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Why is Sonic fast?

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More like shit tier trilogy.

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Why is the best Sonic character not canon?

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3 wasn't that great.
The silly little hubworlds confused me as a kid, especially since the other GBA Sonic games didn't have them.

Because going fast is fun

3 was the best

Mina Milestone Maybe?

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Fiona > Mina

>2 was the best

>make a joke oc that has my fetish
>and peep
Hmm. Not bad


5 hours

good taste

Sonic goes fast because SEGA needed a game that fully demonstrated Sega Genesis's processing power and capabilities, thus Sonic The Hedgehog was conceptualized.

If I made a Sonic fangame the community wouldn't know until it's at least halfway done.

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I fucking hate you all.

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Blast processing.

what about an in-universe explanation

good luck resisting the urge to show off anything for almost 1-2 years

hey all

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That's for the best will it be lewd?

What game would this be, Mariaposter? I wanted to be mariaposter dammit...

Are you at least halfway done yet?

Maria a cute!

hey robotnik

I’d shoot for 75% done.

What's up, egghead? You eat anything yet? What did you have?

?ebyaM enotseliM aniM

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Fuck it, I wanna be Mariaposter too!

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Hay gurl haaay!

this looks a better premise to me.

if i lift up cream's skirt what would i see?

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It is actually a story if you wanted to know how it would turn out.

W-Who wants to go on a honeymoon to Japan with me?

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Cream so cute it should be illegal.

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Forget the Sonic stuff, I want those KitKats

im not into fan-fic

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Her tail, pervert.

why does Japanese sonic merchandise always look so good? Doesn't Japan not care about Sonic?

That depends
will I have to play sonic games with you?
please say no


Sweet merch.
Amy doll is cute.

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Really from what I am reading of the story...this is solid. I would love to see this be the basis for the reboot.

to outrun the pain

Cute, but a bad case of "Dreamworks face"

Dem collarbones, though.
Girl could use a cheeseburger.

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I'm not working on anything. I don't know a thing about games development.
Just saying if it were the case. Maybe post some sprites or models somewhere and pretend to be just for fun without a game attached to them. There's enough people in the fandom who hate the thing they usually would love because the "wrong person" - be it a popular fanartist or a literal nobody - is doing it.

I have my biases too, so I wouldn't try to kill my project before it really started. Not to mention that most fangames either die halfway through development anyways.

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SEGA’s in Japan, though. So they probably put more effort into their stuff over there.

>"You can't catch me, gay thoughts."

Indestructiboy did nothing wrong

They like him as a mascot, but not artistically care about the gameplays.

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user, please.

Only if you want to, I wont force you

>Shadman tries 3D
I hate it and I will never stop to not hate it.

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Because Naka liked trying to go fast and beat his times in Mario, right?

The Japanese just want to dash like maniacs which just means doing lewd with Blaze

It kinda makes me think of Unleashed when you put it that way.

I love the collar bone too, it's just so...sweet lord

Do they like Blaze? I don't see much from her all the time.

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I remember one user saying they are passionate about shipping Blaze and Silver

And to be honest this is the only thing I remember the Japanese to care about Sonic.

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wew, Shad

If it's in space it's not illegal

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Hi /sthg/. Did they fix Sonic yet?

Why do Japan love 06 so much?

They are legal for each other, user

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Rush games sold like shit, Rivals games weren't even released, and Japan is a sucker for "star-crossed lovers" stories.

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They have good taste. MRi best artist

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>Why do Japan love 06 so much?
It's very anime. Actually wasn't a anime writer involved?

>"Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead using one of those things!"

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alright thats enough, fuck off

Too bad she doesn't do Sonic no more.

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>Why do Japan love 06 so much?

It did Final Fantasy better than every Final Fantasy post-7.

It's a nerf

Why'd they stop?

:( Sorry. I'll stop now. I get carried away.

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Nah, I need more

Das cute!

When does he get to do it to her?

How come?

This. Reposting the same art is no better than the shitposters reposting bait.

Cheer up (Adult only)
$6 or more per month
watch NSFW thing (sonadow only)

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dark jak influence?

GUN is awesome and I wish it returned.


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Sonic's only holding it, he's using finger guns

Unless it's Kayla or AAR, it never leads to thread-long arguments, so I disagree on that.

>Laser guns
I wished humans would come back and get the proper fixing they needed. Unleashed was a start, but then all of a sudden they dropped them completely.

He was talking about Shadow's rocket shoes.

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>Laser guns
Sonic sez laser guns are far more accurate and do a lot more damage that regular guns.

>Unless it's Kayla or AAR
Let's be fair, both of those guys have a well-deserved reputation and I'd far prefer they both keep their shill-shit to /trash/ where it's contained and away from the main thread. I don't mind the art but both the artists themselves *and* the fuck-slinging their names bring to the threads really needs to fuck off.

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Neither of them deserve it. You people just overreact about everything.

A lot of what happened with them was self-inflicted, but at the same time, I'm not gonna pretend this general didn't kinda exacerbate the issue by flipping the hell out whenever a mere picture is posted. Truth be told, I doubt either of them post here as often as their art shows up & it's similar to the "Barneyfags'" on /co/v/vp/ etc. /spoiler]

Either work or she "grew out of it".

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>Sonic gets curious about those awesome rocket shoes one day
>Decides to try 'em on whilst Shadow is having a bath or whatever
>They fit great
>They don't hover for Sonic
>No chaos energy to power 'em
>Fine, no problem
>Sonic grabs a Chaos Emerald from his draw full of 'em
>Shoves one inside a boot
>This should do the trick
>It does
>Too much power
>Rocket shoes enabled to max
>Sonic is up, up and away!
>Blasts through the ceiling with Sonic Speed!
>He wasn't smart enough to do it outside
>Still going
>Chaos Emeralds are even better than Duracells
>About to break SR-71's record
>It's only about a mile straight up to reach space.

She's working on a Forces comic on her Patreon?

You'll learn to like it Muhria

>Neither of them deserve it.
>Kayla has been a bitch and a hack for almost two decades
>lol she doesn't deserve da haet

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>"you people"
Thanks, mate, but I generally try to stay out of the arguments when they crop up. I'm just tired of seeing them and I want the drama to fuck off to a containment thread.

Probably, but even so, if it's gotten to the point that people screech that hard over some art-faggotry then it really needs to be kept elsewhere.

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