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Kagero is my wife.

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Huff huff~~

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>Still no Alt
Fucking kek

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Did anyone get him yet?

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Did you get her user?!

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Giving Kagero your hard Carrot.

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I did 4*.


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>0 orbs
>no wo dao axe
>isis hates axes so they’ll never make a normal wo dao axe, firesweep will probably be seasonal too
I’m sorry titania, I’ve failed you.

Why did she cry so much? It's only ketchup after all.

does Oscar count as as a blue equivalent? Because I got him twice.

I did but it was thankfully only a 4*

When can I whale for small boss?

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yes, with effectively neutral IVs
I only wish I didn't get baited or that my perfect iv lukas would be bunnytria instead
hopefully lego robin isn't naga
Jedah smiles

Not even powercreep can stop her

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>got a prf that made her realy usefull
Ehhh I'll take that

>wake up
>rolled kagero with low orbs
>also found out ReLife ended and Kaizaki and Hishiro got to be together in the end

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No because he at least have lancebreaker

Will Legion's new wife ever get in?

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Nice blog.

Not just that they share a workplace and Kaizaki made a really fitting choice as far as career.

Felt amazing.

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is there more pyon fapfics beyond whitewings and ninjabbit?

who dis

Who is this?

I drew 2 new Ninos while trying to get a Hector which I will use to merge. This way Nino can do her best even better.


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Cumming in boots

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What A skill for Linde? Darting Blow?


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who would even want lance breaker? Lances aren't even that good or common. The only one I can think of is Reinhardt.

Guys my Catria looks weird...

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Finally pulled a Felicia while getting best bunny, how do I build her?

It was. Kinda disappointed that the anime adaption cut the Kazaki and Oda's brother scene short but it was still nice.

Cipher OC.

Now that we know anyone can get an alt, Athena alt WHEN? I need one that doesn't have bug eyes.

he posted it again, the absolute madman

New cipher oc

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Spring Alfonse was made to be molested.

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Swift Sparrow

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>94 orbs
>haven't rolled yet because not feeling any of them
>leaning toward catria now
Should I go for it or just wait for B8

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So powerlevel ranks of this banner is
Catria > Alfonse >= Kagero >Sharena?

Why the fuck did you pull red?

Did it finish in the anime too?

How did she swallow a whole watermelon

>Cipher oc
Is that common for cipher? Her sword looks neat,

I put it on AA fillers to deal with boldfighter hardins

Wait for B8
You have one month to get them

Loli Tiki inside

No, post her damage battle art

la creatura...


I got her and 8 extra friends for her

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It's true.

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Iceberg or Glacies on +RES bunny sharena? i feel like Glacies' 4turn is just too slow

Yeah there's a few of them now.

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>You are as bright as the springtime sun

What the hell Alfonse? Stop being a fag.

>Did it finish in the anime too?
Yeah, just yesterday. They cut out a lot from the manga to be able to finish it in 4 OVA's but it was still great.

Wait for the bait. This banner's gonna be up for 30 days.

Spent about 150 orbs before this and only got three 4* Kliens. Which hey, 3 DB3s and potentional QR3s is great, but 150 orbs and no 5*s was shaking my faith in RNGesus.

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Is that a healthy Delthea

>implying he already wasn't a fag

Is Alfonso's axe good on himself?

Camilla's bf looks kinda cute here

Her left leg is fucked up.

Do you have a folder dedicated to your waifu/husbando? If so, how big is it?

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>full roll
hi brainlet

I dont


maybe its just

a compliment?

You are the fag, fag.

>282 orbs
>no Kagero

+Res -Def. A little better than the +Res -Atk I already have.


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Bride or Summer Palla WHEN?

post eirika

Is it worth giving Doot a bladetome or can I just stick to her prf?

W-well you did get SOME 5stars, r-right user?

>falling for the most bait unit in a bait banner ever

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>Running Calcs on the 700-710 to see what works best for Deirdre
>She is constantly getting her ass kicked

I suppose this is why you don't use Deirdre in Genealogy either.

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dork aura is really good so you shouldn't bother
her speed isn't ideal for blade tomes anyways

But pantyhose ...!

There is hardly any Serra art.

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Her Prf is good, both have different niches but are usable
Want support? Dark Aura.
Want to give her support? Blárblade.


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>wanting palla over best flying loli

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I'm happy having been spooked by this chad please tell me his IVs are better than my previous +Def -Res one

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Which Kagero should I use:

+def/-spd or +def/-atk?

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Did you roll who you wanted?

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Est should get a brigand alt for Halloween


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Post your biggest regrets /feg/

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why do people do this
literally just look up the hero on gamepedia or something, we're not spoonfeeding you

Yes. Not with the IV's I wanted.

Geez..Did you get a few Sothe at least?

Est is not a loli