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Dota 2 belongs to furries

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Finnstack is dead


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>TI5, story of underdogs that nobody expected to win actually managing to overcome soulless chink menaces and establishing ppd as one of the best, if not the best captains and drafters and sumail as the best mids in the whole of dota


>TI3, Alliance taking down Na'vi, both big names, el classico of dota, constant teamfighting showcasing Alliance as a team who had perfect understanding and execution of Dota strategies


>TI2, nobody actually rooted for iG but everyone fucking adored Na'vi, plus the almighty Play

>TI, the original, with fun strats and everyone trying to establish themselves in the game


>TI7, Liquid winning using a tiny hero pool and nobody actually caring that they stomped a bunch of retarded chinks


>TI6, retarded pub clownfest, epic meme strats and a randomly lucky 1-patch team beating a luckier 1-patch team (both of the team names are in the complete dumpster today), no good dota execution just random memestrats

>TI4, le epic meme push and games that lasted 13 minutes at longest


>First DAC
>MLG Columbus
>The Summit 1
>Starladder X

>story of underdogs that nobody expected to win
>soulless chink menaces
but cdec didn't win... and EG isn't chinese

TI7 was so shit

The production value felt like a major, and I blame PGL for it. At least TI6 felt epic.


u wot
otherwise okay

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>ti 1
>above anything else

Dumb Kumiko poster
It's OG.Trixi

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>ti 6 was won by one patch team so it was shit
>but alliance abusing furion and wisp into winning le ti 3 was peak of epik strategy :)
at least be consistent
also no one liked ti 1, not even the players and liquid picked most of heroes in dota pool through ti 7

And that deep sea theme was fucking stupid too.
>reddit posts that reddit LITERALLY RUINED the international by asking valve to disable their spongebob meme map

Meanwhile TI6 had the garden map which actually worked as battlegrounds for a clash of the titans.
hope whatever this year's green shit is, that it has a presentable terrain

They should just use Immortal Gardens for every TI tbqh

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it's going to be a jungle/dense rainforest themed map.

>rain weather for the finals

wish i had this shit
ez trees jukespots

>Liquid using a tiny hero pool
>When they literally had a hero pool so diverse that they were impossible to ban against by the time they got to the chink guillotine

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What do you guys think of 747's gyrocopter

tier 1 NA carry

>ppd the greatest drafter



at least check facts before you shitpost, EG never picked lesh in grandfinal, they even gave him away in three games

how the FUCK do you deal with a lvl 6 jugg as a melee offlaner?
If you go near the creep wave, he just baldefurys, if you try run away, he just omnislashes you when he stops spinning, if you stay near the creeps he just deals massive damage with bladefury and kills all the creeps around you anyway.
Do you just have to sit back and watch him cs like a cuck with your thumb up your ass?

yes because cdec cant play them, which is the crown jewel of ppds "master" draft. they either waste a ban on lesh or pick it themselves

you ask a gank from your supps, maybe your mid

i don't like ppd much but it takes balls to give away most feared hero of the tournament three times in deciding match, more so if you lost 0-2 to the same team day before

3 > 5 > 4 > 6 > 7 > 1
Everyone losing their shit over memepush was the beginning of the end.

>brainlet tries to go offlane
give it up faggot. If you need to ask then you don't deserve to go chad offlane.

>better than anything

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People remember the finals instead of the event. TI4 EG was actually their underdog story not 5.

TI4 groups were great.
However the main event was so bad that it's worse than every other TI by default.

I miss TI4 C9 dotards...

Bro there are 5 sub 20 minute memepush games 4 of which are in the third place and final. People remember that particularly the end of the tournament instead when they think of TI4.

Yeah because only 8 teams made it into the main event because it had the absolute worst structure of any main event in TI history

So any christian dance/techno remixes like this DL one?
I believe it is what the kids call "lit af" nowadays and I can see myself getting into it

>groups actually mattering
TI6 was the worst format by far.

Reminder that Windrunner's feet are for tender loving and care!

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boston major will always have a place in my heart. i went and saw it live on the last day, got balls deep into the ad finem hype, then played 7.00 on the test client all day the day after

objective ranking coming through

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They know CDEC can't play lesh, that's why they're confident in letting CDEC have them all 3 games. CDEC can't afford to ban Lesh since they have to get rid of the Naga Techies menace, so they have to always secure the Lesh otherwise EG will have their cake and eat it too. Its a massive fucking draft advantage

Explain how ti6 is any different from all the TI's with the exact same format

Tell me about the music man.
Why is he here?
Does he hate being surrounded by autists who don't understand music as much as he looks like he does?

>SingSing has more viewers than Bulldog
Uhh.... marmalade?


Because they did 6 after 5 which I wrote off as "well people are freaked out over 4's finals still".
>7 only different because they added two teams to the 16 so two could be dropped from groups
Playing only for seeding so you can play in a best of one is fucking awful. There shouldn't be a single bo1 in the tournament and teams should be dropped in pools to accommodate that.

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Which hero gets diminished the most in late game after being a god during early/mid game? For me it's Timber. You can bully people during the laning stage and even kill the supports with ease, they will need a 4 man roster to bring you down.

Then you become the ultimate cuck and your 22 charge bloodstone falls down to 4 charges because people lock you down and fry you like a nugget.

>inb4 some Timber cuck says it's not true
You obviously haven't played or watched any competitive doto.

So im confused
1,2,3,5 having best of 1's is fine?
But 6 and 7 having them is bad?

Fogged sounds so sick

>PA talks
>I get an erection

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Gh alone was godly with so many heroes, MC ratting and being a good off laner, Kuro with the support. His AA and Rubick is just untouchable. Also Matu's Lycan and Brood which just spells instant gg. And then there's Miracle. They're impossible to ban against....

but then there's Naga

>Windrunner talks
>I get an erection

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Does spell amp and Kaya increase the damage of pure damage nukes too?
Should I not go Kaya on Lina if I go aghs too?

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Pure sex

Will he do it? Will Icefrog give us the XP changes we need to bring Dota one step closer to glory?

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It's SPELL amp, not magic amp. Every active ability benefits.

747 is fucking awful
the gooks don't deserve this

only build kaya if magic is gonna be better than phys. lina is a rightclicker

and what's the purpose of that change other than satisfying your nostalgia

longer games, we already have turbo mode so none of these reddit changes need to be kept anymore

What is disruptors winrate in recent pro games


yeah having 1.5 circlet worth of stats couple of minutes later will sure make games longer

datdota is fucked right now so I can't tell you

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IMT disband fucking when?

do you have any evidence that average game times are shorter?
or are you just gonna continue with your baseless spouting

>not spells
good lord the meme about only redditors being left on /d2g/ might be real


deathball meta is even worse now that supports can mindlessly feed without any repercussions
but this is what nostagliafags want right? their epin 1v9 games where only carries matter


at least the game got a lot less players.

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Stop responding to the Venezuelan you fucking idiots he uses the same bait every day and some retard always falls for it.

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you dont see to understand what the word evidence means
>jerking off to steam charts
nothing to with what i asked, not surprised at all tbqh

what does evidence means

do you think od regrets dating sheever now?

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fuck off redditor
the communist shared comeback mechanic was pure cancer. hopefully they remove bounty runes and lower xp gain next.

lol are you blind?

>implying im not baiting on another plane of existence

do you think it's awkward doing studio work every day with your lover?

objective proof
not the ancedotes of an user

Hair grows back and breast reconstruction is scheduled, she's still the same old adorable sheever in the end

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>Only review for Artifact is a joke review by discordies
>Featured on store page

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Is that what the game was like originally? I'm a newfag

are you retarded?

>muh reddit boogeyman
bounty runes are garbage now and have nothing to do with xp
do they not recieve patch notes in venezuala?

as odd as it seems, this reminds me of pinkerton's album cover

Whose dick do you think they sucked for that beta key?

>There are no reviews for this product

It's Ghostik

quote where i said bounty runes have anything to do with xp
bounty runes are a reddit feature, so are communist comeback mechanics, so are absurd talents and even shrines and so is the scan. hopefully all of them get nerfed to shit or removed entirely.