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>BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Releasing on May 31 in Japan, June 5 in North America: personacentral.com/blazblue-cross-tag-battle-releasing-may-31-japan-june-5-north-america-new-trailer/
>Persona 5 anime to start airing April 7th 2018: p5a.jp
>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night confirmed for release on May 24th 2018:


>Atlus' online shop is now open: shop.atlus.com/
>Persona Q2 revealed: pq2.jp

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>Anne is sweaty!
>Anne is buxom!
>Anne is beautiful!
>Anne is happy!
>Anne is wet!
>Anne is cute!
>Anne is flexible!
>Anne is an angel!
>Anne is lewd!
>Anne is sad!
>Anne is silly!
>Anne is for kisses!
>Anne is stylish!
>Anne is for sexual!
>Anne is awesome!
>Anne is sultry!
>Anne is pure!
>Anne is amused!
>Anne is quality!
>Anne is Lovers!
>Anne is canon!
>Anne is an apricot!
>Anne is an actress!
>Anne is a model!
>Anne is thankful!
>Anne is Santa Claus!
>Anne is an amazon!
>Anne is dancing!
>Anne is Anne, not Ann!
>Anne is best girl!

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I love Anne!

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>Persona 5
Fucking got to the end of the dungeon and was forced to go out for the night and come back he next morning. It's saturday or something so the trains decides to crash. Now being unable to go to the dungeon screwing me over. Lost atleast 10 hours of gameplay. Fuck this game. Haven't touched it for the past month. Hopefully i'll get over the grief and carry on
notice me!!!

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You forgot to change the previous thread link

P4 was a mistake

It's my first time

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>He lost his savescumming instinct

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It's okay user we all make mistakes.

Everything was planned out. But two train crashes in a week didn't help. Aswell as that wanka of a barkeeper saying i can't leave the area for two days in the past two weeks shaved off 4 days of fucking around. Bollocks.

I miss fuukafag

I love my Queen

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That’s the dumbest thing a man who does fuck with a condom could ever do besides not use a condom.

Futanetta's clothes are made out of her hair. Fact.

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That's what she said lmao

Ren is from Sumaru City!

Naoto's socks.

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Someone is missing ;_;


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Shut up.


She's mine /pg/

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Mark !



none of the girls are remotely interesting. Ann(e) and Makoto are so fucking bland, while Futaba and Haru are just annoying.

Everyone knows Hifumi best girl, and Takemi best mommy.

shut up

Kawakami a kawacutie

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This but unironically.
Hifumi also looks the best.

the P1 cast

They're saving the best for last

haha yeah

But they already announced Shinji and Goro for last yesterday.


Persona 5 Arena when!!!!?

So today I learned that /mhg/ is WAY more autistic than this place

Literally Sho tier trash

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Finally, yes.


Who? P3 only has a male MC.

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Her name is Aigis.

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Fuck off to your containment thread.

I screwed up
sorry Ann

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/pg/ is a containment thread

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Best girl got best hair!

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The dancin gaimu website still has 2 coming soon categories in it's customization section. Are those just going to be for haircolour and haircuts?

Probably. I hope Anne gets the hair style section.

I figured it out!!!
Mitsuru married jumpei so that people would stop annoying her about getting a husband
In exchange junpei fucks her twice a week

>that post

Y'all are so dumb. Stop it.

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Give me a single reason to like Akechi besides his looks

Shut up and post some motherfucking hand holding

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Literally nothing. He's irredeemable murderer.

He isn't a complete idiot like every other PT besides Joker and Makoto.

I want to sit on Futaba

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>trash canne
>best anything

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>Lavenza will actually be in the dancing games

Trailer when

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I want Futaba to sit on me

>isn't a complete idiot
>Doesn't use Megidolaon spam even when he can

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No, Inari, ur tsundere gf might have a good memory and hacking knowhow, but she's socially inept and makes terrible decisions. Doesn't count.

fuck off pedo!

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>post yfw Caroline and Justine perform the Dragonball fusion dance to become Lavenza and finish the stage as her

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>Lavenza/Caroline+Justine room exploration
>literally just the prison cell from the base game
>only 3 things to check are the cell door, the bed and the toilet
>card is hidden in the toilet

haha yeah

There's a sub vs dub thread up on /a/ I know you people are all about that shit

you are my...

Singles > dubs

You're right. Akechi is canonically smarter.

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Wasn't smarter enough to just kill his father and move one with his life instead of "making his life a true hell"

He represents the game's moral pretty well and his prince outfit was stylish.

His motives are complex.

haha... yeah.

Goro, like Makoto, is book smart. His arrogance and pride made him believe he was clever than others and fail to see how he was manipulated.

He didn't want his father to die, he just wanted him to suffer.

>decapitate themselves at the same time
My my...

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After your encounter with Goro, right before the beach, why exactly did Futaba bought those fireworks? I don’t remember.

That's my point.
He could just kill him, but NO, TRUE HELL BECAUSE IM A FUCKING GENIUS!

Killing him is too kind though.
Shido made his life a living hell so of course he'd want to make him go through the same thing.
Yeah, he has a childish side to him that makes him idolise heroes and crave his parents' acknowledgment.

>Akechi is canonically smarter.
>got cucked by the dumbest PT member.

Revenge isn't about getting rid of someone user. He wanted his dad to suffer just like he suffered because of him. Getting manipulated into killing people for the same person you want revenge on is a different story, however.

But can you have Haru dance together with Groo in the spaceport while Groo is wearing the bootleg Darth Vader suit? This is important.

margaret/mitsuru /sae
fuck kill marry

>still no Haru KV on the anime site

>Goro apologists

Fuck and marry Sae

How is any of that apologism

Exactly this.
Goro is smart, but also extremely emotionally unstable to the point it interferes directly with his intellectual and combat capabilities. In other words: his talents are kind of useless in a truly critical situation.