs that Days introduced in 3? There were a shitton of them and some of them were pretty cool

Out of curiosity, what is /khg/'s opinions on each game in the series?
Personally I'd go;
I dunno if I should count 0.2 but it would be above CoM if I did.


i feel like i'm the only one who liked Days sometimes

Nah we never got the redo. I remember waiting for it around New Years

See i didnt dislike days, Its just my least favourite in the series.
I would actually put it above the other handheld games if it wasn't for the metric ton of filler which ended up making the combat quite stale after a while.

They're both pretty much completely equal for me.
I just couldn't stand 358/2 the further I got into it. It felt like everything revolved around Xion and I was wholly expecting Roxas and Organization development when it was more like Roxas being tugged along by Xion while asking where Axel was. The main story of Re:Coded got a bit old at times but the overall gameplay was the best of the command deck games in my opinion. It also has that lovely Zero/One.

well some of them are in khux so not forgotten

Yeah days has a lot of potential i think. It just got wasted hard.
Interesting you put OG CoM over ReCoM though.

1 > 2

735 missions, user, and then there's nearly 700 PMQs at the moment.

Wasn't really a fan. A lot of the changes felt for the worse in my opinion and even after a replay late last year I still stand by that opinion. The bigger arenas and more enemies do not help at all.

Do PMQs have different story content or dialogue text, or are they just challenge modes?

Just challenge modes. Some of the bosses also get replaced with their Omega versions or completely different bosses.

I can't wait for the Foreteller Gauntlet in Quest 1000

wonder how they handle the foreteller that cant fight you

why is vg so active the last few days?

Second half of 2 > 1 > First half of 2.

I watched a video of someone doing the moon gem quest and they had both their pet revive and second chance proc, I thought they didn't stack together?

they do

They do. The pet procs first and Second Chance procs after that one.

Well shit, guess I was just very unlucky when I tested it out

You want/need SCIII, it has an 89% chance.

Hope you reverse medal nay-sayers are prepared to get your comeuppance

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I'd lovee to build Missing Ache but there really isn't enough to put on it or enough Moon Gems to build it

And I couldn't even get him down to half HP cuz I had a trait medal in the pet slot and an upright medal as the shared medal

How much does the burst attack hit for at level 630?

170k with max attack buffs/defense debuffs, so pretty much nothing. The only use it has nowadays is for some proud quests

He'll be a boss, right?

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So how much money have you spent on KHUX so far, /khg/?

Be honest, now.

Days>1>2>0.2>GBA CoM>BBS>re:coded>re:CoM>DDD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uχ
Aside from χ, I don't dislike any game in the series

Wow, you have the most shit taste ever


How in the everloving fuck could you have enjoyed Days

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>a one off side character introduced in a prequel to a sequel that came out that does not feature said one off character at all
>not knowing from the very start she was going to be killed off
>even giving a SHIT about angsty kairi lookalike who has maybe 1 defining personality trait

You seem rude

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You should be able to get it to +26 which nets you the x3.20 multiplier in Slot 5.

Interesting order. I'm much like you that I don't dislike any game in the series. Any reason other than [name redacted] you like days the most?
3D above KH1? Not something I see usually. Can I ask why?

Not him, but you're fucking delusional. ____ is a fucking deviantart fanfiction tier character with literally no important and impact on the series or its characters other than 'muh sad ice cream'

Ice cream trio best trio.

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Why can't I find any artwork like this, its adorable

It's one thing to say "I like Days"
It's entirely another to say "Days is the best one"

The fuck's wrong with you

I do have the Moon Gem from the Blizzard Lord MG Challenge, so yeah. Just have to get all the way to Missing Ache in the PMQs.

>3D above KH1?
KH1's stiff movement, poor conveyance, cramped worlds and boss/enemy design leave something to be desired.

DDD just plays better. I know that'll trigger someone but it's true.

Days was also the second KH game I ever played, after CoM. Knew the rough story of the rest of the series, but nothing else. Looking back, the gameplay's utter shite, but of course 12 year old me wouldn't notice or care. I had enough free time that a boss with x10 the heath it should was a challenge of endurance, not fucking boring.
Despite how awful the people who post on it are, tumblr's great for finding fanart, as long as you filter out the people with terrible fetishes.

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To each their own man. The stiff movement made me feel the game took a bit more thought to do well. Might be nostalgia goggles for being my first too. Command deck games feel a bit unbalanced in my eyes.
Thanks I'll try looking over there. I do "like" days. Buts its definitely the worst kh game

KH1 was my first too.

Truth be told, I liked it a lot more before I attempted a LV1 run on 1.5
Really, uh, opened my eyes to the truth of KH1's design. Things like how fundamentally unfair aerial enemies are in that game, or the way most bosses attempt to overwhelm the player with multiple enemies or projectiles.

One hint for saving images off of there is Open the image in a new tab, then replace the "XX.media" with "data" and then replace the resolution at the end (usually 1280) with "raw" which gets you the full resolution.