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How would Reset fair as a Demon King?

>When your mom is an age 30+ chuuni, your dad is an unrestrained rapist and at least two of your brothers are potentially incest crazed

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ProTip: Don't ever one-turn Leazas. Get both Hawzel and Saizel for the absolute greatest Fire and Ice nuker. Pray to RNG to get their apostles to make them even stronger.

Full's better than Seizel honestly.

IIRC the Hawzel route is even lacking the second medal that Silky has.

Mix is great.

Red cheeks from constantly slapping herself.

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Nothing is stopping you from using both.

Why use both when I can use Beze for full party boost and phys buff?

Saizel's nuke can't be compared to tiny little boosts.

Hawzel is a lot more useful in real terms than Silky is though. Her damage is good enough that it's worthwhile to take her over even Hornet on fire maps, which includes a bunch of tough ones like Zeth and Warg. Meanwhile, while Silky has a pretty good defensive buff, going with three ninjas and Kimchi is honestly a better choice for long fights.

>30% physical buff
>Boost which makes Full do 200k a hit early game with the previous buff in place with her melee attack
You clearly haven't played the game.

I wasn't intending to compare Silky to Hawzel, just saying that it's not worth it to go down Hawzel's entire route. You either 1 turn Leazas or get both sisters at once

I want to marry Reset!

>He doesn't know Saizel deals literally 200k (x4) in early game without needing any buff


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Really find that hard to believe.

You'll get killed by Rance or Feb.

>pray to rng to get their apostle
Can't you just get them at the end of your turn? I at least got the fire one like that.

Passive admin privileges> those two

Not him but I guess I'll just marry Feb then.

Nook will kill you while you sleep.

Back off, he belongs to Nook. You can get Maria instead.

Because you never try it.

You get Hawzel's apostle after her base mission I think, but if you get both twins at once, there is no base event for that.

Do these scars look gay to you as well?

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Shit genes

To be fair, those look less like stars and more like craters.

Doesn't change the fact that they're both in the pattern of the big dipper.

Question, when Rance was being accosted by the Devil in Helman, why didn't he do the same trick as in II/02 where he just used one of the wishes to force the Devil to not take his soul?

Or did he thought that only Feliss was dumb enough to fall for it?

>Mix was accepted as a partner in the Toushin Tournament with 0 issues
I want to have babies with this beautiful girl

Who did she partner with?

Well you know how Miki turned out.

>Or did he thought that only Feliss was dumb enough to fall for it?
Nagata, the hanny

How did none of them manage to get raped in TT?

He's mine.

Is the hanny rance's son too?
from that time he got drunk and fucked a Haniko

They lost to good people.

Which do I pick? And what are the two options on the bottom?

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>Cecil second event
Lmao Rance, do you even Veeky Forums?

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>And what are the two options on the bottom?
The single two most important NG+ bonuses you can choose.

>being the partner of the weakest party member
Did she want to get fucked?

Sexiest girl with super firm boobs and vaggo

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Because Lelikov lost to El himself, Rangi lost to a girl that will probably rape him eventually, but she only had full rights over Nagi so she cursed her into becoming a Haniko instead, Nagata-kun lost to Miracle who made Mix call her mama and walk around the city holding hands with her, and Zance and Hiro lost to Alexander, who is a pretty chill guy and Rance's old acquaintance so he didn't do anything to Shizuka nor Sushinu.

Or at least that's what the cover story is

No, he's just Ale's friend that he encounters at the start of his journey.
Arios should have killed her instead of one of the Dark Lords.
Hard Mode
Carry over Meal ticket events
Pick 5 stars.

Who did Miracle lose to then?

Naked King, it was hilarious.

An ex-AL Church priest with the power to get people naked.

>lvl 85+
>still losing the TT
What a bunch of jobbers Seed won without even reaching 50

Cecil is irrelevant to the outcome of the war. If it's someone actually valuable for the cities you want to target Maria would be the best option.

Who was she partnered with? Was she just mindfucked by the ridiculousness of him?


Go mope about being a one in a dozen Arios sidepiece Cecil

Pick one of the bonuses in the lower right hand corner, they increase acquisition rank of new cards by 5 each, meaning if you have both, each new card you'll get will start at level 10. Once you got that, the next priority should be either the +50% ones or the army rank up ones, pick the latter if you want to try your hand at one-turning nations. The lowest one can also be pretty gamebreaking, since it makes all cards able to appear in most chests. Ignore the EXPUP ones unless you literally have everything else, they're the worst NG+ bonuses you can pick since it only applies to the level up crystals.

Part 3 When

Contestants can also act as partners, the gut tried to get her naked but she blocked it and got naked herself. They start having a naked face-off and after a while Miracle raises his hand and declares him the winner.

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So he didn't do anything to her after winning?

Can Rance fuck Mikan?

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No. Mikan's one of the three things in the world that terrify Rance the most, and she even has her own category for that, Rance wouldn't stick his dick on her.
And he's an gigantic faggot for that, Mikan is absolutely delicious in X.

>Rance was perfectly willing to fuck this
>We don't get to see it in the path where it actually happens

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No, he was just trying to spread his naked religion.

And the other two are Silbarrel and... Male form Gigai?

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Yes, but he uses those as examples instead.
According to Rance himself, the three things in the world he loathes the most are uglies like Sillbarrel, fags like Gigai and Mikan (like Mikan).

The other two are uglies (Sillbarrel being the Demon King of uglies) and homos.

Why, because she can level him down? Willis does the same when Rance fucks her.

>Hating Saias
Come on, he's a pretty cool guy. It takes guts to openly flirt with girls in front of Rance and go even beyond and tell him to stop being a pussy and claim the girls back with his own charms instead of trying to kill him.

>Rare Card
>It's just a dupe Hubert.
>Competition includes new Sanakia and a dupe Martina.
>Sanakia downs herself after attacking.
Wow, that's kinda sad.

great comedy potential

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Lost position

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Mikan does that trying to level him up. Only the dead can know the madness of Mikan taking all your EXP and not levelling you up a single level in IV.

>you will never fuck Sexy Lexxy

>Rance wouldn't stick his dick on her
suddenly futa

I savescummed to get the weapon upgrades.

Sanakia is a lot taller than I thought. Also, she is actually quite good in a management position from her Skills, just not one anyone will notice.

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Cute! Holy shit, CUTE!

Daily reminder we still can't make an Interface Patch


And we still don't need one

We don't? 80% of /hannyrape/ are EOPs

ḑ͚̖̪̣̳̓͗ͭ͐ͧ̓͌ͦ͟a̡̫̼̓ͦ̊͗͗͌̍́͘ǐ̜̦̦̤͇̫͍̥͇ͤ́̎͛̓l̸̶̫͍̦̰͓͎̍ͮ͛ͬ͊͛̚͘y̶̦̦̪̟͌͐̊ͭ̍͠͠ ̳͓̳͋̓ͤ͛́r̖̦̣̾̿͐ͦ͋̾e͎̖̞͎͍̳ͨ̃ͤ̊̌͋͠m̟̯ͩ̇̿ͫ̂̕͜i͚͔̤͆n̛̺̯͉̥̻̱̯̠̙ͪ̉͌͊̏ͨ̆̀͝d͚̳̤͉̺͆̌ͫ̃͐̐͘e̢̧̯͕̜ͣ̆̇͝ͅr̵̰̰̘͉͑̃͂̊̄͒̚ ̵̹͔̫̱̦̤͇͊͛w͇̻̹͔̱̣̭̐ͧ͊̃͋ͫͪe̤̜̯̼͐ͭͤ̌̃̀͟͞ ̭̩̦̝͉ͫͣ̌ͫś̨̤̭̫̹͝͞t͉̠̮̥̬͖̯̦̄͆̇ͨ͆̍͝ị̴̳̯̗̜̬̐ͤͨ̿ͬ̀̀ͧl̪͙͍̠̼͓͉̙̙ͭ̾͢͡l̢̜͈̮̻͉̹̉̑̍̒ͣ͐ͨ͞ͅ ̷͙̩̎̒ͩ̊̄͘͠c̙͒͂̓͆â̻̦̓̈́͗͢͜ṋ̸̨̥̰̒̓ͯͨt̵͇̭̗̬͔̖̠ͧ̊͂ͨ̆̇͑̇̀̀ ̨͕͐͐̉͆ͦ͐̊ͯ̚m̷̧̰̻͚̿̎ͯ̾͌̾a̶̝̙̼͇͉̹ͮ̈́̊̔̈̀̓͝k̵̼̞͕̮̰̈́ͬ͝e͙͍͙̱̖ͩͯ̈̄ͫ̇̚ ͓͙̔̎̈̑ͯ̈́́̂ͬ͞͡ḁ̷̶͎͍̞͈̈̔͟n̵̯̪͂̾̍ͩ̊͢ ̭̙̪̱̹ͩ͗̇̒͒͊̑͢͞i̱͍͉̔̓̐̌̏͊̚̕n̨̨̠̻̈́͆̉̃t̹͓̦̝͓̝͐ͪͪͤͣe̶̹͖̼̳̙ͦ̂̃̋̔͌͋̚r̛̜̤̣͐̏͌͛͐̀͞f̴͈̥̰̱͚̬͌ͅa͍̙͈̮͎͛̽ͫͧ̈́̚̚͢c͎̯̮̞̰̳̭ͭ͋ͦ͋͠ĕ̶̳̫̀̃͑ͯ͑͢͠ ̴͓͍͔͎̩̰͊̓ͭ͑ͪ̂̓ͨ͝p̤̩̠̎ͦ̏ͮ̎̉ͪͤ̕͞ä̯͖̘͍̻̬ͭ̽̚ͅͅt̸̹͉̹̜̘̼̪͒ͤ̓͊̄̈́̇ͭc̸͖̝̬͔͉͇͂̍͋͗̆̏͘h̫͎͉͖͉͖̹͂̎͂̈͟͠

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What the hell happened there?


>4 weeks and 50+ threads later
just finished part 2, it feels good to be back.
DHR is temporary shelved because I'm pretty busy with school and whatnot, but I'm sure I'll get something cool done in the near feature.

can somebody fill me in on the spiciest X memes?

You missed a good month of newfaggotry and shitposting

>91 CGs
Whale Meat Toilet

Well I can provide a cursed image, if that's what you want.

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Kentarou is now Newspaper-kun.

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I heard about plenty of La Vaswald false flagging through off-band channels.

So what?

>Part 3 When
>Rance abandoned His Women
>Whale Meal Toilet
>C U T C O N T E N T

X's Interface is actually pretty simple and friendly.

Recent but I like it.

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t. Moonreader

>91 CG
>Crook won
>Xfag BTFO (X for every girl who didn't get a scene)
>Rance become an abstinent traveler
>Part 3 when?
Pretty sure I forgot some


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