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Love the Love Doctor edition

>What is Dead by Daylight?
Asymmetrical multiplayer slasher game where 4 survivors scramble to fix 5 generators while 1 killer wants to sacrifice all of them.

>What is Friday the 13th?
A slasher game featuring Jason and counselors. 7 counselors with different stats try to escape the camp while Jason kills them one by one.

>What is Last Year?
Class based with weaker killers. In development? Beta Delayed yet again. (Probably not real)

>Steam Group

>Latest Patch Notes (DbD)

>Skill Check Simulator (DbD)

Stalked by myers all the way to EWIII

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What would happen if 4 great mist thickeners could stack and they became worth 10 BP each? Would you quit the game?


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Guess what I got

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how tight is feng?


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I can't watch this properly anymore, I just keep thinking about looping and facecamping

Don't ask such questions!

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>Literally lived on the streets for awhile
She's had trains run on her.
She's loose as shit.

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Feng is my favorite squeaky toy

Dominated by big black cock long before any weeb boy could get his hands on her

>china/hong kong
>black people


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I want someone to do SFM of Feng and Quentin doubling down on a huge black dick

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Alright guys, last 4 are Evan, Nurse, Huntress, and Manlet. First come, first serve.
We already got Wraith, but the last 4 are still up for grabs.

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>"She spiralled out of control and fell into a pattern of self-destruction. She started wandering the streets and visiting bars, where no one knew of e-sports, waking up in places she didn't remember."

Yeah, sorry, your waifu is a loose whore.

Dwight being the stupid gun app meme too

God I can't stop laughing


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>another pallet about 15 feet behind me
>window just to the right of the right pallet

nice fucking game, easiest plug pull of my fucking life

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>Myers and pig

I'm fucking dead


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Morning /BHKG/ let's try not to be so bitter today and keep the complaining to a minimum.

Done, only waiting on Trapper and Nurse.

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>Both options for Wraith are shit I made
I love you guys.



*only Nurse

Love this dick

Who is this?


>people thinking the next dlc will be jeepers creepers or friday the 13th
It makes me laugh how many people forgot that they announced the new killer before they released Freddy, but didn't want to release him because he would take the spotlight away from Freddy. I honestly can't wait for Johnny Luger.

You mean Sharp Hand Joe?

dev stream in two minutes

It's time.

What would sharphand joe's kit be like?

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>Big announcement is the emblem system or loot boxes


This announcement better be good.


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>Bah Bah Bah we made it easier for survivors to peep

This is going to be a disappointment isn't it?

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>mfw realizing offerings don't protect your items from franklin's demise

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>You could be chased and get hit and you would lose da chase and dat wuz bad.
>But da killa loosing da chase because you dropped a pallet was perfectly sensible and fair.

>Go vs franklins
>Try hard and make sure he doesn't pip
>No rescues, no altruism
>Leave asap
Don't take franklins if you're in my game son

>survivors get it easy again
Not even a surprise at this point.

>mwf they announce The Strangers Chapter

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QT yandere Vampire that hunts you down W H E N

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The announcement will be about BHVR buying the publishing rights. Calling it now.

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>When are you going to remove crutchlust
This fucking shitty and trash community.

>Chat erupting in people calling bullshit on this blatant survivor bias
>Watching Not_Queen read it and looking around obviously distressed.

Just shut the fuck up and tell us the announcement.

>Try and balance points for survivors
>Killers end up getting points for being fucked
Get it together BHVR

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>goes on about how they are making it easier for survivors
>says that killers are too easy
The fucking gall.

Gimme the rundown on everything everyones meming about
I want paraphrases and clips

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"killers are too easy"

Survivors having to SURVIVE to pip is not going to be a thing, because gotta coddle the babies and killers are going to have a harder time pipping against standard survivor tactics.

Too easy to pip you fucking autistic fucks

>that wasn't the announcement
Stop cucking us

whelp, one more game to uninstall


DbD is going f2p...


>You can unlock dlc with playtime
>Spider hag
>Rust lord doctor

And how am I being compensated for spending money on this

>the announcement isn't a new killer
>it's them trying to sell us outfits and making killers people paid for go free

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That announcement was pee-pee.

this, honestly. I have enough hours in the game I'd have been able to unlock all characters by now.

That's all fols

>mummy nurse.

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Anyone get a cap of those outfits?

Im hoping to god this is bait. Please be bait. I havent seen the stream, i’m at work, PLEASE BE BAIT.

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>that was it
>that was fucking it
>that was the big fucking announcement

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>No Strangers

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>its fucking nothing

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>That doctor outfit

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Bump for this

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How poor are you?


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So less than a month for a new killer

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>killers people paid REAL money for will go f2p
>survivors get it easy YET AGAIN
>and then they have the audacity to say that killers are too fucking easy

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honestly I'm more excited about mid quarter balance updates than I am about fucking killers

What the ever loving fuck is this shit

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>Say killers are too easy in the chat
>Millions of /BHKG/ responses

>he didn't buy the whole game for under $10 during sales


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>killer too easy
too easy to PIP user, they didn't say shit about sacrifices
you can probably easily pip now without actually killing people on hooks

which is fucking stupid

Give me the run down boys.

>we want the duct tape audience

What if we covered Sally in GARBAGE?

Anyone else notice the Hag had different animations? It even looked like there was a small startup before she swung her claws.

last of us?

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