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~Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi~

>What is this?
A Japanese mobile RPG that lets you collect and fight using characters from the Toji no Miko series.
Features of the game include 3D turn based combat, character dress-up, visual novel segments, and of course-- (((Gatcha)))


>Current Events
Starting from 3/21 - 3/29 17:59 JST
- New gatcha featuring Chef (patisserie) outfits for certain characters
- White day event involving point grinding and drop farming to exchange for items
100K Download Rewards from 3/20 - 7/10 03:59 JST

>Official Website




>Store links
Apple: apple.co/2FL3Bja
Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.TojinomikoTomoshibi
APK Mirror: drive.google.com/file/d/1mQRKsQyKY_4GlF6kM_2X4hHJkYfZChns/view?usp=sharing

Changing Resolution: twitter.com/tojitomo/status/975601946240344064
[Temporary] Translations and other information: discord.gg/2T7Smpd

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4* Kofukis are barbaric cowards without honor.

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That's a bug.

>Barely finish EX1
>Suddenly EX2
Oh god.

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I want to tickle her foot.

Don't get the event Kofuki because you think she's as fast as her 4* version. Her base speed is 70. Any 4* has a speed of 75+.

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This outfit when

Get her for her costume since costumes aren't locked to rarity. Buying the event orbs that you need to base up her though would be stupid as fuck. There are much better items to get.

I notice how the event Ellen is also kinda sub-standard. She does hold her own in terms of tanking, but her damage is partly worse than 3 stars

god I want her to taste my pastry so bad

Well, she's definitely not the damage dealer in the show either. Her special skill there is defense and keeping enemies away from Kaoru. And after her ougi she gets an 85% when she's in the front row. I would have preferred a Kaoru as a blue attacker, but she's doing pretty well for me.

An 85% taunt I mean.

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>implying that aradama know anything about honor

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Ellen and Kaoru's fight scene in anime is great, Tojis combination system when? Ellen talking to Kaoru when she get killed is not enough for me.

I want Kaoru to scrowl at me

Yeah fuck those, thankfully I'm only 200 or so points away from Kofuki's costume so I will be free from the grind.

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>He doesn't grind for event side story

Not him but ching chong.

How the fuck do you grind this event as a f2p? I can hardly clear 8 stamina mission...

Bring that Kanami and be a friendslut.

Bring a whale friend.

I like sword girls.

Who do you have? I can auto it with Mihono and Kaoru.

You should've rerolled for better units.

Some of my friends have maxed Barbarians which I prefer for easy farm.

Use bonus characters. Even if you didn't roll for you there are bonus characters in the rewards. Doesn't matter if it's a unit or support although units give out more bonus points.

Reroll for at least two colored 4* if not more if you want to be F2p.

Bring your 4*s, your leveled Kanami and a friend's 4*

What are these medals for that I get as reward for missions?

I've been grinding dailies for mats, how the hell did people level Kanami up already?

>how the hell did people level Kanami up already?
You get a bunch of mats on the chain quests and the story ones, also the event gives like 200 of each, if you focus on Kanami only it's pretty easy to make her lv.80.

If you using her to start a chain attack all other member's attack will be changed to break type, it's pretty useful.
Must be using jewel.

Reposting challenge guide:

1. Roll the 0 gem gacha once
2. Make a change on your current Party Member
3. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 5
4. Enhance a Support once
5. Clear Main Story 1-6
6. Limit Break a Support once
7. Equip "O-Katana" to a Character O-Katana Slot
8. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 10
9. Clear Main Story 1-8
10. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 15
11. Do Expedition once
12. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 20
13. Do Raid Quest once
14. Clear Main Story Chapter 2 Chasing After Kanami(1) | 「可奈美を追いかけて(1)」
15. Perform O-katana Saisei once
16. Enhance O-katana once
17. Clear a Special Quest once
18. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 30
19. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) Ougi to Lv. 2
20. Clear Character Quest Etou Kanami Once
21. Clear Main Story Chapter 2 (2-10)
22. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 40
23. Perform a base up on 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) once
24. Clear Main Story Chapter 2 (Osafune's Speculation/Ayanokouji's Speculation) | 「長船の思惑/綾小路の思惑」
25. Limit Break any Support, and raise it's Level Limit to 40
26. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 60
27. Clear Main Story Chapter 3 (3-10)
28. Clear Main Story Chapter 3 「出発!……でもどこへ?」
29. Level up 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward) to Lv. 80
30. Perform Awakening on 3* Kanami (Pre-regist reward)

F2P with only 1 4* here. Can consistently clear EX 2. Enter with only 3 mikos. Use your free 3* Kanami (who should at least be 60+), a 50+ green/red 4* and one from a friend. Ideally, you want 2+ reds and at least 1 green with an AoE special. The 4th slot can be anything that doesn’t die in 1 hit. I use a level 1 3* Mirya.

Speaking of friends, can we post friend codes now? Everyone seems to be done with reroll hell.

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Shit, I never noticed that. That's pretty great.

Mai is the same too, I was wondering why they're slower than other 4*. I guess it means to balance this ability,

That's just how Ellen works in the show too.

Ellen and Kaoru are basically a Shield and a sword. Of course in DPS games like this most will forget the shield entirely but there might be a few situations it could be useful.

How do I put my characters in the back row?

Bottom left button on the formation screen.

got the 4* ticket, should i use it now?

If it doesn't expire there's no hurt in holding onto it. They could always add more characters to the base gacha.

The one that leads me to the books?

Do you really need new 4* right now? If not save it for later. I have 2/6 girls in the pool so I'm gonna save it.

Fuck, it's hard to level up my 4*s when all my mats are going to Kanami's thighs.

Kanami's thighs deserve this treatment.

But yeah, it is kinda a slog. At least the Free Kanami is decent.

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Already got it but thanks user.

>Speaking of friends, can we post friend codes now?
195902766. I'm going to be focusing on Kofuki now that Kanami's hit 80.

So the key for special quest only last a day. No point to save them then.
197832646. I'm spending all my mats to Kanami so my Kofuki gonna be under level for a while.

195972492. I don't know what she's good for, but my Sayaka is cute.


Whoever has the level 60 Sayaka, I think your list is full and I can't accept you because of it.

I'm really fucking unsure if I'm going to make it in this event. I'll hit level 80 kanami likely tomorrow, and will have to hustle to get to the first EX missions and start grinding then

How do you use a friend's unit? I only get randoms

You add them first and if they accept your invite you will see them in your list.

Step 1 is to have friends. Whose you can use though is random. Sometimes I have no friends in the list and sometimes most of them are friends. I don't know if there even is a limit to how often you can use a friend's toji.

I'm just going to skip the Kofuki and support materials from the shop. It sure seems like the game might have been delayed with how early the event happened and how difficult it is. Keep in mind the first EX mission is less efficient for points than the second very hard mission, though it gives more marshmallows.

You can get Fukki just for the outfit. It's pretty cute and you can even use the hat on other outfits.

Are you telling me that you can make Kofuki the kind of dork that would wear a chef hat on top of her hoodie?

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>I don't know if there even is a limit to how often you can use a friend's toji.
Think its once a day with reset being 12pm pst

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Yeah I already have her 4* so it seems like there's no point putting effort into the 3*. It's a shame the outfit itself won't count for an event bonus.

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What a loser. I'm sure she gets made fun of behind her back.

What a dork

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the event isnt difficult if you shoved all your xp into any 4star character. if youve been leveling 3star quest kanami or tried to balance out your team thats your fault.
next week when youve had the chance to level up all your toji with dailies youll be complaining how easy it is.

So do you guys just use the tickets as you get them or what?

3 4* and prereg Kanami is good enough, I think I'm gonna save it for later.

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying how it is. This event doesn't seem like it was intended to be difficult. Frankly I welcome it. I'd rather this game be harder than auto-battle easy so long as it doesn't reach pay2win levels. It's no big loss if you don't max out a 3* right now. That 4* Kanami ticket is way more valuable.

So do we really only have until the end of this month to get the Kanami ticket?

Anyone have the schedule for daily special quest?

Yes, March 29th

>the event isnt difficult if you shoved all your xp into any 4star character
Depends on the 4* character, not all can carry.

Well that explains why everyone is in a rush.

if i start the event now, will I make it?

Make what?

clear out shops and points

I meant the regular gatcha tickets but whatever.

100% empty probably not unless you dedicate a day to this. getting what you want should be easy enough. you only missed a few days and honestly you would have been leveling stuff instead of event grinding anyways.

I'm using those. I just got a 4* Hiyori dupe from one and a 4* support from an earlier one.

How many of them you have used?

I think 6 or 7 so far.

we are ded

I can tell you're new to Veeky Forums, threads can survive an hour without bump during evening hours and up to three during yuro midday.

Can't you roll then 10+1 like gems?

No, you use them one at a time.

This is the first game that I kind of want to roll a dupe.

I already got 3 Sayaka 3*, I hope I can get the 4* one with the ticket.

A Barbarian shouldn't be this cute

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Only in private while dressing up for her girlfriend.

Would you insert bros?

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What does it want?

Nobody died or anything.

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Oh, I had 8. Time to waste them I guess.

I think it wants you to use 3 or more break characters when completing it.

Clear with 3 break characters (Blue).
That said, I can't clear it because I have 2 break characters and it only counts yours, it doesn't count friends... which is kinda bullshit this early on.

What days are each daily? Today is Pink.

Yesterday was blue, and then the day before was yellow I think? Tomorrow might be Red.

Red should be the same day the game launched

You guys spend gems on this banner? Or saving?

Elite 4 or bust right now. If I really wanted Ellen or Mai I'd reroll.

I'm saving for the Elite guards.