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1st for downgrading to 1.9 being a great decision

I think it has dyson spheres as a type of star, but it doesn't have ringworlds. I'm not sure if their implementation of systems allows for that.


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3th for uninstalling being a better decisions

balanced for multiplayer

I bet you're one of those fags who prefer civ 5 to civ 4

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do they have significantly higher research than you?

Playing Left 4 Rats 2 makes me think a Endless Legend coat of paint would be cool
>Broken Lord that heals by killing, can't use medkits
>Vaulter captain
>Ardent Mage that gets stronger with lower health
>Elf Archer nerd
>Draconigger support character
>Fighting against Necrophages or, on some maps, Morwagr controlled enemies

Alternatively, put it in space versus Cravers.

no not really, they have 10 more engineering techs which is strange considering I've been running engineering grants since day one, checked out if they would trade for anything else, and they're pretty much full on materials so I don't understand why they would want that as a trade to begin with

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Does ES2 have cool shit like ringworlds and dyson spheres

Thought so

is Endless everything meme coming back yet

This is always the worst. Why are AI always such fucking cunts in trade deals? You could offer them half your empire for something small and shitty and it's still not good enough.

It has dyson spheres.

balanced for multiplayer

they didn't read your answer before and they won't care to do so now, they're just shitposting.

>put it in space versus Cravers
Read the Craver comic. Those things wouldn't work as weak yet numerous horde enemies.

endless dating sim when

>endless shitter getting mad for missing out
Sure, enjoy your excel

I haven't read it but I suppose now that I think of it robots built by Endless probably aren't slouches in combat.

Hard to tell when everything's spaceships tho.

Missing out on what?

Does Stellaris has cool shit like gameplay and fun

Thought so

filling the void in your life with a good 4x game

What makes Stellaris better as a game, or a 4x?

it isn't there are no good 4x games none of these games will ever be good enough for what you want and you'll always feel like it's just not enough

Read it, it's great.

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Survey, diplomacy and warfare is miles above ES2. Late and midgame arent boring mopups like in ES2 either

I think what happened was that it tried to ask for minerals, but because they were maxed out it just kept increasing it in hopes that it would increase the trade stat

Also, this guy was just some colony ship grunt.

is he beatin that nigga to death with his own arm

When you have 6 arms to kill someone with you can get creative.

>stellaris diplomacy
>stellaris mid/lategame being anything besides a boring slog

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Isn't there a game that has mechanics built around that?

WHAT diplomacy?
almost the same, except ES2 allows to choose your tactic
you're right, it's not like Stellaris, which is even worse

>cravers STILL have no bonuses to boarding pods/defense
>viking niggers in outer space are better at boarding than giant murderbug-bots

Boarding pod attacks/defense are based off of infantry troops.

Doom 2016 or Madworld.

vaulters have a unique module though

>tfw only now found out you can move pops between systems in ES2 after playing the game for like 16 hours

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It only becomes available after you upgrade systems to level 2.

Before you play another 16 hours without knowing, vaulters can use portals to move their pops instantly. The civilian ships spawned to move the pops around use them.

>tfw only now figured out how to upgrade systems in ES2 after playing the game for like 10 hours
I don't think this genre is for me lads

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>Vaulter portals always come with insane QoL improvements

Complex federations and opinion calculator
Stellaris has more variety and tactics with free movement of ships
>Lategame is bad

How do you explain having to deal with the Contingency as Determined Exterminators?

>complex federations and opinion calculator

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where is the expansion jake

>Stellaris warfare
>variety and tactics
>Stellaris endgame

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doing pretty well for myself

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Yes, EShitter. Stellaris is objectively superior game with deeper mechanics and better AI


Arcadefags cant stand the truth

x1 Respectfully disagree

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>pirated both games (Stellaris and ES2)
>played them both
>enjoy them both for different reasons
feels good not to be a braindead fanboy

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Who was in the wrong here?

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The waving dude. He's not trying to defuse the situation, he's just being a useless piece of shit.

what is the context?

photobomber is behind all of this

>it's a "you spawn in an isolated cluster with shitty systems and a Craver neighbours you while having all the decent systems to himself" episode

That ecstatic fuck.

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>winning in ES is RNG

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The equivalent in stellaris would be spawning next to a fanatical purifier and the only other hyperlane is blocked by amoeba


I haven't played Endless Space 2(and I fucking hated Endless Space 1)
I do wish Stellaris took more inspiration from Vicky2 though.

Shut up stupid vgoy or these shitters will import the tile meme to v3

I don't think we'll ever see it, good or bad(it would certainly be bad) to be quite honest with you.

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That'be the best scenario imaginable.

There is only one way we can settle this.

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That said I do at least adore the Utopia tracks and their vicky inspiration.

Anyone have SCX Core for 2.0.1 Stellaris?
Fuckers already decided to up it to 2.0.2 and now i can't see my carriers.

>playing Stellaris
>Win war in heaven by the skin of my teeth
>noone joins the nonaligned federation so I have to do this shit on my own
>push my economy to the fucking limit to maintain a fleet thats large enough.
>kill the not-vorlons, manage to stalemate with not-shadows
>few years later: Unbidden invade with 350k fleet
>spawn on my fucking border
>I haven't even managed to reinforce my fleets fully yet
>already getting events for AI uprising shit as this goes down

Lategame Stellaris is so shit that Paradox just put in events that dump random doomstacks on you to create artiificial difficulty. Thanks Wiz.

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desu I prefer a late game that you actually lose than a late game you idle through for the last 20%

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rightful justice is coming for you organic

ES1 was vanilla Civ V tier, no surprise you didn't like it

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I love being that Craver neighbour. You know you play em right when you make so many ships you completely run out of titanium and hyperium, forcing you to make white-only ship templates just to continue pumping out ships

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post yfw

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Oh speaking of cravers you reminded me

Craver ARPG
start with your standard 0.8 attack speed left mouse claw attack doing five damage
graft guns to your body, have seven different guns doing 100000damage a shot with 0.2 firing time
Become an Obliterator.

>hyperlane meme

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balanced for Wiz

That's pretty neat. How big are those five(MAYBE MORE!) worlds?
Embrace the tall. Go get 'em


neat, turns out the stellarite devourer can displace pops, meaning that if it's in an enemy territory you can essentially kill planets

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It's because he reduces habitability. He is essentially a second sun.

Those are Materialists, right? I think they open their borders if you suck their dick hard enough.


wot if planets in Stellaris were expensive like cities in Civ4

Gonna have to try it I guess. Shame that I'm playing Driven Assimilators.

Do I ditch Stellaris and start ES2 instead of continuing this boring game to year 2300?

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Too much effort, enjoy your tiles :^)

Do you?

self hate is never good user

that wasn't related to tiles at all

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>to represent the pop fighting back against being eaten
Then what's the fucking point?