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Vivecraft with the boys edition

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You forgot the pastebin of vivecraft.


reminder to cherish your time here

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i was never a minecraft guy
is vr minecraft worth it?

We need more Shinobus

is oculus go the first step towards the endless summer comming to vr

If only there were more models of her to choose from that aren't either buried behind who knows how many layers of japanese riddles or game rips that are hosted in god knows where.

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unscuffed textures and a single mesh
seems to run okay on desktop but I'm not sure about VR yet

now I just need to figure out how the fuck lighting works and maybe atlas all these meme pics to reduce the material count

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i want a model of my wife Koko

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I love you user, thank you for all your hard work.

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wait you're telling there are ADULTS who play minecarts?

>all those memes
fucking hell I can't wait

Could someone help me set up custom animations? l followed Tupper's megatutorial but l must be super retarded because l still can't get this to work after rewatching it like 5 times already. l really don't know what to do. l'll post a webm with what l did in case some user is kind enough to take a look and see if they find what l did wrong

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What map is this and do you have the ID? I need to stop launching into Void Club.

The real question is what was the animation supposed to be in the first place?
Thats pretty funny though even if it was a mistake, rapid squatting

map is Cozy Studio, saved the ID for it a while back

lt's a map some user made. Pretty chill


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>reduced draw calls from 4 to 3

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Did you set the animation on humanoid? Also did you make that animation or got it somewhere?

Good girl!

vivecraft vive controls where

Thanks anons.

Wish I had my videos/ screenshots at work so I could at least post some shit to the thread.

>Good girl!

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Vivecraft works just fine with vive controller configuration, you shouldn't have to change much.

off the top of my head it looks like it isn't looping properly, like the first set of values and second set are totally off
but Im really a brainlet so who knows

I must be a brainlet then because I spent an hour trying to use the inventory and crafting

lt was supposed to be a blink animation. This is what l did

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Everything else looks fine, but that's something you should put in one of the hand gesture slots instead of emote.

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Doesn't unity tell you it has to be a legacy animation?

What like eye blinking?
You should just use the CATs plugin for that, either way facial expressions are generally used via hand gestures instead of emotes though i'm not sure why it broke.

Ours is the best


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looks great user, good work

can you launch into specific worlds straight from steam or with somekind of desktop short cut without needing to use a browser?


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Yes, simply set your advanced settings to be one of the launch URLs.

Not in my eyes, but Shinobu's also my waifu, so I have high expectations

I wanted the same avatar but couldn't find it. Only that shitty one which totally lacks the personality and shape of the good one.

See? This is where you fucked up Rift Cuck. You're already so far down the shaft of ZuckLeCuck's cock that you can't even tell when a disgusting Knuckles desktopper comes and fucks your VR waifu right in front of you. None of this would have happened at all, in any day or time, if you had just gotten a job like a normal human bean and gotten the Vive instead. With the Vive, you just fucking slap the sensors onto your walls and they stick like bubblegum under your teacher's desk at school. It's literally that fucking easy. Also, the Rift cameras have super tight FOVs. We're talking tighter than a schoolgirl's unbroken loli pussy here. 60 FOV up and down, left and right. They can barely register your fat fucking body as it is. So it's no wonder that Oculus doesn't have body-tracking capabilities. lt's simply impossible in your situation. However with the Vive? Ooooh baby, with the Vive the possibilities are limitless. The sensors use black jew magic tracking technology sent to HTC and Valve from outer fucking space. We're talking exquisite, beautiful 120 FOV tracking up and down, left and right, inside and out. Fucking eveywhere. Two HTC trackers will cover your entire manchild room without any issues at all. Even when you're dancing around with your disgusting body pillow that's stained with dried up cum from your piml dick. Oh, and speaking of which, HTC Vive's tracking is so much fucking superior to Oculus that it literally picks up the microscopic cock that you have dangling between your legs and perfectly replicates it in VRChat.
Finally you can be the disgusting fat weeb rapist you've always dreamt of user! Go. Make your dreams come true. Return that Rift ASAP and spend the money on a Vive setup instead. You know you motherfucking want to.

t. v1ll3

>not saving all your favorite worlds as bookmarks so you can launch into whatever one you want
come on son

Nah, Shinobu is indeed waifu but jelly is my boy

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try setting it to 0:0 and 0:1 instead.

and try setting it to a hand gesture

bat > crab

It sucks. The only decent one I found was a fully nude version, and even then it had some glaring flaws.
Nah, just someone who loves vampire lolis.

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vampire loli best girl automatically, especially blonde

I'm still after this one but I can't find anywhere that has it rigged up

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What time does everyone even play meinkampf?

i think i have all the net shinobus, that ones not dl anywhere and never saw it in my searches

>"i want the purple stuff, how much? all of the purple stuff"

Ah, I remember this one. It makes me angry to look at it, because it was tied in with a download for Oshino Meme, but the faggot from da that had it "misplaced it" after a few years. It's apparently a rip from psp/vita game.

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desu I've been pretty ZUCKED by my Rift. Takes me about 30 minutes to get in to any game, crashes constantly, and the mic has never really worked properly.

>all the net shinobus
So do you have /our Shinobu/? Could you give it to me? pls don't be jelly and deny me

The model jelly uses is literally on mmd booru.

Am I fucking blind? Do I have it already downloaded from eons ago and I forgot? I guess I'll have to check after work, thanks.

yeah just dont make it the same as mine
pass is

Yeah bakemonogatari portable or something, I've been using that keyword to search for it but to no avail.
To me its the one that looks the best but thats probably cause its a official made one, alas downloads nowhere.

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There's three Shinobu models on that site, and I'm fairly sure jelly's used all 3. One of them was the flat looking weird one, the cm32 ripped one and the other was one that looked close to true Shinobu, but was completely naked, and the body itself needed work.

i have another super sekrit rare one i found on baidu, its HQ but the one i use has the best face

Thanks anons. No idea how I missed it. Maybe I searched the wrong name or something,

it's not fair
why do turkish apricots have to taste so good but hurt my tummy so bad?

The strangest thing is that I met a desktop Shinobu a month or so ago that had a version I'd never seen before. Didn't really have the chance to chat with them much though, since the audio bug was still rampant. Gonna be forever salty about that too, cause they had a cute voice.


had to search jap name

i might have that one.

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But you do not have a voice that makes me giggle, so it is not the same sadly

To anyone will full tracking, how functional is it with just 2 trackers?

if you wanted it i meant

Not at all.

Why does he look even worse now, what happened to the oil


he put the penis normal map on the body

>tfw when a regular who I never interact with in anyway, and didn't even have added as a friend for the longest time, has still all this time kept running up to me when they see me, greeting and head patting when I join
I feel kinda bad about it. Feels like I'm not recognising an old friend, or someone else who knows me, and I should know more about than the name tag above their head.
I get it's nothing that deep, but the feeling's still there in the back of my head every time.

Oh nah ty, I'd much rather be letting Shinobus than being one. Was probably going to download a few of them anyway, so I can make a friend of mine use them for me.

It's just a habit, you really shouldn't read too much into it.

>bitches complaining about strangers not talking to them
>bitches complaining about confessing their feelings to others and then getting rejected
>bitches complaining about not getting invites and needing to join off a previous friendlisted player

You guys are the biggest babies ever. This is why we can't talk about avatar creation anymore


>thread gets derailed by nonsense
>"let me show you the nonsense the thread gets derailed by"
How about instead of complaining about the thing that derails thread from topics you find interesting you instead post about the thing you find interesting and encourage people to chime in their 2 cents or start a dialogue about it?

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>Make funpost before sleep about being pure and wanting to lewd
>It leads most of the thread's discussions by the time I've woken up
Surprisingly easy, don't take these threads too seriously folks.

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I'm with you but if you got a question just post a pic of it and reply to it if no one else does
alternatively, now before anyone gets a knee jerk reaction there's a discord server named VRC traders who offer advice on avatar creation with about 1.4k members, I mainly come here for pics, webms and a 2nd opinion about avatar creation


Thanks. Added to the list.

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>Finally in a screenshot
Thanks daddy

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Sadness can come from unexpected places.
I hope everyone will end up alright.

I got that early on. You'll get used to who's who, don't worry. Just takes a bit of time.

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>Person who's never namedropped or appears on screenshots is the one who shitposts to get attention
Like clockwork

Stop smearing the purefags. We are perfectly content not lewding.

t. purefag

They really make it too easy don't they. What a fucking idiot they should just play the game and have fun anyways instead of bothering with the thread. All this butching about attention and screenshots is ridiculous.

>talking about VR to coworker
>start explaining phantom sensations
>realise part way I sound fucking insane

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>purefags have had sex irl
like clockwork

Fucking normies reee

What are we gonna do on the bed?

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