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>avatarfags can't handle imagecap

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2 catboys being friends

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avatarfags can't handle ima-

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+1 Image

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Xaela wifes and girlfriends

(You) me bitch

Will you give my catboy a blowjob


Drawtrash is far from being welcome here

Elf girls!

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fuck off. You got pwned last thread, why don't you sit down for a while?

stop being so butthurt that your character hasn't been drawn yet.


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His art is shit quality

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Xaela are for pure marriage only

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I want this catboy to fill me with his sticky, warm cream.


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no, why would you say this

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but yes really

res plz


Beware Baboulas

post catboy and server

I miss a lot play this game and regret have given me account to a friend and now i want to play, should i redo everything or just jump and skip potions ? what would you do ? also worth play the game anymore? i miss awesome fight bosses like shiva, twintania, titan, ravana etc

Pazuzu up?

Leave leshies

gay lol

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No I'm scared now bye

Fight me nerd

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cringyha sojin

no I'll pass
yeah sup dude

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wtb a tiny fishing rod for my gun-daughter.

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ada is gassy! oh yeah!

ded fish

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I would prefer not to see images like this one

>this lardass is a "femboy" for xivg

Now THIS is a waste of an image

More ebin nudes please!

catboy posting starts now

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Good morning. Feeling charitable, post em. Stream up in 10.

Eastern Europe was a mistake.

Nice catboy

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Braaaa@pity bra bra brapppppp

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I keep on missing your posts so I'm very happy to be around for this one!

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when I see pictures like these, the sheer lack of care they put into keeping their living quarters tidy feels me with both empathy and a keen sense of disgust

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I hate white people

jourjis not even online dude, legit bait

You should learn what a tripcode is, the post you replied to doesnt have one.

I don't even know who he is! I don't have him as a friend anywhere.

I didn't know he had a trip either
As you can see I pay lots of attention to the thread all the time


clean your room lmao


Neither does the drawfag, which makes it easy to bait retards.


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it's my future EB@!

Oh hey! who is this catboy?


how's it going

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cant wait for them to reuse the paint brush in the future as a emote

Anectdotal evidence here, but its wierdly common to see femboy/traps/crossdressers from xivg/balmung with dirty surfaces and untidy rooms. Always struck me as odd

wtf do i gather to make money, ive got all 3 geared and to 70, wut do

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I can totally see that happening

you look like a dork
good middie desu

what do u expect from mentally ill ppl?

Take a look and see what's needed for raid food, the latest gear/glamour gear/furniture. Check the MB to see what this stuff is selling at and the sale history to see how often the market goes nuts on them.

Aethersand is often a component in stuff so try to get some.

Fair warning people might be less tismy on stuff right now cause they're grinding in Eureka but that's likely to go back to normal soon.

This is a cute Midlander.

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I'm taking that as a compliment

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that's not a catboy

What about cute catgirls?

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>imagine being in your mid-twenties and avatarfagging your shitty anime waifus all day

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Only if they like catboys

Good catboy thread. Gilgamesh has barely any catboys

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user, when are you going to get a girlfriend? Your father and I would very much like to have grandchildren some day, but every time I ask, you say you're already "E-Bead" in that Fantasy Fourteen game of yours. Isn't it time you went out and met some real girls?

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Can you fuck my catboy reverse cowgirl

when you stop posting your dick on the internet, mom




>having to wait 9 months for a commission to be finished when two weeks ago the artist told me they'd have it done by "tomorrow"
>and still waiting on another artist to fulfill my patreon sketch which hasn't been started since October

I have the worst luck with artists

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but those are posted all the time anyway...

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>hehe if I post it every day it's bound to be funny eventually
boards.fireden.net/vg/search/text/fantasy fourteen/


DRK fixes soon!
Eureka loot made tradeable soon!
Lady's Yukata (male) soon!

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Meower with tower

Someone's mad :)

No such thing sorry.

His driving is pretty bad....

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>being this angry

>getting mad on the interbutts