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Righteous purging edition.

Purged: >New players read this then finish the game without spoilers:

-Mar 6: Bloodborne is free for PS+ members for March
-Jan 11/2018: Dark Souls 1 Remaster announced for PC, XBONE, PS4 and Switch, releasing May 25
-Dec 26-29/2017: Unused bosses & test areas are now safe chalices that anyone can use - i.imgur.com/3nibNFD.png

-/bbg/ Resource Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1TlAjZSvmE979gbayTvpioT72n5A7_bUjMNCLuOatJTQ
-Wiki: bloodborne-wiki.com/
-Build planner: mugenmonkey.com/bloodborne
-Multiplayer range calculator: mpql.net/tools/bloodborne/

-How to unlock FRCs for spelunks, fight clubs & gem farming: i.imgur.com/0AwN4Lo.jpg
-Gem farming chalices: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q9enxffA3dyKGu6IVg-P4IVgmKSUYSP9UOOiThHmPIU
-Lost/uncanny weapons, runes, and gems: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1syKnSKflHbFiGY4pXkfIeXoMa2Lp9X1aXyme2qaTen4
-How to summon/invade in a chalice: pastebin.com/mjRU01XK
-Edited chalices: i.imgur.com/3nibNFD.png (Unused bosses, test areas, early runes/weapons)

>PVE - Spelunking (anytime someone wants to host):
-Spelunks happen, join em, host em
-Set the chalice to Open and region to Worldwide
-Leave bell-ringing women alone for invaders

>PVP - Fight club (Every Saturday 6pmET/11pmUTC plus impromptus whenever):
-Rules: i.imgur.com/ihd176b.jpg
-Pthumeru: 7hjhf43b
-Loran: jjpkdcgd
-Isz: 9v8qndas
-Hintertombs: 5x3agiwe
-2v2 arena: i.imgur.com/71WOC0I.png

Q: Where do I get/put the best gems? A: bloodborne-wiki.com/2015/10/best-blood-gems-setups.html
Q: How do I setup arcane builds? A: i.imgur.com/73dnuUm.jpg
Q: How to access the DLC? A: i.imgur.com/XaRuxgF.png
Q: Did I miss a quest? A: i.imgur.com/Uzg8XI6.png
Q: Is this game active for coop and pvp? A: Yes

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Crush vermin.

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what are your preferred gem curses bros? i try to balance one durability down, one stamina use up, and one beast/kin atk down per weapon. nice comfy balance and gives me reasons to swap between.

i tried doing all durability down and that was comical.

1 stamina up, 1 ATK vs beasts down and 1 ATK vs kin down master race.

Dura down and stam up only. All stam if possible.

Kin down.

All stamina cost if I like using the weapon for everything, full Kin Down on weapons for dealing with Beasts, full Beast Down for weapons dealing with Kin. Durability Down on guns and Parasite, sometimes other weapons with 250+ durability if I don't having anything better yet.

Cal Santiago is shit.

Today I get to do defiled watchdog again. Hoping that since I've done it before it won't take as long because I know the snoot boop and attack patterns. But if last night's trip with the abhorrent beast means anything it will be a long day for sure.

Thanks for sharing, user.

You're welcome. Stay tuned for more details.

Durability down stops stacking after a point. It caps at losing one durability per hit, if you've reached that already then adding more dura down will have no negative effect.

Personally I prefer Kin Down so long as I have one decently gemmed weapon without it, otherwise stamina costs. Beasts Down is acceptable on non-serrated weapons provided I have something else on me for Beasts.

I never use Durability Down unless it's the only gem of that effect I own.

Am I really the only one who like Demon's Souls-style gimmick bosses? They're just more memorable and weird to me than Big Man #12 and Large Creature #24. Micolash is so fucking fun because he's just a mad cunt running around howling and shooting lasers and his theme is perfect.

>BMA'd Repeating one shots Hemwick hosts more often than not

I almost feel bad but who really needs 2 co-opers for Hemwick?

Where is the first place early game you can get/farm arcane or arcane scaling radials?

Does anyone else get "chunky anxiety"?

Every single playthrough I always level up a whole selection of weapons to +6, but when it comes time to go to +7 and beyond I get stumped on what to choose and end up sticking with a +6 into the DLC or Depth 4-5 Chalices.

Choosing what to upgrade is basically committing to your playstyke for the foreseeable future, since chunk farming isn't viable until very endgame.

Right now I'm doing a quality build and I've got Ludwig's, Axe, Kirk, Beast Claw and Saw Cleaver all at +6. And 8 chunks.

Current bosses are Rom, Ailing Abhorrant Beast and Ludwig. Everything else that can be dead at this point, is.

Not a problem on blt build.

Chunks are farmable though

Take Ludwigs or Cleaver to +8

I don't see the problem: there are enough chunks in the main game to upgrade two weapons to +9 and one to +8.

Anyone up for an FRC run?

Will they ever bring back having to duel another player as boss fight? I spent so many hours invading Latria with silly builds

Do you not already know which weapons you’ll want to use? Pick one that’ll be good against bosses or things you have trouble against and chunk it up, and use the other weapons for mobs when you want to

Dark Souls 3's 2nd DLC has that, but Bloodborne doesn't

There’s enough for almost 4 weapons to +9, I think you’re 1 or 2 chunks short. I wrote it down during my playthrough some days ago and I counted 63 or 64 chunks


Not at any reasonable rate until effectively post-game.

You can't really Farm chunks until you are at a stage where you have a +10 weapon. The hard part is several hours earlier, choosing which weapon to take from +6 to +9 (eventually +10) first.

Rocks are less of a hassle since you get two in main game, plus another 2 from insight provided you didn't waste a shitload. Then 3 more in Chalices, then farmable from Depth 5 dungeon bosses. Getting the 16 chunks required for each Rock is way more tedious.

I didn't count those in the DLC, I said "in the main game".


Glyph d3uzik4n
Pass bbg123

It's probably balanced around the one chunk in Hintertomb Root no one ever bothers to get.

Are you sure your number didn't include what dropped from Chalice bosses? With high discovery every Depth 4-5 boss might drop 2.



Try hintertomb

Booting up now.

I didn’t do chalice dungeons. Here is the guide I made, probably not useful for most people but maybe someone will find it useful.

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Do you think I can survive one hit in the FC with 19 VIT and two Clockwise Runes?

Which critter would drop them?

Yes but 2-3 you're probably dead

Good enough for me.


What kind of meme build are you making?

Bl 43 with
What weapon would be fun to use to switch it up? Using BoM at the moment. Thinking Saif or rakuyo. I know the endurance is fucked but whatever.

rakuyo with thrust gems is pretty sexy in my book

Those two and Church Pick

If you like only using r2s sure

Thanks lads

Planning a 50 Str 50 Arc Wheel build.

My internet is embarrassingly bad today. Sorry, Thomas.

>three scythe giants coupled together
>in one room

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>Yes but 2-3 you're probably dead
2-3 you're deaf anyway.

That's like less than 680 HP as an invader and maybe a little more after blood-bulleting.
You could survive single attacks with really shitty modifiers like silver sword, but not much else.

Knife 'em bro.

Tried that, they were more interested in us

I can't believe no one answered this.

The flaming-weapon Pthumerians in the Pthumerian Labyrinth dungeon drop them. I have no idea what kind of quality they have, though. I just grab two from Hotdog.
The next ones worth a damn are 16%ers from the flaming-weapon Pthus in Lower Pthumeru.

I can't think of a single enemy in the main game that drops radial elemental gems.

Check out this doc:

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>arcane or arcane scaling radials
>fire radials

Not fire or boltn I know where to get those.

I want arcane or arcane scaling.
Not top tier, the earliest ones you can get.

I thought he meant arcane though, not fire

>keeps shitting out shitty webms
>posts this garbage
Just stop already, fuck.

I did.

Oh, I got you. I thought by 'arcane or arcane scaling' you meant elemental gems in general. My bad.

There's no 'early' arcane radials that I'm aware of. BAHs can drop Arcane gems if you want to go searching for them in root chalices. Otherwise failed emissaries in Woods drop 8% arcane triangles.

You can get Cold gems from Central Pthumerian Elder, but they're not worth using.

Bloodborne fucked up my entire conception of fall damage in other From games. Shitty little drops in DaS3 take away so much health. Some outright kill you that you'd survive in Bloodborne. God, I hate this.

So I'm trying one of the chalice dungeons in the OP post that is supposed to have a weapon in Layer 1. I have searched high and low and found nothing but blood vials and quicksilver bullets. What am I doing wrong?

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If its a DLC weapon you have to unlock it main game before you get chalice versions. Or so I hear.

Which one?

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Have the 10.5 triangle

Just need radials.

Guess Ill just rush to micolash.
Kinda shitty...

I made that picture, for someone who asked for it, over a year ago. I'm sorry I trigger you so hard user.

Don't mind people like that. An attempt at helpfulness or friendliness is frowned upon here apparently.

The item I am looking for is the uncanny beast claw, I don't think thats a DLC item is it?

Uncanny Beast Claw

Honest I'll be happy with any claw, I just haven't found one yet.

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Arcane damage isn't even that good. reminds me that that there's a couple random arcane gems (and brainsuckers who drop +30 arcane gems) in the false-depth chalices. I suppose they count as the beginning of the game, since you only need Labyrinth Root to access them.

I found the regular one in one of the standard chalices. Layer 2 of ailing loran, iirc. It was just on the ground behind one of the beast guys using it I think.

Layer 1
- Nothing notable, preboss had GOW guarded by a bunch of spiders and a madman
- Beast-Possesed Soul boss

Layer 2
- No prelayer or preboss bonus room
- Bell maiden summoning pthus and spiders right above the spawn
- Oil swamp with 3 sickle giants
- Hotdog boss

Layer 3
- pre-layer is another swamp with 3 sickle giants, chalice mole tunnel looks out at the swamp
- misplaced ladder prevents us from getting into one area
- 3 sages hair in one chest
- 3 backbones in another, this room looped back to the prelayer swamp
- HBLB boss, dispatched easily

No layer 4

Fun dungeon, cool to see that mole tunnel again.

Thanks for hosting, no Abyssal, but got a Blood Rock from HBLB.

I’m pretty sure all of the weapons/runes are in either prelantern or preboss bonus area, not in the main area. And it’s not dlc no.

Not looking for the best.
Low level arcane build, but I dont want a visible arcane effect like fire or bolt on my weapon.

Thanks for hosting. The ladder and tunnel for L3 was pretty cool. And I got a nice HA

Thank you for the help!

Okay thank you, I have to figure out how bonus areas work, yes I know I know, I am new as shit to chalice dungeons I have never used them. I appreciate the help.

the uncanny beast claw is in the preboss area, meaning that you have to pull the lever and then get to the end of the preboss area

>one sperg sperging speaks for /bbg/

I'm not pointing you toward the best. The ones in the false-depths are only depth 4-5, and uncursed.

If you're trying a purist run, I've done it before, the best you're gonna do is either to search around uncursed roots for BAHs to farm, or farming Woods emissaries for off-shapes, or settling on the one 10% arc triangle and two Central Pthu Elder Colds. Or Lower Pthu Rom for Nourishings.

No, it’s in prelamp.
Go straight ahead, keep going straight in the room where you can drop down, turn left, then left again, in the room with the bell turn right and the beast claw is there guarded by a silverbeast

The "not looking for the best" was referring to the "its not any good though" comment.

Hmm, central pthu colds will work I think.
Guess Ill go for that.

Seaching that preboss area, thanks!

the room with electricity? it was not in there actually, just one mean fella who did not like me on his turf.

Why does the hypogean gaol lamp break?

To force you to go through the bellmaiden gauntlet.

Not sure what you mean about room with electricity. But I just checked and it’s in prelamp bonus area. Preboss bonus area has uncanny tonitrus.

How do you contribute to this general, scum?

I truly appreciate your help user, I will continue later. I am having zero luck. Good luck in your adventures.

Well, the reason I say they're not worth using isn't that they're not FRC or whatever, it's that I think raw% bonuses would go farther. I assume in most cases 8% AR would be better than +.14 Arc scaling.

I guess I can't be sure without doing the math, though.

I’ll never not be mad that arcane weapons don’t have a EPS-like effect on hit.

Here user I drew you a shitty map, enemies and traps not included

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how would i go about turning a cane into a Bolt Cane? what version is the best one?

Lost after frc is unlocked. Radial CA, triangle CA, abhorrent beast waning. Before that you’re better off with 2 radials and 1 waning with the gems from fishing hamlet. Or whatever offshapes the fish wizards drop.

Arcane scaling triangle and radial
Bolt waning

Man, you are the best, I will use this map after lunch here. Thank you!

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Just want a little more damage than the triangle provides.
Probably only use 1 radial then use a murky for the other to add poison.

Made Iosefka and trying to keep fairly close to the npc, but want to stay low level to coop in early game.

Bugging me that ive been mostly sticking to a fire saw spear because the cane is doing just a little too low damage for me.

You guys ready for some hot opinions? I think layer reports lose half of their purpose unless they're done layer by layer, because otherwise potential invaders just have to guess what layer the host is in, thus lessening the chances of some spicy PvP shenanigans happening.

Have a good rest of the afternoon.


But most reports are done layer by layer.
I completely agree with you, but not may skip reports entirely. Even if it's just a few lines on the boss and the loot, it helps immensely.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can always use nourishing gems from false depth amygdalas. There’s a 21.8% arcane triangle in L2 f3cz4awe you can use for converting it if you’re not using the mensis one.

That’s only one opinion, and it’s not so hot.