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Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Create or find a Gathering Hall
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4U, Target: Fishing

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>tfw no comfy Tigrex to lay with

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xth for Longswords

>not huntress OP
This thread will not end up good.

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Now that MH World has proven to be lacking in the online and endgame aspects, driving tons of vets away from the game already, what should Capcom do?

Ditch all the vets and MH fans and focus on all the newcomers who love anything anyway due to a lack of comparison?
Sure all the nuhunters are good money and the main demographic, but has any game franchise ever truly benefitted longterm from shitting on its longtime fans?

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>patch goes live
>Gathering Hub is STILL abandoned and empty

>"B-but i'm right!!!"

Face it, the Gathering Hub is worthless unless they add facilities to it. No amount of "b-but facilities are optional!" will change that. Sometimes after a quest i will want to change the things i'm cultivating, sometimes after a quest i want to refresh soft soil, sometimes after a quest i will want to look at weapon trees and choose my next goal to work towards, sometimes after a quest i want to look at the investigations i got.

NONE of that can be done from the gathering hub. There is simply no reason to not just stay in Astera. If you come back from a quest and go into the hub you have to sit through even more loading screens if you want to do any of the above. And if you load back into astera in order to use the facilities then why would you go through the hassle of entering the hub once again after you're done to pick your quest?

The hub is garbage. Delusional Capcom fanboy.

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if youre a male and you use a huntress because you think the clothes look better then you are gay as fuck.

>removing World info from OP
Worldsperm needs to fuck off from our general. Go make your own thread about your trash casual reddit "game", subhumans

The OP's rolled back so things will be fine

Let's just forget that MHW exists and discuss about the old games, alright?

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>being this mad

Fashion hunting is the only reason why I play XX.

So Xeno is an alien, right?

Fashionhunting is making a good mixed set that looks great even if you have to turn that AuL into AuM, Transmog is a child's caprice.

If it doesn't feel right, take a bite!

Why do so many people use the USJ Samurai covers? Do they think it looks good?


>shitting on its longtime fans?
Almost every franchise. Wow, souls, hundreds of them.

Why am I so bald?

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I said they don't care about autists.

Theres millions of non autist westerners who enjoy the game. That's who they're catering to after non autist Japanese players.

You're a vocal minority of crybabies.

And there's millions who don't care about the franchise and only bought it because it's the FoTM.

>Still the highest selling game on both consoles in March
>Outsold previous Capcom games
He's dead Jim. If World has done anything, it's proven that longtme fans are worth nothing to the series financially. Capcom is going to be running the MHW train for a while and despite objections, it's both the safest and smartest thing for the company to do.

Name one way World has "ditched the vets", is it because you don't have to craft Pickaxes and Bugnets anymore? Oh woe is user, how will he ever function.

And that's who they're going to continue to cater to. Future titles are going to be even more simplified and "streamlined".

>Blos CB still the king
>Impact SAED spam is still the most optimal way to play, just does less damage
What was the point?

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>trying to dig into the down and dirty of all the SnS mechanics
>youtubers are not comprehensive enough and take 20 minutes to explain 2 minutes worth of text
>/mhg/ is full of people ironically shitposting wrong info
>reddit is full of people who unironically believe bad info and most people are running meme wide range builds
>speedrunners slap on OP mantles and spam the strongest attack over and over so there's nothing to learn besides just copypasting a boring build
>it doesn't matter in the end because even the hardest content in World is clearable by just button mashing and not dying

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how's the jho ls? worse than DS? and the gl is worse than rathian for full burst I assume?

So are the load times actually better? They feel the exact same sadly.

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Dumbed down combat and nerfed monsters?

It sure worked fine for Dead Space and Lost Planet.

>capcom balancing
shouldn't have expected anything else after what they did to lbgs

What do you want them to do? Nerf the weapon into complete irrelevance so then Bow takes the top spot?

Any Jho hunting sessions? I've got a 2 silver 1 bronze investigation. Also with a G.Jagras.

What's with the rampant World shitposting lately? What are nintenbabies triggered at this time?

They weren't trying to dethrone what was optimal, just make other stuff not as much worse.

>Dead Space
Horror is harder to spin to a wider audience believe it or not. Also DS3 got flak for un-engaging story, not simplified gameplay mechanics.

Combat is the best in the franchise. Keep crying, toddler.

Balance changes tldr
C.Draw GS is back, is on par with TSC playstyle.
Impact and Elemental are closer in terms of damage, blos CB SAED spam is still top dog. Elemental SAED spread is still too wide to reliably hit shit with all 5/6 explosions.
Foresight Slash is incredibly easy to pull off now
HH actually does good damage now
Hammer fan get 2 KOs per multi session now instead if 1.

These are all the weapons I play, so someone else has to add for the others.

this board needs to chill the fuck out.. vets aren't dropping like flies.

yes the 2.0 update sucked, yes the franchise is probably set to go in a direction, but MHW still is the most fun MH ever gameplay-wise.

>two completely vague statues, one alluding that HR games were ever hard to begin with outside X/Generation's Deviant system

Another waste of oxygen trying to stir shit up for the sake of stirring shit up.

Foresight slash buff is fucking insane.
It is ridiculous how easy it is to counter slash now.

It's a good thing Glavenus is spared from World.
As much as Ninties want him to replace Anja badly, they should be grateful at least he kept his balls unlike Joe.

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Because they still can't play Monster Hunter while we just got more content for free. Hiroshimoot needs to implement an identification system like on /int/ but instead of national flags people get little mario caps or xbox/ps4 logos on their posts.

>Combat is the best in the franchise
Sure if you like face tanking monsters that can't do any damage to you, repeating your BnB combo over and over and scoring flinches every 3-4 seconds until the monster dies in 2 minutes or less

>the youtuber memegenre is harder to spin to a wider audience

Why do so many people pretend that glav wasn't pure garbage best left forgotten? This is the worst meme.

They really need to make the tailswipe on Jho more noticable. He really just looks like he's turning around.

>Elemental SAED spread is still too wide to reliably hit shit with all 5/6 explosions

So I can skip Capacity Boost and still be fine? I just need a few more pieces for Jhos CB.

>Xeno: Alien, different, strange
>Jiiva: Soul, spirit, animating force
It's not a literal alien, you absolute retard. The Xeno just means it was born through strange bioenergy stuff.

>another dipshit who thinks Jho has ever been hard outside of Tri

Where the fuck are you sub humans coming from all of a sudden?

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They weren't that hard but you at least had to pay some attention instead of mindlessly button mashing your way to victory.

Nintards have to justify their purchase somehow

That's gen 4.5 as a whole, the only passable monster was Maccao and it's furbait.


Stop using mantles, stop minmaxing, start fashion hunting.

I think I could qualify as a "vet" since I've been playing since 2nd gen, and I love almost everything about World.
There's a few hub design flaws and it feels like there's a lack of content, but it's just a consequence of the QoL changes.
You're fooling yourself if you think that on the 300+ hours you put in a previous MH title, it was all pure fun and joy. A good chunk of that time was spent running around maps, squatting multiple times on gathering spots, and doing it again on another map because you need components.
Add to that less rewards after a hunt and you get a grindier game, requiring you to dump more time in it than World.
People tend to forget that "Hours played" doesn't necessarily mean "Hours enjoyed"

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The horror in Dead Space is hard to sell now. When was the last time a shooter action horror game sold well? Most popular horror games now are garbage jump scares from a forced First Person POV on rails.

>tfw want arena LBG for normal 3 elementless

Am I a pleb?

I just prefer the mobility and firing/reload speed of the LBG to my Diablos HBG

just like in world then

>yes the 2.0 update sucked

How so?

Room session id: 67L6xFapPeRR

Yeah, you really shouldn't be SAED spamming as elemental. Just ED1, ED2, AED.
Capacity Boost can be dropped.

Fuck off braindead sonyshill reddit faggot

Anyone crafted the Jho bow yet? Is it fun?

>C.Draw GS is back, is on par with TSC playstyle.

Lol, why would you go and tell this kind of lie?

>way less weapon variety
>shits on the diffculty, everything is piss easy
>handler looks like a fat SJW girl you'd see in Overwatch instead of a cute guild girl
>online experience completely ruined by the horrendous implementation of the guild hall, ruining the social aspect of MH's online which is what made previous MH games have such a longevity to begin with (playing it with others); further aided by the cancerous SOS flare system
>no more village/guild split, even the worst ultra shitter can sos flare carry his way through every single quest

It's actually got a super thin hitbox, not even close to the actual size of his tail. I accidentally rolled through it a few times last night and I've got it down pretty consistently this morning.

>mindlessly button mashing

You're talking about Gen right? That game with Adept Style that completely trivialized 99% of the content? Why not go do something productive with your time instead of being a fucking pathetic waste of space who has nothing better to do than try to stir up shit for no reason on a korean basket weaving forum.

Nergs is better though.

But I use Karma because I like 100% crit chance and how it looks

>Jho has no investigations
>have to join SOS's for that fucking special quest over and over again
Also, where do I get the boost GS?

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>World is fun if you play it badly
fuck off

>Ecology Survey: Slay Elder Dragon

Does Zorah Magdaros count for this? I need some of his parts, so it would be nice to kill 2 birds with one stone.

/mhg/ before Jho release
>Oh man Worldbabs are going to get shit on lol!
>Can't wait for jho, I hope he's as hard as ye olde times
>My boy Jho gonna kick ass

/mhg/ after Jho release
>Jho was never hard

>people are still talking avout worlds reddit abortion

You sure you couldn't fit a few more buzzwords in there?


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Not really, it's just that RE went all action (and FPS) instead of keeping its old gameplay, both it and Dead Space were pretty similar gameplay wise and did fairly well, along with their old friends like Forbidden Siren, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, it's just that they stopped making games like this, the latest is like... Dreadout and it didn't sell that well because no one heard about it.

Yeah and how many hours of MHW's hours are spent loading the town or running around the ancient forest because the monster decides to flee every 20 seconds despite red slinger ammo, if you even manage to get it off on insta-takeoff wyverns?

How many hours in MHW are spent hunting for decos while doing braindead boring tempered hunts?

How many hours sniffing unicorn farts?

So what's the best CB now? Did they fix it enough to where element actually matters?

Deadspace 1 is still the best out of the 3.

Please post proofs of you mindlessly button mashing any monster besides g.jagras to death in World. Oh wait, you can't, because you only own one console. And MHW isn't on it lol

Jho can be in investigations. Also, you get him as an optional after you've beaten the Special Assignment.

Boost Sword seems to be coming in an event next month.


>way less weapon variety
So what? MH has always been about just making the one weapon that shits on everything else anyway
>shits on the diffculty, everything is piss easy
MH was never about difficulty
>handler looks like a fat SJW girl you'd see in Overwatch instead of a cute guild girl
Oh man what are we going to do without those 240p qts
>online experience completely ruined by the horrendous implementation of the guild hall, ruining the social aspect of MH's online which is what made previous MH games have such a longevity to begin with (playing it with others); further aided by the cancerous SOS flare system
Play with friends then
>no more village/guild split, even the worst ultra shitter can sos flare carry his way through every single quest
Who cares? If you don't like SOS flares don't use them, how does a shitter getting carried affect your experience?

I hit for 470-500 on draw lv3 charged slash. To put that in perspective, I hit for 700-800 with TSC.


If I remember right, no. You don't slay him, so it doesn't count.

Ninbabs absolutely seething

What is the hardest G-rank game to solo?

How's your schizophrenia?

Does Latent Power last the whole rest of the quest once it procs? It activates after 5 minutes or taking 150+ damage right?

actually you have to press B at the right time to use adept. unga SAED will kill a monster before you run out of max potions.

How many hours are spent mining for shitty charms in the previous games?
How many hours spent on doing retarded gathering quest to unlock arts or other shit?
How many hours gathering for mats because back in those games you had limited inventory and had to crawl through the fucking dirt to gather?

I meant investigations with him as the target monster.

Why can't you just stop it with the console shitposting?
Fyi I don't think any of the Nintendo MHs are good, the series died after FU

Blos is still the king.
The damage gap isn't too extreme anymore between elemental and impact.

Optimal way to play impact is still spam. saed

it failed to diversify weapons. GS is still TCS ad infinitum, GL still needs better everything that isn't the sweep combo, element phials still worse in every scenario.

jho set is very lackluster no matter how you look at it, even with bad skills it should have at least had a unique set bonus.

there's still no reason to use the hub cuz the entire hub is inferior to astera.

also jho is not a fun fight and just mildly annoying at best, although this is very subjective so ymmv i guess.

MHW was/is still an amazing game, but this update sucked at basically everything it tried to do.

/mhg/ before Jho release
>Jho is a bit overhyped, he's never been particularly difficult, he's just a popular monster

If we're cherry picking comments, I could go find a few saying exactly this sentiment weeks or months ago.

>the combat is the best in the series
>if you stop using any new addition to it and gimp yourself intentionally

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>Monster looks at you the wrong way
That's a foresight slash baby
>Monster whispers in your direction
That's a foresight slash baby
>Monster taps you on the shoulder
That's a foresight slash baby

I have no idea why they are buffing an already broken tool and weapon.