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[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 -

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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>the only thing Blos does better is the best thing you can do with CB

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Why doesn't everyone just take a deep breathe, grab a nice drink and have some fun playing video games.

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Wyrmstake got buffed pretty hard

Please help

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is IG good now

You know. That one.

>tfw no tempered jho
leakfag was right again...i wonder where she’s at right now. probably laughing at us

>Buff to Roundslash was basically meaningless
Fuck. I would rather the Falling Bash get nerfed slightly than have Roundslash get "improved" by an irrelevant amount.

>not rolling back the OP to prevent consolewarring

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memepatch, dober, nergs.

How do I unlock Jho gems at the melder?

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cute monsters being flashed

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AuL is +15 and AuXL +20, right?

dober b
teostra b
nerg b
whatever legs you want

But how does that get you handicraft as well? Isn't that only attack boost and WE?


hell yeah it did. it does like 20+ with its ticks on top of building status. wyvernfire hitting for up to 300 total as well.

"I need to finish muh opitmal builds user! No time for fun!"

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Death Stench legs, typically.

You don't. Just like you don't get to fight Tempered Deviljho

Death stench legs + Handi charm.

cant believe they didnt add in tempered jho

Here's your village HR TA, no relic

Is there a high rank death stench legs or is it only low rank?

Fuck off.

charm+death stench legs, but handicraft is only worth it if you get to white sharpness.

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Kill Vaal.

need more practice...

2.00 Primer
-C.Draw builds got buffed significantly. They are now very close behind TSC in terms of damage. You can now play OldGS style without gimping yourself to do so!
-TSC builds are encouraged to use Charged Slash and Strong Charged Slash now, time to get focus again!

-Impact phials took a big hit, however SAED spam is still the most ///optimal/// way to play, but it's not leaps and bounds ahead of other play styles (AED sniping/4u classic/etc)
-Elemental Phials are buffed! SAED Spread is still to wide to be reliable, stick with using ED1, ED2, AED!
-Raw/Element is close enough that you can play how you want, unless you're a TAutist, then you'll probably stick with Blos.

-Foresight Slash's window of opportunity is EXTREMELY LENIENT, more so than Adept Dodge ever was.

-15% Damage boost is innate with Self-Improvement, it also stacks with AuL/XL songs. HH's damage is now respectable.

-Wyvernfire and Wrymstake received a 30% damage buff, use it more!

>using a bad weapon
Post one with a good weapon instead, that's cheating

its ok
those retarted nintenbabies cant bing bing wahoo yippy shitup everythread

>to prevent consolewarring

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Your post is why 4U is a shit game.

I have multiple times.

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>crit draw jho gs

fuck yes

My only disappointments with the update is not Tempered Deviljho and Vangis armor skills are shit. Instead of Latent Power they could have given it Challenger or Maximum might at least so Nergigante's ugly ass armor doesn't have a fucking monopoly on those skills.

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Is Crit Draw good again?

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Crit draw is roughly as bad as it used to be, the motion values aren't nearly good enough to sustain a playstyle which ignores the TCS. Speaking of which, the normal World GS playstyle used almost the whole moveset.

Every other MH game is the same shit, what's your point?

Please post more Jho fight webms and/or ones with Jho fighting/killing other mons ITT.

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Man 4U teostra was so much easier.
>All that free time to hit it every time it does anything
>No turn around attacks or drifting slide with a shit hitbox
>Constantly uses flamethrower during dumb moments

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IG is 4's only good weapon.

>-C.Draw builds got buffed significantly. They are now very close behind TSC
Hahaha no.

The day Rathalos learns to produce sunglasses will be the end of humanity.

Wrong, You can reliably crit for 500 damage with Level 3 Draw Charge (Jagras Hacker, x3 Attack Augments). TSC is still superior, but the gap between both playstyles has been significantly shorten.

>actually does damage
>can't stand in front of him because the breath has a real hitbox that doesn't start 10 feet away from him
>can't get trip locked constantly
I miss monster hunter lads


Nothing is stopping you from replaying 4U

You have to have a Vaal membrane before it pops up. If you somehow haven't gotten a membrane, let your cat Palarang it a bit and you'll get 20.

Bow is better than IG in 4.

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No tempered Jho is disappointing, but are there at least Deviljho investigations to make farming him easier?

Where's that autist who kept arguing on about how Diablos could defeat any monster including Jho?

I think I have a new fetish

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He was probably talking about 4U. Most people who have looked into 4 know that IG and CB were both pretty bad in that game.


No Temepred Jho sucks, I agree. Tempered Jho would actually be a really good fight since Jho's new moveset is really good.

The turnaround attacks really fuck me up badly, along with the fluider animations being harder to read.
I almost miss having brief pauses between turning and attacking from the old games.

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lmao perfect. fuckin fags


When are they finally gonna hit Bow? It hardly seems fair just how far ahead of everything else it is.


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I haven't played since first 2 weeks and got HR 100

is there some cookie clown set everyone uses no matter the weapon yet

Pillar Test
Level 3 Charge Slash: 537
Level 3 Strong Charge Slash: 570
Level 3 True Strong Charge: 1070

Equipment used
Jagras Hacker III (Affinity, Attack Attack)
Attack 7
Cboost 3
WE 3
Focus 3
Max Might 3
Quich Sheath 1
Non Ele boost 1

These buffs are insane. I can actually see playing a c.draw build working out. but I don't feel like making a c.draw set.

>When are they finally gonna hit Bow? It hardly s
They seem to be focused on buffs rather than nerfs. Only Slicing meme and CB have been nerfed so far.

IG was OP in 4, Bow was just even better

Why post such obviously wrong information? Do you get off on it?

Crying himself in his sleep

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3U had pretty decent balance outside of the underwater combat movesets.

>Find my first Jho
>Bazel comes in, like always
>Jho manhandles it
Sweet, sweet revenge.

Not really. Like yeah you'll do more damage than you were, but as a playstyle it's extremely dumb to be ignoring the best move the weapon has, and to be wearing crit draw armor when weakness exploit and the crit booster exist.

I have an identical build and hit max 748 on level 3 TCS.

3U's underwater wasn't just imbalanced because of the movesets, they copy pasted the Tri MVs for all the underwater attacks, so Lance randomly does more damage underwater than on land, and I think SA's power phial magically becomes 1.25x instead of 1.2x as soon as you dip into the water.

>GS gets to do braindead easy 500 damage
>Meanwhile other weapons have to work for their damage
Fuck GS kids.

Don't forget to remove XX info from the OP the next time. Thanks.
Remember TA always have the most retarded AI that only does big openings.

This. Is Rathian GL being phased out

Bazel does you a favor and blasts Jho for like 1500 damage too.

>Jho manhandling Bazel
You need to get your eyes checked, user.
It's a draw

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Don't forget Bezel also deals like 3K damage to Jho by putting bomb shit in his mouth.

I don't really see the point of Crit Draw with Jagras GS when you can get 95% affinity with those skills anyways.

Affinity Booster doesn't last long enough to warrant building a set around it. You're better off getting MM/Affinity augments to offset the difference. 85-95% Affinity is easy to obtain.
C.Draw lets get 100% crit from 3 skill slots, and allows you to build however you want from there. No one here is saying C.Draw is better than TSC. We're saying it's significantly better than it was and isn't THAT FAR BEHIND TSC unga spam anymore, which is what a lot of people wanted.

Not really, gunners were miles ahead of blademasters.

Just found tempered Jho. Ask me anything

>proceeds to get back up and bomb him like the turfwar didnt happened
If anything, Jho being around made me love Bazel even more. He's the underdog to Jho's topdog.

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so since jho is now the new hardest monster (and by that I mean least easiest, you autist. don't @ me) is this going to be the new trend to keep it fresh?
I can see how they can make alatreon and oroshi harder than all current elders, but what the fuck is Lunastra worth? she's ALWAYS been an easier teo. and it's not like we're in dire need of fire weapons either

Jho GL spamming the sweep combo and landing stakes when possible may be the new top GL play.

What's the optimum balance between Protective polish and handicraft? Should I try to get Handicraft 5 and PP for things like Jho and Vaal weapons or do I just get the bare minimum white?

Gunning is basically cheating anyway though.

literally untouchable fighting jho with this


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An addendum to this, I wouldn't mind seeing gifs and webms of Jho fights from older MonHuns too.

It depends on the weapon and if you can fit speed sharpening on there.