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next time make it yourself edition

>Upcoming 3.2.1b update patchnotes
>Patch 3.2: Patch Notes
>Patch 3.2: Ascendancy Changes
>Patch 3.2 League: Bestiary
>Patch 3.2 League: Challenge Rewards
>Useful Links

last map

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Stop consuming anime

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>throw net
>beast disappears before it reachs it
>don't capture it

Hows everyone else maps doing? I managed to sustain t10/t11/t13 without running a single T12.

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path of exile is a fun game and ggg is a gret developer

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nice sustain leage

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I have a few hundred white maps if you need some, BHC of course.

Can a lorefag give me a quick rundown on Breachlords?

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first for belly piety charging across the room and then teleporting back to the centre

>press the net button 372296 times
>still doesn't go through and accidently kill the beast
like oh my goood

Wow, sick Tier 15 Elder, this was totally worth the bullshit to actually do.

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mapping is working out really well for me
i have been getting so many returns that i upgraded from running T11/T12/T13/T14 to running T12/T13/T14/T15, and it is STILL going up! at this rate i might have to cut out T12 too and run T13/T14/T15/T16 instead at some point in the future.
i have also gotten into the habit of selling my maps for chisels directly instead of alchs or chaos, because i was annoyed at having to stock up on chisels after every major map session

by now i have reached 400/1500 influenced map completion for the challenge. i'm going at a nice and steady rate, will probably hit 1500 by the end of april.

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>1500 by the end of april.
i hope i can ignore that challenge

at least its not 1500 'maps'

feels the same

Doing fine. Just mapping casually while doing mostly trading/afk. Been sustaining fine. I'd have more high tier maps, but lately I just keep doing my t11-t12s. Just starting doing t13s and some t14s

Did you keep shaper alive and get Elder down in the unstable phase?

i can do whatever i want

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I'm honestly just not looking at the number. I might during the last month but atm dont sweat it

Honestly its not that hard if you sextant/shaper/elder influence/zana every map

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Yeah, I killed him while the elder had him all tied up. Don't you have to kill him like that?

forgot image

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what league are you in? do you want maps?
pic related is my map dump tab, they sit there for days until they get vendored up or listed for sale in another tab. if you are in breach sc you can have a bunch of low maps (up to t8) for free if you want

its really not that bad. i got perma elder/shaper on three of the four maps i run, and i put a single sextant as well as zana bloodlines on them too, so i get 3 points per map i run.
thats a total of just 500 maps, which really isnt that much over a 3 month league. it works out to less than 10 maps a day, which takes less than an hour of daily playtime to do.

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guess the build

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Yeah, thats how you got to kill him for a chance at Watcher's Eye. Guess you just didn't get lucky then.

severe autism

>spell node allocated
>also elemental attack node allocated
for what purpose

i wont worry till i'm at 30 challenges
for now only worrying for the simple stuff i can buy for cheap (twin/named maps)

Sustaining Reds finally.

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after getting my portal effect i ended up with full tab of red maps including plenty of guardian maps

Oh, I thought you could literally only kill him then, I've never had the shaper get injured during the fight.

I know I just got unlucky, I just wanted to shitpost. I can't play PoE right now because Comcast is doing work on the lines in my neighborhood and my internet keeps going in and out

>if you are in breach sc
meant bestiary sc of course lmao

>do you want maps?
sure why not Niluch , beast sc clearty

>elemental damage with attacks
>spell damage
n-nanda to?
its a wander?

guess the build

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some shitty poet's pen build you didn't do the maths on

Why did you guys hoard your White/Yellow maps?
It's not like you're going to run them again, hundreds of Alchs you could have gotten.

It's too late in the league now, but when you first hit yellows, you should have dumped all your whites, when you hit reds, all your yellows.

Reddit was complaining about Alch drops, meanwhile I was sitting on 600 from selling those retards my irrelevant map pool.

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probably some build with crown of eyes, maybe mjolner

too bad if you do that you end without any maps to run

buy 1 white map for 1 alch
alch it
earn back 5-10c in currency drops
you smart man

Here's a hint

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Now that I'm done with the league, what should I play instead of PoE?

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i only sell maps that go for more than a chaos.
3 alchs is the minimum price i ask. everything worth less than that i just vendor up 3 to 1.

trading low value shit for pennies at a time isnt worth the effort for me.

>done ith the league
play ssfhc, you dont be done with the league

>so few people play glad

Why? because they have to invest into Accuracy? It's easier than ever to get block capped thanks to the new violent retaliation

>$15 for a shit skill's shitty skill effect
for what purpose

Fuuuck, good lab but I won't make it till midnight.

I already got 40/40 and I'm burnt out.

because you like how it looks?

>HOWA is up for 2-3c minimum



Because most melee are life based atm? No one plays Howa, so go for it user. Its not bad, its just not meta.

>ES nerfed
>VP nerfed
>HOWA nerfed
>VP no longer works with ghost reaver

why would anybody play howa now

howa was only good because you could run around with 10k blue life and instant leech to be immortal

>>VP no longer works with ghost reaver
you what friendo

>when a pair of boots give you everything you nee-
>it has no movement speed on it

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just leap slam lmao

just whirling blade lmao

Don't listen to the others.Use lightning warp instead

just flame dash lmao

lightning warp is based on your movement speed user

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it still works with ghost reaver, I mean I have a ES melee build and it works just the same

>doesn't use warp with reduced duration, swift affliction and faster casting while running on quicksilver flasks

>while running on quicksilver flasks
whats the point then, just run on flask and save yourself a 4l. I use Phase run + inc. duration and quicksilver, perfectly fine and good to go through shit, just like LW

hm so they undid that 3.0 change?
well back then it was still instant leech, and they explicitly made it not work with ES because blue life insant leech was so insane.

i miss my CI howa dudette

Shaper please

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I was just memeing really
And I like warp because I got the innocence mtx

Charged Dash with CwC Phase Run

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can you spawn already u fking faggot so I can fking kill u and get my shaper orbs already from reds

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Just queen of the forest lmao

>get messages from friends every day saying how glad they are that they skipped this league

pic related it's said friends showing how glad they are that they skipped this league

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Elder needs to be on 20 maps to spawn, you only have 17 covered atm.

Clear 2-3 Shaper maps.

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Everything a glad can do, another class can do better.

81% block and spell block

The elemental attack node is a 20 str node thanks to the jewel.

It's an iron will build: pastebin.com/Tf4rpqfp

>15 hours of video games in the past 2 weeks

My friends just look for excuses not to play PoE. They either end up pushing near 200 hours every 2 weeks during a sreason or not playing fucking anything and just complaining.

>my autism in numerical form

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So what? A jugg has better overall defenses, while having better clearspeed and damage.

Running lab again today was a good decision

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Block above 75% is overrated, you want protection from one-shots and degen ground effects instead of a meme block chance.

last digit decides how many 20/20 gems i vaal

I guess I don't have a very good grasp of defense mechanics. Could somebody walk me through this? If I have cold res capped at 75%, which should be easy with this, then 75% of 20% of my phys damage is also resisted? For 15%? That's pretty good, right? Same sort of deal for fire res if that's not completely capped itself?

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>you want protection degen ground effects
you gonna stack fucking chaos res and fire res cap? lmao

you gonna get life/es and regen you fucking pleb

"damage taken as" works like this

>get hit with 1000 phys damage hit
>take 800 phys damage and 200 cold damage
>the 800 phys is then reduced by your armor and other sources of phys reduction
>the 200 cold is reduced by your cold res

in general, "physical damage taken as elemental damage" is great because the vast majority of builds have a lot higher elemental resistance than physical damage reduction

I dont get it, no matte what do you run lab you getl ike 20+ gem boxes.

alright kids see you on the next episode

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It's very strong defensively because elemental resistances are almost always capped out to 75% while most people don't even have physical damage reduction. So from 20% of physical taken as cold you essentially take 0,2 * 0,75 = 0,15 less physical damage. However, the body armour is not really used because it gives no life.


How to make easy lioneye's or lycosidae shields. Only really worth it for softcore shitters, though

atleast try to hide your shilling

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increase your max cold res. cheap and tanky.

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So if I've got a source of life from other places, it's a pretty good set of armor?

reminder there are at least a couple handful of these sorts of methods per league that go under the radar

i haven't made a scion since that one league where everyone was scion
it's a shame cauze she's got the nicest hair

>sell gems with a total added quality of 280%
>get 6 GCP and 3 scraps of wisdom
>280 divided by 40 is 7

I ran this through the calculator so many times now. wtf?

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>weighted rng is a good way to make money

Chances are you will lose money doing this. It's like the people that spammed shit skulls trying to get head hunters. The vast majority of the time you lose money due to the weighted rng. The people that do make a profit are extremely lucky. Fuck it i'll gladly sell all my shit skulls when I log in this evening and they triple in price.