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>Nanking was not raped

Poccия - кpyпнeйший в миpe мycop
>Russia - The world's largest trash can

中国人不是人 他们是动物
>Chinese people are not people they are animals

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French tanks

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So is the T-64B garbo or not?

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How bad is the Leo2a1 going to be once they add it?

>kicked out of match during a fucking dogfight, game not anywhere near over
Anyone else get this? What the fuck have those stupid gopniks done now?

>Dank Bants to Spam in Chat for Salt
>Nanking was not raped

Poccия - кpyпнeйший в миpe мycop
>Russia - The world's largest trash can

中国人不是人 他们是动物
>Chinese people are not people they are animals

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>is an impenetrable railgun garbo or not?
gee user I don't know

battlefieldaces b& when?

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I love how German crying about the supposed 5.7 black hole has now ruined the game from BRs 6.7 upwards

Its a russian full 100% commitment tank.

It's the best tank in the game if you're not retarded

what did the g*rmans do this time? Was it tiger niggers again?

Now there's a 7.7 black hole all 6.7 vehicles frequently get sucked into.

>pretty major update comes out
>BR change for Leo 2K
>Yak-23 and La-200 still keep their BRs
>F3D and F2H still keep their BRs
There is no punishment too harsh for these animals

>t64A has hard time with abrams (((((((
>We give auto pen shell and HE that can kill abrams frontally ))))))))
BALANSE ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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>It's a 120mm APDS round doesn't hull break an Object 906 or ASU-85 episode
>My HESH literally ricochets off the ASU
>Deliver an APDS round to the turret of the 906
>Only kills the commander and does nothing else
>Pic related is what happens when you shoot an ASU in the front plate at close range with a 120mm APDS
>The slightest whiff of spalling knocks out my breech every single time

Memed on yet again

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>HE that can kill frontally
Pure HE or HEAT?

ay when did zg508 die

what 508 is up now

>Leo turret cheeks bounce 120mm APDS
>Panther turret cheeks absorb 20pdr APCBC and APDS
>906 bounces 120 APDS from its front
>Coelian absorbs full blast of HESH
>some of the most expensive repair costs going

But it's balanced because stabalisers )))))))))))))

have you tried, like, you know, getting good?

How does HESH work irl? Ignores slopes or some shit? So a 80mm plate at 30 degrees isnt 160mm relative but still 80mm?

+2500 GE

>challenger stab still not working
>apds rounds still exploding
stability improved)))))))))))))))))

It creates a shock wave/pressure wave inside the tank creating all sorts of spalling and potentially gibbing or injuring the crew.

But it was proven in test in the 70s and 80s to be 70% effective or more against Russian tanks and ))))))))))

iirc it just collapses on itself and basically ignores sloping. It sends the interior layer of armor shooting around, kills crew and damages components.

HE that functions like APHE

I can sense how much of a shitter you are solely by the sheer amount of ammo you take


>play 6.3 FV4002
>see nothing but 5.7
>play 6.7 FV4002
>see nothing but T54s
BR system is of fine comrad))

>sinai 5v5 in SB
leave match :^) not gonna play hide and seek. I hope the suckers like being outnumbered

Slap a piece of dough unto a surface, it doesn't matter if the the surface is angled or flat relative to your impact, the dough then explodes.

+386 GE

>be shitter

>he doesn't survive long enough to use more than 20 rounds
talk about being a shitter

>Will J out for Mazdok, Maginot Line, and Fulda (and practically everything else)
>Will stay for 38th parallel and Japan

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It just slaps against armour, explodes causing a shockwave and sends scabs of interior armour into the crew compartment.

Basically every vehicle with nothing but RHA steel is vulnerable to HESH. You can see why it was hit by the ))))))))))))))) bat, can't have certain vehicles be historically weak to it )))))))))))))))))))))))))

>fish bowl map shitter

Wow, what a pussy bitch

>he needs more than 20 rounds
way to go turbo

so, did we finally solve the mistery? he's just a shitter?

What business is it of yours if someone doesn't like a map you turbo turdrag

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Will I be penalized if I research a vehicle 1 tier below the one I'm using?

You won't get the good bonuses but not exactly penalized either.

should I?
or am I going to uptier myself?

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leo 2k or kpz70?

what ya mean good bonuses

Leo2K, all you're doing is trading the armour (lol) of the Kpz for a better cannon.

>I dont like the maps in this game
Just don't play then

The shitter cries out as he strikes you.

Ok broseph

Ok broseph

>I think some of the maps have poor, lazy design and I'd rather not suffer the tedium playing them, instead I'll leave the game and hope to get on a better designed map

How does that translate into "RRRR ALL MAPS ARE SHIT FUCK THIS GAME"

if you look at a plane or tanks stat card, near the bottom it will tell you the tiers that vehicle earns full RP at, and what vehicle researches it faster.

threadly reminder that the Tiger I is better than all tanks it can face

about 10% minus I think

I your case Broseph, the maps that have "poor lazy designs" are 99% of the maps in WT

Sorry you cant have maps that force you to solely shoot at tank's front plates like they do in wot.

lel not even him.
There are maps with good design (38th Parallel Battle, Poland Battle, Maginot) but I don't want to have to play Karelia 4 times in a row followed by Mozdok

>keep forgetting to turn off assault fuse
>drop 1000lb bomb next to tank
>it blows the fuck up and does nothing to the tank but obliterates me 1000m up in the air

how the fuck

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So as it turns out, broseph_stalling just so happens to be the maginotposter?
How does one person even manage to still plaay thiss game if you have to quit 60-70% of your maatches?

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>P-47D-28 was given 70" WEP
>can't even get it past 60" in game
ok this settles it, nothing is tested before release

they didn't even change any of the FMs, they straight up forgot to include them

>start pc
>game updates
>have a match, turn off game
>game updates again
they just keep coming, dont they?

t. Broseph

Get IS-1 aswel and you have a )))) 5.3 lineup... Just remember to angle your armor. The 85mm APHE pretty much nukes and pens everything frontally except sherman jumbo and Tiger H glacis.

>Tiger H

Do you mean panther? Because I never have trouble with the flat 100mm plate

>Tiger 2(H)
>"Do you mean panther?"

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The Tiger not angling his armor is a bad Tiger.

Nobody mentioned the Tiger 2

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>slavniggers get mad their shitmobile isnt as op as expected
>they give it new ammo and lower Leopard 6Millions rate of fire
>dont even give any sources just "analysis))))))))))))))))"
like pottery

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Tiger H could also refer to the Tiger H1

Retards in this thread

How did you get "Tiger H" to Panther 2 and not H1 or 2H?

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The lower glacis is fucky and somehow I always manage to bounce from the upper half also.

>except jumbo and Tiger
>vodka rat 85
>giving a fuck about jumbo
>giving a fuck about tigger

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>I do not have trouble penning the Tiger H1 with 85mm APHE, I have issues with the Panther however.

There I simplified the post for you so that even your almond brain can make sense of it

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>>I have issues with the Panther however
Not that dude, but holy shit, you are either new or extremely retarded.

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Dont remember was it jumbo or firefly but the more armored fucker.. Even at minimal angle autobounce from front. Also Tiger front is still fucky.

I am also not that guy. I'm just assisting you with your english comprehension

>Also Tiger front is still fucky.
It's 100mm and flat, you can even pen the corner when it's angled and detonate the ammo

where do you even aim?

>try to work my way towards the 10.5cm Tiger and Panther II
>Tiger niggers brainlets shit up every match
what can I do to carry these actual retards to victory?

Why would anyone ever use the 90mm ARL-44 when France has no other vehicles at 5.7?

nothing, and the Pz IV F2 is entirely to blame
players who play only germany miss out on learning core elements of the game

>they also stealth nerfed the 2K heatfs
>it doesnt instagib the nigger64s by exploding its fuel tanks
the amount of )))))))))))))))) is through the roof

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This needs to stop

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burning out on Elite Dangerous, is this a good VR/HOTAS game? How bad is the p2w?

Well the only place you could use HOTAS is Sim. Otherwise you'll be killed by mouse aces. Really some planes are so awful to fly without a mouse it's like they're made for it.

>US server


>Pz IV F2 is to blame
why though, it is a glass cannon so it should teach german players to be more careful and thoughtful in their actions

For fucks sake you retards. The original comment stated that the 85 only runs into problems with the Jumbo and Tiger glacis. Being that I don't typically have problems with the Tigers glacis with the 85mm, I thought the comment may have been a typo because the 80mm angled UFP of the panther is not pennable by the 85mm. If I were to go against a panther, I would shoot it in the mantlet, I don't have problems with dealing with panthers. But, that does not change the fact that the panthers UFP is stronger than the tigers thus my asking for clarification.


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Agreed. Frog niggers don't deserve being trapped with both Wehraboos and Slav(e)s. Reminds me that time when I was in the psychward and I was forced to share a room with a hardcore catholic and a suspected radical Muslim.

Why don't real pilots use mouse control to fly?

because most real pilots are elitist shitters who insist on using joystick instead of superior mouse aim

It isn't really a glass cannon, many of its opponents are still armed with literal peashooters.
It's also less prone to being one-shotted than the early four-man T-34s.

I want a refund, this plane sucks

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At least play a mode where you can utilize that speed.

>the 80mm angled UFP of the panther is not pennable by the 85mm
I have some bad news for you user

I was really enjoying the BrosephStalin saga, sad to see it come to an end.

I'm even worse in RB

>Have a nice upper-mid tier HOTAS with pedals
>Pretty much only use it occasionally for Arma or DCS
Is HOTAS viable for War Thunder? I know the time I tried playing Arcade with it it was pretty much useless due to all the flight assist on mouse making it more point and shoot than anything. I've not played WT in probably 2 years and I think I'm only like T2 in Jap planes

>shoot an ASU in the front plate
>front plate
You engage tanks from the sides or rear bro or top attack if you can. Front armor is sloped and extra thick specifically to prevent penetration

Practice with low tier bomber plane that has funpods and maneuverability then.

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