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Happy birthday cute karate idol!

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Yuka, you're a woman now.

Since you have to choose one card for the pre registration gacha, who are you going to choose? Are you will going to get your favorite even if she only has a SR?

Making babies with Ranko!
Happy birthday womanlet!

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are there any idols that canonically suffer from any mental disease or physical defect?

The three SSRs are pretty uninteresting, so yes.
There isn't even unique costumes as a perk going for them.

Yuka getting embarrased for being called cute in public!
Yuka suddenly being gripped by depression for being confused for a girl still in high school!

Baba is a midget, if that counts

Hai hai haaai

Wai wai waai

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Happy birthday, you cute womanlet.

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Of course. The SSRs look more boring than most of the SRs and I'd rather have my favorite's SR than a higher rarity card I don't particularly like.

Puchimas definitely.
Roco has autism too.

But what does she say when having sex?

Does she ever mention being in high school still? I don't remember it ever coming up and she doesn't have a uniform card so I assumed she graduated already.

I'm sure Syoko is somewhere on the spectrum

Attached: DY5_g6KXcAE7vyy.jpg (651x763, 90K)

>she graduated already
That's the joke.

Attached: 67022304_p0.png (1086x1128, 1.14M)

I should learn to read.

just going through a phase

I'll show you somewhere on the spectrum

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Favorites come first before rarities.

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Happy Birthday Yuka

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Graduated from virginhood.

This is pretty shit. I rolled this but I'll go for SR Chiyuki instead.

what if you don't have a favorite

I'm not saying you can't like them. I just find them really plain.

Then the rule still applies; you go for the rarest ones then.
Guess no one tickled your fancy, huh?

She still hasn't manage to get her diploma for that yet.

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Nono has crippling social anxiety.

Clarice is blind, Shiki has a cleft lip, and Syoko has a schizoaffective disorder

Not enough room to fit this Miria/flat chest TS

Yuka getting stuck in the game of Life!

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This guy really loves Nono.

Attached: 67083189 (丑 - ツインテールの乃々).jpg (600x600, 121K)

and huge meaty proportions.

>This guy really loves Nono's outrageous bust size.

>dupe tenka from my 5 tweet rolls

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Clarice isn't blind, the world is simply too degenerate for her to stand looking at.

He only draws her like that sometimes.


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卯月/桃華 キラッ!満開スマイル
03-23 00:00現在のボーダー予測
2千位 160000
1万位 37000
2万位 29000
6万位 21000
12万位 18000

Arisu over-predicted T1 yesterday, it seems.

To beat Love Letter's average, DookyPs will need to push it up to 160128 points. Can they do it, or is the love dead?

Attached: KcGiqZjg_400x400.jpg (366x366, 31K)

Yuka with a high ponytail.

Attached: Clarice paint.jpg (823x513, 57K)

Hopefully the love is dead, T1 needs to keep going down.

Truly a look not meant for the gaze of mortal men.

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SS isn't dea-

>got 2 SSRs on my alt already
>my main has fuckall

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Thank you Alice, you have just reforced my distrust to bots.

Hairdown Aoi looks like Kiyomi.

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Time to switch!

So pick an SSR and use the code from the alt when the game's out.

Sakuya is a cute girl

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>Arisu over-predicted T1 yesterday

Like always, it'll go up a bit again when the multipliers kick in.

Yuka playing by herself? Sad!


All her high school friends already passed her in the game of life in multiple ways, she's still trying to catch up.

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I don't think Japan has Mormons so at worst they're just underage drinking in college while she's a national celebrity (who hangs out with girls a bit too young but still).


She can change that!

Attached: 63028405_p21.jpg (1000x1112, 1.04M)

I'm still not sure what to do with SC's prereg gacha. Do I just roll until I can't anymore or do I need to tweet my results?

rly stars

Would Producer use her for his pleasure?

No need to tweet your results, but you do need to tweet for that stamina refill.

He'd pass her off like the side dish size she is, and she will become the cupcake that she was always doomed to be.

Thanks, user.


She's gonna get chubby!?

That's a new way of putting it.

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What is with all the Yuka bullying?

Sweet I love cupcakes.

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That's a muffin.
It's her birthday, please join us.

Bringing her down first makes the following high that much higher.

Happy Birthday Yuka

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What else are you supposed to do with an eternal womanlet that just got older but will never outgrow her middle school height?

Intensely date?

She's a silly woman. One her recent rumors posted days ago said that her search history included "karate cute." She deserves to be bullied!

>will never outgrow her middle school height
God that's hot.

For fun maybe, but never seriously.

>middle school height
You can turn her over and pretend like you're having sex with a middle schooler!

Attached: CAlga_mUYAAJnsy.jpg (620x877, 82K)

When will AJURIKA write a song for her?

Attached: DYJmqllVQAIJzms.jpg (2048x1448, 308K)

And she'll be just as awkward as one too.


But she wants you to treat her like her age.

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She's a woman, she doesn't know what she wants until her box is being stuffed and she can only think about one thing.

So much potential for being treated in a much more mature light, but then she gets teamed up with girls younger and taller than she is.

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Attached: incredible_baby.png (156x129, 41K)

>like her age
So molesting her is still on the table, right?

However much this is fun to read, it's the actual truth and that makes it even more fun.

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Nana I'm tankbusting you.

>Screw up the combo mid-song
>It ends up being my highest score regardless because RNG always seems to favor me after the combo breaks
>Could have been even more had I full comboed it
I hate it.

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Old and busted.

Rabbit Rabbit is the new hotness


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Stuffing Tsubasa's box.

I don't get this reference