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t. pyro main edition.

>Patch Notes

> Enemy HP spreadsheet that looks mostly correct and valid until the devs shit on it and don't contribute anything

>Information about chests and when to open them
pastebin.com/4tpB97Kb (embed)

>Book locations for dumb people.
pastebin.com/mKeD7t6T (embed)

>Performance guide
pastebin.com/BKH7pNMy (embed)

>Mega of shit:

>Vermintide lore

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first for elf rape

I main pyro

Why don't you play foot knight, friends?

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I play Handmaiden purely for masturbating to her giant ass cheeks in leggings.

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>I'm actually a Kruber main and I don't have any issues with him, on legend for some reason I usually get a lot of sweet green circles.
>kruber main
>lot of sweet green circle

Imagine you play pyro and make shit like this up.

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>weak but smug elf cunt surrounded by men

Kerillian was designed specifically for rape.

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I hate how he looks, especially the cape

Is there a demo to check how well it runs on my rig?

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>have to equip whatever weapon the class has on the character select screen or else it feels wrong
Sigmar bless my autism.

You don't get dmg from getting hit as ib? What the fuck

you can always buy it on steam and get a refund if it doesnt work properly

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you cancel one damage every 20 second

Stormcast eternal(tm) hero when?

Your ult gives you unbreakable stamina, there's also this trait mentioned in the title for a shielded weapon.

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explains why every retard plays the dwarf.

Guise how do non ironbreakers deal with the fact that they are shit?

SFM when?

Not every dwarf is a retard but every sienna is.

Compensating with the skill that you achieve by not playing IB.

>Get emperors chest from champ
>2 greens and a blue

>kruber players are retarded
>saltzpyre players are retarded
>bardin players are retarded
>kerillian players are retarded
>sienna players are retarded

did I miss anyone

>Holding the rearguard as Merc
>Got a lot of chaos trash on me with some shields thrown in
>Halberd is working though
>Use ability and knock them back, easy pickings
>TWICE THE GLORY to the back of the head

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yes I think you missed bardin players

>600 power
>hit a random chaos shmuck in the head with a basic warhammer attack
>doesnt kill it
I guess that power vs chaos is pretty important huh

I'm at the point where I'd be happy to receive 2 greens in a chest

Lohner players.

>Wizard players on champion difficulty

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>He thinks handicapping yourself is fun

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Slayer will always suck unless he gets cleave for every weapon because he cannot deal with hordes, he also needs more hp

it seems like i have to write "USE YOUR FUCKING SWORD" in half my champ games because the shitty beamboy can't keep it in his pants and wants to torch every single trash mob through me

>devs are retarded

Handgun or Xbow for Ironbreaker? No Gruderaker, I already have one and pubs sometimes won't shoot specials that are far away

Crossbow is better in every way.

You can see in the clip that the no damage buffer has already been triggered and he does take damage, just not much.

Merc is easily the most based class

>group of BH Saltz, beamstaff Sienna, longbow elf and halbert Kruber
>the BH never does a single point of damage through friendly fire
>even the elf only puts one or two arrows into someone's back
>but every time a horde spawns the entire team gets their backs grilled by the mage

I love Mercs. Free temp hp and free attackspeed is lovely. And he's always useful because halberd.

>ranged weapons deal twice as much damage as melee weapons
>all the good ranged characters get infinite or nigh-infinite ammo
>almost all ranged characters get some insane damage boost from innate crit or damage passive, while melee guys just get shitty hero power boosts
>almost all ranged characters get some broken ult that either instantly delets enemies or makes their attacks deal a billion damage (huntsman), melee guys get mostly gap-closers that give slight attack speed boosts or nothing at all

the only advantage of playing a melee character is the fact that you have slightly more HP and your main form of damage doesn't hurt allies

what is the point

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So with the Food knight level 20 talent, you can have infinite block stamina for 10 seconds? Seems useful for picking people up with block revive and FK ult takes less than 10 seconds to fully charge most of the time, sometimes less.

Also is block revive a bug that they're gonna fix or intended?

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Why use sword when you can use the shorty that doesn't deal FF unless you center it on an ally? Why would anyone ever hold beam when beam burst does infinitely more damage faster for less heat? Sometimes it feels like no one understands how to wizard.

>That music that kicks in when you're the last one left
>Get pumped and start doing real good
>You fail anyways cause you can't beat 10 chaos warriors

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What did he mean by this?

Being near invincible with randoms.

>slightly more health

25% with talent plus whatever attribute for health you roll as FK. And aside from health you also get more damage resistance which makes the health go further.

But yeah melee does need a buff to be more in line with ranged, but at the same time you can't deal as much damage as them and live twice as long

>Foot Knight
>extra damage resistance aura
>25% more health
>roll a 20% more health trinket on top of that
I have become the bullet sponge.

>everyone just jumps off the cliff at skittergate
this is getting really tiresome

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>playing legend as bh
>the elf player is getting constant hate for running ahead and not sticking close to the group
>run into a horde at the end of the mission
>bardin has a chaos warrior on him
>try to help by blasting the warrior with my ult
>aim a little bit too low and instantly kill bardin instead
>no one realizes and they instead blame the elf for not sticking with the group

Damage only matters on bosses, faggot. Even a gimp damages tank spec melee can 1-2 shot chaos warriors with the right weapon. This isn't a fucking MMO. All that matters is # of hits per kill vs attack speed.

I just dropped down to veteran to do a couple of matches with my brother, the 2h hammer kills a good 5-6 slave rats per sweep with a couple more knocked down.

>start a legend run of empire of flames, since mission never comes up in quickplay and I want it completed
>pugs join
>level 27 kruber joins and says "hope you dont kick me for being low level"
>assume this means he knows what he's doing, don't care in that case

>first horde happens
>all three teammates get knocked down by horde because they try to fight completely out in the open
>res them all, one of them dies to a stray mob
>one of them primes a mauler on me and dodges into me so it overhead swings me from behind, 80% of my HP gone
>die in a blightstorm as I try to snipe the stormer but missed his head
>team wipes shortly

>kruber goes "and people run this? lol"
>sienna goes "fatshark is retarded"

Please fuck off legend if you don't actually want to clear it you autistic fucking faggots

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>Playing with pubs on veteran
>Me as Kruber, we have a Bounty Hunter Victor, Shade Kerillan and Ranger Bardin
>Everyone getting downed by trash.
>We end up dealing with a fire rat ogre, a chaos spawn and another rat ogre from the bell mission
>I get no heals for the entire mission because the elf and dwarf keep snatching them and then getting downed by trash
>End up just running to the end with a speed potion after fucking off the bell

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Cooldown is the most useful talent. Power maybe if it even works. Unlimited blocking gets wasted when they're already on their asses and you have the 40% stamina regen talent.

Tell them it was fixed and easily beatable now. Also give them tips on the boss when you get there. I haven't had anyone suicide on it since patch. Beat it 4 times yesterday.

>narrate gameplay alone
>see chaos spawn
kek to yourself

r8 autism

The Order of the Reikshammer is the knightly order Kruber is part of.

The only reason I hate it is because of how fucking long the level seems. Do you get more XP for it?

Infinite block is the best generally. Cooldown is already short enough.

Block reviving is intended.

Most JUST boss in game imo

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How many times have your Sienna's overheated today anons?
I've had 5 players go NUCLEAR 14 times combined

I get kicked if I don't jump

>thinly veiled /pol/ flag war bait in my VT2 thread

Nope, xp you get is proportional to the percentage of the map you completed. So if you die halfway through a long map you get the same as if you die halfway through a short one. And the maximum is always the same.

Reikshammer, it's the order of knights FK Kruber is part of.

Let's talk about the GHULMAGAK mission swamp. Why does everyone run through it down the middle instead of hugging the far wall? For the past few days, every run of it in both champ and legend have wiped in the swamp when a horde spawns and encircles everyone. No one ever follows me to the far wall even though no enemies spawn from it or drip on you and it has multiple choke points, avoids patrols and has loot.

Please start playing this section properly and spread the word.

>default FOV is 60 because ????
>change FoV to something reasonable but still pretty bad like 80
>enemy hitboxes now extend beyond their weapons
A++ game fatshark well done

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>swings randomly just pass through enemies without making contact

why does this still happen

is it because the host has a shit pc/connection? it seems to happen mostly during hordes

Give tips for shittergate

Bodvarr Checkspreader

which side is the far wall?

>wtf is optics?

you're the good boi thanking me for carrying your ass while I kill everything with my beam stuff just keep my back save cuck and don't move infront of me.

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>streamers with FOV so ungodly high the world literally bends and morphs to fit into the screen

How do people not get sick playing like this. Also looks like shit having all the scenery bent and warped. Like VR without goggles or something.

Fastest maps to run with bots for EXP?

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Overheating is a legit strategy if group is surrounded and blowing yourself up will clear threat...

Well, that was the case in VT1. In two where all your short cd F skills clear all overcharge and the self destruct doesn't even kill maulers, not so much. Which is a shame. Knowing when to explode in VT1 was the mark of a great wizard.

It happens even if you're a host so it's just shit coding.

Warhammer is the only major franchise with 100% white characters. This is truly the white man's game, so it's no wonder that nationalistic gentlemen will find their way here.

>being this autistic

>p-please laugh at my joke, guys
>you just don't get my humor

oh no they guys are just panicking and fucking up

or the Fort Bratwurst

>being this much of an unfunny faggot

>fantasy will never be an open world rpg

>only get one grim
>still get emperor

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FOV is completely fucking in this game
The higher it goes the more you get that fisheye lens effect and everything looks wrong

Righteous stand is pretty quick

people acting like fov affects range has always been the absolute fucking dumbest thing to me. How is this such a widespread belief? Why the fuck would you assume that hitboxes have ANYTHING to do with camera angle?

Knock downs from powers and bombs prevent gatekeeper from turning into a spawn.
You can chain CC the rat mount to kill him in a few seconds. The boss himself you shoot every time he teleports as you run to him to beat him up. This prevents him casting spell. Best way to do that is to have 2 teams of two hand half the arena each. One kills rats, one shoots then melees caster, other guy joins in after clearing adds. If your whole team tries to go to melee every time, he'll nuke the shit out of you every time he ports.
The one across the swamp when you drop down.

Am I the only one who loves the fort map? Sometimes when it's not a Legend run I like to just stare at the fort being sieged at the start of the level, Fatshart's sound design is A+.
Too bad they they forgot to add a bunch of dead empire soldiers to the front part of the fort and that it's actually the easiest part of the level when it should have been the toughest.

Presumably the one on the far side of where you drop down

Have you tried setting it to the minimum and maximum FOV? That's a hell of a difference in perspective.

This is literally every 1st person game in existence. Just keep FOV to a value you're used to.

>Use ult
>At this moment teammate passes through me
>Cant see his model but ult shaves off 1/3 of his life
When will they fix this shit one way or another

Test it yourself you dumb little nigglet.

At default FoV enemy hitboxes sync up with the physical models (excepting when the enemy animations desync which is all the time lol amazing game fuckshark)

At higher FoV's the enemy hitboxes extend beyond the models of the weapons, you can literally see teammates getting hit by the fucking air as bosses swing at nothing in front of them.

The way Fatshark implemented FoV is broken as fuck, like everything else in their shitheap of a game.

man this thing looks pretty cool

too bad it's garbage, just like every other kruber's ranged weapon

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>join a game with 3 dogeaters
>they keep shooting me in the back

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Nah man. I fucking love that shit. I'd love if they explored the idea even more and just ditched 50% of the level of getting to the fort. It'd be pretty cool to defend against a Chaos assault in a castle, like needing to knock off ladders from walls and shit.

>Kicked from a game by an elf main

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