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>Don't bury me in this

xth for mommy!

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>Hard nips
Why is she so perfect?

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Did this guy deliver

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Yune when

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Catria>>>>>>>>>>everyone else

I prefer inverted nips kagero desu
There is at least one doujin that agrees with me

Not pulling >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone else

Next legendary is Frobin
Coming from the japs that datamined the TT seals

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>Spring Sharena's stats are basically exactly what I wanted
>Now feel a strong desire to roll until I get optimal IVs
These Jewish tricks are powerful

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My birthday wishes are not coming true

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Really now?
+Spd -Atk Maria, had a +Atk -Def one. And +Def -Atk Catria

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What are the odds?

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>inverted nips
Excuse me?

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Did you get your breeding bunny?

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>6 (SIX) Robins

That's a patrician taste user
but that's not for Kagero

This banner reminded me that rolling colorless is just as bad as red

Yeah she is basically one of the best green tomes now i want her so bad but fuck gay fonse

I think it has been 3 months since I last got a hero on rate-up

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At one point IS really needs to clean up the pools. The biggest reason for this is that 5* is polluted with shit units who just are not good enough anymore (or never have been) while others are close to impossible to pull because they are 5* locked without getting any banners to actually pull them. Getting a 5* off banner also would also be a better experience this way.

Red Pool
Athena => 4* only - Too good for 3*, no reason to be 5*.
Ayra => no change
Caeda => 4* only - Really shouldn't be 5*. Can see her staying like this due to her new weapon though.
Cain => 4* only - WoM is strong but in no way should he be 5*.
Celica => no change
Chrom => no change - Is a Lord after all.
CorrinM => 3*-4* - 4* only would be reasonable but RobinM is 3*-4* as well. Also he is shit and unpopular.
Draug => no change
Eirika => no change
Eldigan => 4*-5* - Dropping him doesn't hurt anybody.
Elincia => no change
Eliwood => delete or get better art
Ephraim => no change
Est => no change
Fir => no change
Gray => 4* only
Hana => no change
Henry => no change or 3* only
Hinata => increase his drop rate
Ike => no change - 4*-5* is absolutely reasonable now that L!Ike exists though but IS won't drop him.
Karel => 4* only - Without a single doubt. Drop my boy to a reasonable spot IS.
Katarina => no change - 4*-5* would be perfect but they won't make Sparrow AND Atk Ploy more accessable.
Laslow => Delete this smug slut.
Leo => 4*-5* - Now that he is still shit after the refine just drop him down. Popular enough to keep him in 5* I guess.
Lilina => 4* only
Lon'qu => no change
Lucina => no change
Luke => 4* only - He's shit. Just keep him out of 5* and we have a deal.
Lyn => 4*-5* - We have four Lyns, dropping her down doesn't hurt, IS.
Marth => no change
Mia => no change
Ogma => 4* only
Olivia => no change
Palla => no change
Raigh => no change
Roy => no change - There's actually no reason to keep him in 5* except that he is a main character. Also fags seem to like him.
Ryoma => no change

Oh no no no NO it's naga possessed Robin



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Saber => 4* only - There's pretty much no way to pull him otherwise since IS forgot about him. Shield Pulse should be more accessable by now.
Sanaki => no change
Selena => no change
Seliph => no change (4* only please, drop him together with Roy)
Seth => 4* only - At least he isn't Stahl.
Siegbert => no change
Sigurd => no change
Soleil => no change
Sophia => no change
Stahl => 1* and getting orbs back
Tharja => 4* only
Adult Tiki => no change
Young Tiki => 4*-5* - See Saber.
Zelgius => no change
Green Pool
Amelia => no change
Arthur => no change - Actual best change would be to remove him.
Barst => no change
Bartre => no change
Beruka => no change
Boey => 3*-4* - Get this guy out of 5*, for fucks sake.
Camilla => no change - Not good but popular enough to keep her like that, the green pool isn't that big anyway. 4* only is optimal though.
Cecilia => no change
Cherche => no change
Deirdre => no change
Dorcas => no change
Fae => 3*-4* - no good skills and not the only green dragon anymore. Still cute though.
Frederick => no change
Gunter => no change
Hawkeye => 3*-4* - If IS feels like he is too good for 3* so be it. His art and VA are pretty great honestly.
Hector => no change
Julia => 4*-5* - Would be pretty damn sweet.
Merric => 3*-4* - Out of 5*. Doesn't have a single good skill and being Marth's friend isn't enough for 4* only.
Minerva => 4*-5* - Make her more accessable.
Nino => no change - Nino! 4* only would have been perfect to make every Blade user 4* only (while deleting Odin) but oh well.
Raven => no change - 4* only would be better but I can see why they won't change it.
Rhajat => 4*-5* - Waifubait without any banners to actually pull her. Also not that good.
Sheena => 4* only
Sonya => 4*-5* - Now is a good time to drop her. Maybe. Please?
Soren => 4* only - More likely to be unchanged though.
Titania => 3*-4* - Or at least 4* only.

>Another fucking Robin

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Well how about that, guess I'm btfo. I wonder if she'll be another armor?

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Hey faggot they aren't gonna change shit because they want money
Come back in 2+ years

You heard me

Blue Pool
Abel => 4* only - Get him out of 5*, 4* Swordbreaker is nice, he just doesn't cut it otherwise.
Alm => no change - Should stay as 5* (good and has many fans), especially after his buff.
Azura => no change - They should drop either her or Ninian in my opinion.
Catria => 3*-4* - To match her sisters, also has no important skills. Should be at least 4* only. Her art is 5* though.
Clair => 4* only - I can see keeping Hit and Run out of 3*, otherwise drop her harder.
Cordelia => no change => good enough to stay as a 5*. 4* only would be pretty nice of IS.
CorrinF => 4* only
Delthea => no change - 4*-5* is the dream though.
Donnel => no change
Effie => no change - 4* only actually is debatable here and I'd agree that she needs a slight drop.
Florina => no change
Gwendolyn => no change
Hinoka => 4*-5*
Jagen => no change
Linde => 4*-5* - Still great, I think it's time to drop her though.
Lute => no change - They won't drop a somewhat CYLunit
Lukas => 4* only
Mae => 4* only
Mathilda => 4* only
Micaiah => no change
Nephenee => no change - Wrath is too strong.
Ninian => 4*-5* - I can see why they won't change that, however.
Nowi => 4* only - She is great, but we need less 5*.
Oboro => no change
Odin => delete - Tailtiu has Blarblade now as well, just get rid of him without any notification.
Olwen => 4*-5* - 4* only would be better since she is pretty mediocre in comparison. She also doesn't have a huge fanbase (for now).
Oscar => 4* only
Peri => 3*-4*
Reinhardt => no change
RobinM => no change
Roderick => 4* only
Shanna => no change
Shiro => 4*-5* - Def Tactics is a seal now, so drop him. Lukas arguably is better anyway.
Subaki => no change
Sully => no change
Tailtiu => 4* only
Tana => no change

>Eldigan => 4*-5* - Dropping him doesn't hurt anybody.
Please let this happen.
I want a Eldi that isn't -atk

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NuFE is a cum-guzzling black hole that keeps sucking all attention. No surprises here.

You didn't fall for the bait did you ?
Granted 75 orbs isn't something to boost about and is just a coin flip sniping that colorless dragon
Post orbs

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>roll eirika
>shes -atk +hp
What do you call this, something thats beyond noodlearmed?

Colorless Pool
Azama => no change
Clarine => no change
Elise => no change
Faye => 4*-5* - Maybe I shouldn't request this due to her Firesweep Bow but I do. Faye just isn't good otherwise.
Felicia => 1*
Gaius => no change
Genny => 4*-5* - Doesn't hurt and the colorless pool needs some improvements.
Gordin => no change
Innes => 4* only - AT LEAST 4*-5* but come on now, clean up that pool.
Jaffar => 4*-5*
Jakob => 3*-4* - This guy is actually 5*, what the hell IS.
Jeorge => 4* only
Kagero => 4* only - Just isn't reasonable to keep her in 5* anymore.
Klein => 4* only
Lachesis => 3*-4* only, then release a new version with more fitting art
Leon => 4* only
Lissa => no change
Lucius => 4* only
Maria => 3*-4*
Matthew => no change
Mist => 3*-4* - I like Mist too but Jesus Christ IS. Not even dropping her to 4*?
Niles => no change
Priscilla => 4* only
Rebecca => 3*-4* - There's literally not a single way to redeem her. Art is terrible and it hurts.
Saizo => no change
Sakura => no change - Too many 4* onlys already but dropping her out of 5* would be good for the pool
Serra => no change
Setsuna => no change
Sothe => 4*-5* - Thanks for dropping him already.
Takumi => 4*-5* - I can see this happening even with Close Counter. As I said, the colorless pool needs buffs.
Virion => no change
Wrys => no change

A man can dream. No please

>She doesn't have a huge fanbase
Yeah, because having a FEH related fanbase is truly an achievement

I'm tired of this game lads, see you guys when fe switch gets released

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Sorry Leaf, Catria's waifu game is too good. I have failed you.

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>tfw mommyfag
feeling good

Minerva's sister!

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I like her but that's still a fact.

>only 60 orbs
thank goodness. Still some to spare for the coming banners

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If she ever gets in I'm definitely s-ranking her with Legion.

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Complain in feedback or as a comment to the official Twitter. Bonus if you can do it in jp

>all these short haired qts
The kikes have found my weakness

Mommy bros we keep on winning

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honestly i don't see why Cordelia and Effie shouldn't be 4* only as neither offer amazing SI and the argument about power level is somewhat redundant as the 'cordelia of green mages' so to speak is at 3-4*

>MMorgan was the only one to drop
They knew they made a terrible unit. I feel bad for the Chrombros who got cucked, I sympathize with the 150 I dropped for FMorgan I never saw. Fuck you Tana

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Who here didn't fell for the bait banner?

Would whale if shes armor


I love Severa very much! I love the cute way she talks & acts!

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My dick if she is drawn by him
My dick is still healing from kagero

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while the refine made some healers worthwhile if you invest in them, they're still terrible SI fodder since they only have like one skill inheritable for non healers, and that one is usually locked to 5* as well.
Take Serra, if her hone atk 3 wasn't locked behind 5*, she would at the very least be some ok fodder.

Yeah, I already did in the survey.
Also sorry for the spam, just felt like it's a good topic.

>Spur def/res at 4*
Marth's powers grow

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>+res -hp Kagero
Should I play up her defense and use her as a mage counter or go all into speed anyway

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Hone Speed fodder
not actually, just wait til you get a cute +spd/atk 4* eirika and merge into her

Hopefully she won't have an artwork that is fucking godawful like all Robins except the Summer one.

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Super banes in the stats you don't want. I see your Jewish tricks and I don't like em.

I wanna marry Sharena

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Cuboon is shit

Cuckgero is for soyboys

Not you again...

t. Homo

So is SCatria better or worse than Reinhardt

Yep thats the plan, just got to learn how to deal with this spaghetti lady

How does it even feel having this much shit taste?

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Help I'm running out of barracks space
What are some safe units to throw away


Looks like gamefaqs is here.

Based anti-mommyposter

Old B8 is getting older

Rev up those Female Grima smuts

>got kagero, catria and elise in 84 orbs
>got greedy, spent another 50 orbs hoping for sharena because of best friend breeding meme
>overextended luck
At least I got 2 more berukas to merge up

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I want her to be shoujo as fuck with a look that screams how much she hates humans. I might actually roll for her then. Pic only slightly related.

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Imagine how epik sex would be...

Who the fuck is shareena

Where’s Katua?

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Okay what now?

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>Makes everyone orange/brown.
>Shit coloring.
>Same face king (every girl looks like Olwen)
He's shit. You only like him because "xd boobs"

No I think it's a good idea. It's just that we need to constantly bug them about it to get it done. Ideally people would complain and not spend a lot but that's impossible


>Amelia's been on 4 banners since release
>Innes has only been on one and it was b8%
Why is Frelian Archer man so ellusive, even Tanna's been on 2 banners and both were single focus

>rolling for ninjabbit
>pity broken by -spd Sharena
>now at 4.75%

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>Ninjabbit attack
I need more of this in my life.

Stare at her fondly and lament the orbs you used on a cavalry mage 1 year into the games life span.

Alternatively this.

But people liked him before and Kagero is his first character with big breasts.
I also don't get your tan problem.

>saying this while I have this unfathomable desire to fap to Olwen
God she's so hot
Post lewd Olwen please

Imagine S rank male Epik and female Epik

>rolling for gray
>rolls green

Did no one get demoted again?

Take her to the gym

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Got cucked by Micaiah. Which should I keep? +Atk or +Res? Both are -Hp

No, Olwen is pure

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