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they keep dying edition

Previous thread: >DCS: Do not buy M-2000C/NTTR and modules released AFTER those from steam(released after 12th May 2017), because you can't use them in stand-alone.TeamSpeak

>Falcon BMS Alternative Launcher:
Your pain setting up controls is over
i.imgur.com/R5bNpo7.png (embed)
i.imgur.com/l68Wzlm.png (embed)
i.imgur.com/ylhQnWD.png (embed)

>Falcon 4, BMS, SF2, real-life flight manuals and field manuals.
>US Army Manual Index
pastebin.com/m98ZrWpP (embed)

>Link to this OP text
pastebin.com/Tsc71yaf (embed)

>Steam group

>Repository of various aviation related material

>Planes pastebin
pastebin.com/Zb0U61in (embed)

>Tanks pastebin
pastebin.com/EbdtnyPX (embed)

>Boat/Submarine pastebin
pastebin.com/JqTQWFFE (embed)

>Strike Fighters 2 For Dummies
pastebin.com/M5JQ2S7A (embed)

>Example of welcome games
>Flight Sims
Falcon BMS, DCS: World, Rise of Flight, IL-2, Combat Helo, Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum, Strike Fighters X
>Driving Games
Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Live for Speed, Euro Truck Sim, Train Simulator, Farming Simulator 201X, DiRT Rally, OMSI 2
>Ground Sims
SAM Simulator, Steel Beasts Pro, Steel Armor: Blaze of War, Graviteam Tactics, Combat Mission
>Submarine Sims
Silent Hunter, Ship Simulator, Cold Waters, Dangerous Waters
>Misc Sims
Command: X, Swat 4

>Example of non-welcome games
Ácé Cómbát, Wár Thúndér, Wórld óf _____, Ármá 1-3, Thé Síms, Sím Cíty, Góát Símúlátór

>Extra attention grabbing search terms
/fsg/ /dcsg/ /fsxg/ /bmsg/ /shg/ /rofg/ /etsg/ /il2g/ /lfsg/ /tsg/ /cwg/

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Finally it ends

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Just reminding you that this is what you get for shitposting.
The bump defense force is voluntary, and if you pay it back with autism, then don't expect to be defended from the archive

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who the h*ck let it die

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I used to play the hell out of Silent Hunter 4 in the Pacific. Are Cold Waters or Dangerous Waters good newer sub sims, or is the Silent Hunter series still goat for subs?

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I departed Mount Washington Regional to head back to my ancestral homeland: French Canada


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I have one gripe about this module: The cabin lighting is so bad it's easier to fly without it, even in twilight and night flying

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Leaving Vermont for Quebec, flying over the tip of Lake Champlain. The land flattens out a good deal as you enter the St. Lawrence River Valley

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It's always been interesting to me, every time I've gone up this way in the real world, how the seemingly impenetrable mountains and forests of New England could so quickly give way to a landscape this pastoral.

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that's pretty comfy, user.

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After a bit, I've finally arrived at Montreal and started my approach. If I were in a 737, I'd be a bit upset at this angle, but a Beechcraft Model 18 should be fine

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Je suis arrive, mes amis! Ou est la poutine?

It wasn't a bad landing by any means, but I was wondering why I had some performance trouble until I looked down and realized I still had my mixture leaned for higher altitudes. Eh, live and learn, I guess

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Merci, mon ami. I do enjoy the coziness

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After getting so fat on bagels it changed the W&B sheet, it's time to visit the place of my father's birth, Quebec City!

Souhaite moi bonne chance, monsieurs

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What's this haze nonsense? I wanted to go on a scenic flight of the St. Lawrence! Also, this is a VFR flight plan, so this could be a bad omen

It's not so bad I feel the need to go IFR or cancel the flight, but it's not great, either

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The haze broke up after a bit, but it was replaced by turbulence. The air over Quebec is quite disturbed

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why dont you turn on the lights?

Forgot to delete the self-(You) on that last post

As I'm getting close to La Cite du Quebec, the haze returns. I had initially wanted to do an orbit of the city to get a shot of the Chateau Frontenac and the old city walls, but a gray pall over everything sort of defeats the purpose

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My constant nemesis on this flight, the haze, broke up a bit just as I entered my final approach. Too late to rev back up now, though, I'm committed to this landing

The cabin lighting on the module is awful, to the point where the gauges are unreadable

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Okay, I could have aborted the landing, but it turned out to be the best one of the trip, so far. I got this thing to come to a graceful halt after less than 2,000 feet of runway, and didn't bounce once. It helped that there wasn't a crosswind, too

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Also, I keep missing the centerline

I'm not a hundred percent used to this thing's massive nose


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"If it looks right, it'll fly right" should still be the rule, it made some mighty pretty planes

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>want to check out simg
>vg catalog
>press END key

shit he caught me.

where did you steal this from?


>be me
>Install FSX or "Microsoft Jew Simulator" as I have decided to call it
>Hey goyim, you want some addons?
>Here, join this website for $15 a month to access them
>Then pay is $5-$50 per aircraft
>Then pay us a few hundred for a scenery overhaul that crashes the game and another $50 for these directX fixes to solve that.
>Oh and you'll need another $50 transaction for this weather plugin.
>And subscribe to our live atc for $30 per month
>But you'll need to buy my $20 app to make all of the above work together
>No refunds :^)

Odin's beard these people are the largest collective of money grubbing cunts I've ever encountered. I can understand quality, highly detailed models or industry relevant training software and such being payware but every man and his dog is selling whatever 3rd rate garbage they shit out in MSpaint and nobody bats an eyelid. Sometimes you even have to pay to access a website just to look at some of this shit. (Not that I do mind you but in the course of trying to mod my FSX into a 1950's retro airliner sim I've been perusing some of these sites and I'm fucking astounded.)

Also, why are 95% of the youtube videos on FSX uploaded by munted Brazilians who insist on dubbing shitty techno music over the top. It's fucking ear cancer.

dcs: r-22 robinson when?

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Pirate it like everyone else does.

Where did you get this sweet Beech 18 from? (I assume it's a Beech 18?

Oh I have no intention of paying for any of it, I was just registering my utter shock and confusion.

>what the fuck
what the FUCK user
I've had FSX installed for 12 years, what is this fucking bullshit you're talking about?

>Here, join this website for $15 a month to access them
what FUCKING scam website is this?
>Then pay is $5-$50 per aircraft
are you paying for FUCKING freeware? JESUS CHRIST
>Then pay us a few hundred for a scenery overhaul that crashes the game and another $50 for these directX fixes to solve that.
you need to upgrade your potato
>Oh and you'll need another $50 transaction for this weather plugin.
If you're talking Active Sky or REX, yeah, that's screwy.... but again... 12 year old software
>And subscribe to our live atc for $30 per month
never heard of it, sounds gay
>But you'll need to buy my $20 app to make all of the above work together
more fucking bullshit, just learn how your sim works


Someone can't into reading comprehension:

>Not that I do mind you but in the course of trying to mod my FSX into a 1950's retro airliner sim I've been perusing some of these sites and I'm fucking astounded

>Oh I have no intention of paying for any of it, I was just registering my utter shock and confusion.

just get xblen
Its probably cheaper to build a rig that can run it properly than to turn that ancient microshit game into something decent.

Nah, I'm downloading a wnole bunch of shit from Calclassic which needs FSX/FS9. I can't make a comfy 1950's sim with eggsplain

yes, and they're mostly scam websites charging idiots for freeware software, in clear violation of the EULA for those mods

god damn you Veeky Forums faggots are retarded
here, let me hold your hand for you, jesus fucking christ

you have the same problem I have, you have the wrong simulator for this. I have a boxed copy of FS2004 ready, but I'm going to dive in on my next custom PC build

I'm gobsmacked, there's even some donkey here who wants shekels for his shader libraries. Oy vey!

>my foot in my mouth
you found the gold mine, carry on friend
good luck :-)

thx for the cbfsim link tho, I hadn't found that.

does fs2004 work on windows 10?

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It does for me :^)

It came with a cheap-ass Steam module called Discover USA. It's literally just a pile of flightplans, but it has a nice plane to fly them with.

I'd not pay full price, though, I'd wait for a sale.

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Yeah I have the old school version that came on disc, nvm. There used to be a Beech 18 that flew the local route where I lived in the 80's and 90's. Every time I flew I'd hope it would be on the Beech but I always got a bloody Cessna 402. Sometimes it was parked next to it on the apron just to dick tease me.


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It's a beautiful machine, no doubt

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I'm about 1/4 of the way through installing these airports and sceneries, jesus there's a lot of content here.

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9 BTR's from the Angolan 25th Inf. Brigade as well as 2 Infantry platoons are in charge of defending this sector and hindering a mechanized SAR infantry advance.

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Off to a bad start, Vines' BTR came under sights and crosshairs of atleast 6 SAR Ratels after another BTR in the company drew attention by moving to take position inside the small plantation.

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What is that? Steel Armor?

It's a free fire zone, now

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GTOS, Operation Hooper.

The SAR supported by UNITA militia sliced through my entrenched company with relative ease, many BTR's were destroyed without knowing the Ratels were within only 50 meters of them

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The fighting escalates to a chaotic close-range bush fight. My infantry are dumping all their magazines into the other side of the plantation

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The platoon commander's AFV is destroyed in the plantation, the SAR Ratels directed a huge volume of fire into the plantation once they were close enough to realise 3 BTR's are hiding inside of it.

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And that was about the end of it, just as the first SAR Ratel rolled around the small farm most of the Angolans dropped arms or floored it or met a shitty death in the hot, tropical African jungles below the equator.. 3 BTR's from another company nearby tried to counter-attack the area but got annihilated without any effect near a road-side, by a single Ratel. A single Ratel was lost during the skirmish to an RPG-7.

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UNITA militiamen inspecting the plantation (or what's left of it) for any hiding FAPLA soldiers.

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Is this the end of ED or is this the beginning?

how was your day, /simg/?

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Who here has tried bombing in the Mig-21 recently? Clusters don't seem to be working or are working very poorly.

Let me explain, they appear to have raised the minimum release ceiling
before clusters could easily work during level flight at about ~800 feet.
Now ~1500 feet doesn't give them time to deploy

Anyone else?

pretty good, tanksim user
I spent all day ignoring my homework. I finished reading how to fly the Fiat G.18V for flight sim. Then I watched another stream by the user that is super knowledgeable about the North East Corridor, and was bitching about how broken TSW was.
This time, he turned off all cab signals and safety equipment, and ignored all speed limits and signals on the route. The result is a super comfortable drive without going too slow or fast. It's also fascinating to see his encyclopedic knowledge of the route. He knows every signal, speed limit for every track, and curve of the route by memory.
Seriously, watch this:
I've always wondered how I was supposed to drive this route with no HUD, since the speed changes so often without warning. His knowledge is the answer.
>then I looked up what I had to do for school, realized I have a shit ton of reading I have to do (150+ pages) and the two papers I have to write next week, fuck me

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I actually like the fact that /simg/ dies and comes back everyday. It's like the perpetual Christ of Veeky Forums.

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>inb4 no updates for 3 months

F-14 vid this weekend boys, I can feel it

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I want Jolly Roger skins.

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>he actually bumps

Bumbs are life.

Wtf lmao
Xplane 11 takes 50-60gb too if you have all world sceneries
And looks and is way better than fsx
How does it take 50 GB lmao

It's all in the shaders, my man.

Cockpits look ugly in fsx imo tho

Again, shaders are the most important thing.

Seasons greetings, brothers. Anybody here have experience with Track IR and can help me a little bit? I want to translate leaning (rolling) my head into pressing keys, Q and E specifically. I feel I could make this work rigidly for STALKER and even Call of Duty.

this also tickles my fancy. posting funny shit until some fucker answers. if I could lean in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. using my TIR I would poo my pants

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Check the file name bro, there's no scenery in there.

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My inclination is no. My understanding is games have to support TrackIR, or the TrackIR devs have to program support for that game themselves.

Actually I just figured it out, you can do it by pasting this code into FreePie


It works pretty well apparently, about to test it out in CODWW2.


Anyone more interested can read the guy's forum post here


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Let's play find-the-tanks simbabs

2 tanks in this pic, find them

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After clearing Quebec City of all its poutine and wine, I'm on my way back to the homefront. Next stop, Houlton, Maine

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I'm more than a bit disappointed a city as big, pretty, and full of character as Quebec is just a collection of generic buildings. FSX doesn't even have the Chateau Frontenac modeled, let alone the walls or the old star fort

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The borderlands are nothing but forests and hills, but Khatadin looms large over everything. The mountains are also just high enough to make the flying interesting by disturbing the air enough to cause some rocky flying

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