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>New Arena Mode: Grand Prix
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>Rotation, formats, new class

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twelve and seventeen


Dear any user still doesn't get 4-1 in group A, you have 3 tries tomorrow or you all will be cucked out from not only sleeve but also emblem.
Thank you

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1st for preemptive nerfs

Ah fuck. I'm way too fucking anxious. This shit isn't good for me. I shouldn't have been too greedy...

imagine being this guy

Arisa is cute and not a slut

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I've already given up on the sleeves and emblem.
After I spent every day in round two winning the first 3 matches only to go against god draw in the other two I accepted that I just didn't buy enough crystals to have nice things.

Uhmm? Where are the leaks shadowbabs?

Her armpits tell me otherwise.

>final stage
>1st match
>unfavorable matchup
>going 2nd
Nice format design KMR

>Dojo didn't revealed delicious bunny leader

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>implying I'm not gonna brick anyway the first match of the finals

Shitpost edition.

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>Jungle Warden
Haha yes. YES. E P I C. Epic for the win my friend! YES. GOOD FUCKING GAME BRO.

>Letting a class without ramp playing all those cards
Should have unga bunga'ed his face turn 1 bro.


Just one more week, please endure it. Thank you!

Just 11 decks bro

~5 mins
for real

Put your flag back on, jannuposter

You said that everytime freezafag

>Fight Aggro Forest
>Have to either purposely take damage or am forced to make bad trades to overcome the Balanced Brambles
>They just Elf Queen to go from 10 health to 20 again
>summon Aerins/Tarzans

How are you supposed to deal with this besides just playing Dragon and dropping Big Guys? What about for normal people trying to play something straightforward? Where your deck simply runs out of gas at turn 10? Do you just lose? What kind of awful game design is Elf Queen? You literally have no way to counter that.

That new sigil probably won't be used, having a cooldown means that you risk not expending it in time and in general sigils over 3pp have to be exceptionally good (read: at least tempo neutral) to be used

Wesker no

>Elf Queen
>Aggro Forest

I love how you fuckers said no one will use a will of the fuckers with legs back in SFL and here you are now complaining about her

Elf Queen takes an entire turn you should just build up a big enough board where if they take an entire turn healing they will die.

>fight aggro forest
>they aren't playing aggro forest
holy SHIT

>just put 20 damage on your board ;^)

>aggro forest
>elf queen

Control Forest, whatever. The point is it's bullshit. I'm tired of everything Forest does.

>play nforest
>aerin, tarzan, ETA, Israfil, BnB in opening hand
>draw another Tarzan
>draw Hector

>Elf Queen? You literally have no way to counter that.
"i cant counter my opponent healing TO COUNTER MY BURST CANCER"

Setting up a situation in which they cannot recover from after taking a whole turn to elf queen doesn't mean you have to kill them the very next turn.

2-3 healing is fine, healing back to 20 hp is not.



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Don't reply

shitposter censor furryverse preemptive nerfs nerf dragon rune classwar

The only way to "counter" Elf Queen is to have burst so powerful that it can't just be eliminated on the field and overpowers all healing. i.e. Dragon Storm or constantly removing them through the Brambles and playing Catacomb to survive ETA, then playing Balanced Man. How the fuck are you going to claim healing 15 HP in a game where you have 20 max HP with no way to stop it isn't BS?

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At absolute best, it's a reprint of a card nobody has used since DE, because a scrap golem is worse value than just having a sigil in play. Who the fuck asked for this shit? God damn it Cygays, I don't want to play unga Dirt forever.

Is that some lindwurm support? What does it do?



Same as 1PP gold forest amulet but without bounce effect


>summon a snow white
>preemptively nerf all snow whites without vial refund

neutral amulet
at the end of turn random follower gets +1/0
last words draw a card

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what happened?
why is there a dread queen in my crate?

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broken in unlimited bot who cares about that shitshow lmao

Neutral Amulet
Countdown (2)
Fanfare: A random allies follower gain +1+/0 until end of turn
Last Words: Draw a card


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Everytime you summon a bat give him +1 and rush

Now you can have a fatter water fairy or fita!

>noah for blood

if a bat enters your field, until the end of the turn it gets +1/0 and storm

Whenever an allied Forest Bat comes into play, give it +1/+0 and Storm until end of turn.

Yellow king?

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>that art

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>worse fairy driver
But why?

Corpselord tier of garbage.

It has Ambush though

Shin Skullfane
Fanfare: Remove 30 cards from your deck. Enhance 10: Lose the game

It's got ambush

Wait sorry, I'm drunk, its fanfare: a follower (not random) gets +1/0

Skeleton of End Times
At the end of your turn, if you have at least 30 destroyed cards, deal 6 damage to all enemies
Fanfare: Add 10 skeletons to your hand.

>literally seraph but for shadowcraft
nice fucking game shadowbab

Oh wow, it's a lot better than I thought.

holy fucking shit

>Add 10 skeletons to hand
What a pile of shit

Look like they are pricing every ambush based on NEET now.

>PTP effect
>fanfare: add 10 skellingtons to your hand

>ptp with a body
cool meme

You're a moron.
You counter Elf Queen by winning.
If your opponent's life total matters, your deck is trash.
But this IS the game where people play like shit and try to topdeck a win from hand.

>worse PTP
Shadow is saved

Pure-Blood King
Bloodcraft Gold 5pp 1/4
Whenever a Forest Bat comes into play, this follower gains +1/0 and Storm until the end of turn.

Papa Nito aka Walking purgatory.

0pp get free bat and deal 1 face to all player.
It's a cheap setup for nubampi
>crazy guy
>storm vampy+bat+ 0pp free bat for 6 damage

What? I am confused as fuck about this, why 10 skeletons?

wait it doesnt give your bats storm?

if you have 7 cards in hand, 8 of those skeleton will be discarded and be your shadow so you can koushin seyo next turn

This is your Eachtar replacement. You rike?

if you mill the skeletons they count towards the 30

does it hit leader as well?

>You counter Elf Queen by winning.

>7pp brick yourself
fucking kek

There are like 4 different translations for the Blood card