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Alpha making the thread edition

>Can I make enough ISK for PLEXing?
Actually, training 5M of a selection of 20M SP is F2P now, as is playing with the skills listed here:

Reminder to never trust anybody in this thread with fits, ever.

>I just started, what should I do?
Do the Opportunities then find the Career Agents & run all of their missions. They give you ISK, ships, skillbooks and teach you basics. Talk to players and try to find a corp.

>Is it too late to start playing EVE?

>Read the (outdated) /eog/ pastebin:


>EVE Online: Arms Race
>updated F2P
>Daily Alpha Injectors

>EVE Online: Lifeblood:
>Alpha ships re-balanced.. minigames, moonmining, refineries, and more!
>Foozie makes a bunch of stupid, pointless changes (don't ever remove this from the OP, because it is always true).

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First for White Dog

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I haven't had a chance to check since yesterday, are the servers still dying?

I've never undocked this ship before, should anything be massively changed?

Spare fitting is there to cover shit skills

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Reminder someone got fooled by this

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I'd prioritize durability over damage since this is obviously a fleet ewar support ship and replace one of the DDAs with another ENAM.

Looks good, although I would fit more tank over DDA personally.

Also, I'd investigate the price of that t2 rig.

Maq on suicide watch.

imagine tho

someone would just SD a nestor

blows my mind

T2 rig was only 5m surprisingly, thought it might be stupid like trimarks at first.

Yeah I guess 2nd ENAM makes resists a lot less shit and 40 damage isn't important on support

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looks fine. maybe drop 1 rlml for 2 long range frig guns, beams or rails

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good idea actually, saves fitting space can put a full T2 1600 on

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high tier ship, good taste

I applied for All-Out but my application hasn't been processed yet, how long does it take usually

which of the two shit applications are you, gay corp or le reddit

>zira zira

This one

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Probably less than 24 hours.

Try to squeeze in Drone Link Augmentor

When did you apply, and what are your initials?

I try convoing applications many times they are never online

why do you want to join and what have you been doing for past 9 months in npc corp

Yesterday, OA

Get better taste in cinema and then we'll talk.

>that tattoo
please be fake

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kitefag please go

t. kitefag who doesn't want people to be able to shoot him

*disrupts your tracking and orbits you at 500*

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burns away and kills you because you are in a plated ship with no scramweb and cannot send drones after me

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>gang support ship doesn't have scramweb

mfw low iq kitefags can't make good comps and don't know how plates work

says the brawlfag who thinks I'll engage you if you can actually catch me

t. nofights

>He actually fights

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'Dog' rapid heavy shitpost launcher I

*reloads for 60s*

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Buy my ships

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Which ship is THE definitive tackling ship



Stand up target painter I

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>alliance so short on tp v pilots they have to fit tps to their structures


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How do i even get started in pvp? I assume just flying around lowsec or nullsec solo would just lead to me getting fucked at a random gate.

get m8s

Join a corp.
You can learn how to pvp on your own and it's the most awful, unfun way to play this shitty newfag slaying simulator.

join horde

you'll have a decent staging area, 24/7 fleets and safe ratting systems

>safe ratting systems

Join NPSI fleets for various fleet experience while remaining a free agent. Slam your head against a wall in faction warfare for some solo experience and 'fair' fights. Cloaky gank some explorers/huffers in a wormhole near one of the market hubs for 'unfair' fights.

Those three should give you an idea what kind of active pvp you enjoy in Eve.

>I assume just flying around lowsec or nullsec solo would just lead to me getting fucked at a random gate.

You can learn to take precautions to avoid it (or avoid it most of the time).

Learning PVP solo is a huge pain because every fight has a ton of factors leading up to it. The sheer number of losses you have to experience to kill something is demotivating, and you won't be getting regular feedback.

When you play with others, not only can you enjoy better quality PVP, you can also improve quicker as you get told what you did wrong.

Thanks, what kinda ship and fitting are expected in these? Would Destroyers be accepted until I learn more normally?

Answering that question is a big part of skill in this game, and it's different for every area in the game.
If you want to fight in lowsec facwar gay shit, you get a frigate of some sort, most commonly a federation navy comet. If you want to join a public fleet (NPSI fleet), you bring whatever cheap shit you are told to bring (probably some T1 cruiser), if you are in some gay nullblob, you bring their doctrine ships which they should be telling you about, if you're in a wormhole corp, you should have a variety of scouting, moneymaking and combat ships, if you're suicide ganking in highsec or such homosexual matters, you get a catalyst, brutix, bomber or talos.
There's a lot of variety in the game when it comes to pretty much every element of it, but pvp is the main and by far be biggest one.

Best corp for an alpha? my char was born on the 19th and I'm just flying around doing sister's of eve shit in a Maller and I've got some spare frigs and an Omen sitting around (waiting for drones to train to use that). I do fully intend to go omega status eventually but I see no reason not to take my time and get that free 5mil sp first. Should I even bother looking for a long-term corp this early? I feel pretty ineffectual.

Would like to get into pvp and maybe eventually mining.

sry for the rookie help channel tier post

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Find some random shitter high-sec corp in the recruitment channel if you just want people to chat and mine moons with. While doing that you can join NPSI channels and go on the fleets that are alpha friendly to get your pvp fix.

>no more redesigns
>unneeded "qol changes" once every year
>reskins of the same shitty event every 6 months
>roadmap: wait to the game to slowly die

>still no cyclone buff

I'd suggest you join Mercenary Academy instead of a big blob. It is still null, and you will have mid, and large scale fights but the Focus is on small roams and deployments lotsa different environments whether it is null, WH, lowsec or even highsec wars. You don't get free stuff thrown at you but lots of opportunities and great people to learn from without being attention whores or arrogant wanna-be emperors

>vni afk ratting in nullsec
I thought this meme died a while ago

why would it, ccp have fixed nothing

>can spam your shit contracts in trade hub local chat all day
>can fill up market orders with frigates and T1 modules for hundreds of millions of isk and drain people's wallets and make them ragequit
>can tell people to kill themselves
>used to be able to prey on noob corporations because lol friendly fire used to be always allowed and you can only boot someone from corp if they are docked LOL
>can even log into someone else's account and ruin all their shit anf CCP wont do anything, even though they have IP logs
>cant share your account with someone else, they will detect log changes from too many IPs and ban your account for that, your friends better subscribe and train their own skills XD gib money XD
>say nigger or speak against god's chosen people in local chat and your account is permabanned,
>permaban over chat messages in local
really makes me think. not uninstalling this dead SJW kike infested fucking game right now makes you basically retarded

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>Sane rules cause people who think free speak means being able to insult other people or discuss conspiricies centered around religion in an online video game to consider abandoning it.

It works better than expected. Maybe rules of conduct aren't bad after all.

It's still one of the cheapest ways to generate useful amounts of isk actively.

>complains that a private company that isn't /pol/ or some Veeky Forums clone doesn't want /pol/ or Veeky Forums/anonymous behavior present in their p2p product
>unironically complains about local/market scams
>wants to leave because of these things
Why am I supposed to be mad again?

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>>can even log into someone else's account and ruin all their shit anf CCP wont do anything, even though they have IP logs
This one does irk me

>mfw someone drains my wallet by overpricing t1 modules

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>best corp
Relative, depending on what you want. If you just want to stay in high sec then there's no real point in getting a corp. You might want to make your own corp in that case for 0% taxes. If you want to move into null or wspace then getting a corp will make things pretty smooth, but you rely on others for some stuff.
>Should I even bother looking for a long-term corp this early?
I joined a corp within a week of starting the game because fuck high sec and its income. You dont need a long term corp, but moving or selling assets can be annoying depending on where you are and what you have to sell.
Keep in mind that each person usually has 2-3 alts when you're looking at the members of a corp to join.

its still alive and popular

>scanning down wspace
>local: anyone alive in here?

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>its OK when MY speech isn't censored
>allowing private entities to trample the bill of rights
i forget how many euro-cucks play this garbage
almost forgot:
>adding a block button for messages just to ban anyone who gets blocked anyways

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>forcing cake bakers to bake cakes for faggots, but also forcing people you don't agree with out of another business, totally not double standards for companies that "serve the public"
"BAKE THE CAKE BIGOT" ring a bell?


and alpha clones could do vni afk ratting pre buff, now alpha clones can get in rattlesnakes

>scooping up peoples drones with your IttyV after they fight

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>not prorator

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used to always grab drones after fleet fights
still have ~90 of each med/small drone in a station somewhere in delve

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>plebs still using thermal/explosive drones

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>Guy i know bought some isk from a RMT botter.
>Logged in one day and got the 'usurped by proxy' notify meaning that account is already logged on.
>Traced it to Latvia.
>Finally logged on, someone had bought three 100m isk implants, put em in his orca, then got CONCORDED on a hisec gate attacking a rifter.
>Petitions CCP asking wtf happened.
>received mail explaining that it was part of their ongoing operations against RMT isk buying
shady as fuck, CCP

CCP is pretty wacko if half of what's posted here is true

>using anything but t2 thermal drones for brawling

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oh it's this /pol/ cunt again.
i don't think he's trolling, nobody could get anything from being this repetitive and dull

>shit hp
>bad application

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muh big numbers

>what are webs
>what is brawling
>what is having an opinion when all you know is the kitey meta and shitposting?

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>calling me a kitefag
bad at eve and rude

I wish I could've seen old eve

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noobs slayed


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noobs slayed


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Why is there no skill hardwirer implant for Drones? And are there any drone skills that are ok if they are not at level 5? Alpha going to sub soon and want to know what I need to skill into

stay mad i guess

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Few questions before I consider beginning this finally.

>Will I pretty much get annihilated when leaving the safe areas if im not associated with a huge corp?
>Can I pretty much play strictly doing hauling, trading and planetary interaction?
>Should I feel obligated to multibox or own multiple accounts to be successful?
>How much can you actually get done while F2P before you need to sub? Dont sugar coat it

hold out for the game being even more free than it is

and hopefully by then it wont be on life support pull the plug already


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You barely make more isk ratting in a rattlesnake and you're risking several times as much.

>Will I pretty much get annihilated when leaving the safe areas if im not associated with a huge corp?
You die when you're stupid, chances of dying increase or decrease according to the area
>Can I pretty much play strictly doing hauling, trading and planetary interaction?
Hauling with alpha skills is a waste of time since you're locked to t1 industrials, which have wet paper for tank and small cargoholds. PI cant be done by alphas. Trading is viable until you actually have money or have the patience to log in multiple characters.
>Should I feel obligated to multibox or own multiple accounts to be successful?
Due to the slow nature of the game, multiboxing means more profits for the same invested time. Optional for PvP.
>How much can you actually get done while F2P before you need to sub? Dont sugar coat it
The skillpoints would be the main limit since you're given 5m for free then you gotta sub to get more.
If you're a cheap faggot then you probably wont have issues with the alpha limitations for a while. Alphas train at half the speed though, which is annoying.