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All the dolls

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*goobs dangerously*

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What's her name and chest size again?

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Why is sombra in the op? Also, succ op when?

do people unironically think kolin is OP?

Tifa Lockheart

thread autist how did you post a link to the new thread 6 seconds after it was made?

my wifes.

I dislike her tumblr hair so much bros...

Her VA comes off as a huge slut. Bet she would have a suite at EVO

BEST boy

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Succ are more of a "1994" kind of OP. Outdated.

Yes. How retarded can they be, right?

Has Hilde changed a lot from Uniel to Unist?

it grew on me to be honest

Succs are timeless.


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I want to get into fighting games. Which fighting game has the most hot women?

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Imagine thinking that Laura is pretty.

Post proof of succubi sightings outside of ones manually summoned in the last decade

>tumblr hair
I don't think that style is particularly popular in tumblr.

Street Fighter V

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imagine being a faggot

>missed a week of extra battle
Do the battles ever cycle back?

melty blood

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What do i have to do to be like this guy?

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nobody outside of Capcom knows since they haven't talked about it, but you should assume that they will at some point come back

DOA5, SFV, T7, the upcoming SCVI

But I don't get better.

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t. white person


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Post cooldowns don't apply to/separate from thread making.

dbfz has infinites now.


fighting games should really use cooldowns for special moves desu to stop all the lame spamming

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You are late, late as in retarded, retarded as dooberz lmao


that hurts user.

Almost all specials are unsafe

I think this would nice. I think in the order of fuckage:
Mika cosplayer > cammy cosplayer > morrigan cosplayer > marie rose cosplayer

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how hard is it to pull this off in a real match?

Sorry :(

This just made me worried about the potential Riot fighter. Imagine specials being tied to 1 button + cool down just like mobashit. Imagine this becoming a mainstream game.

Why was this the last Final Round?

t. spammer

its in the name


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Somewhat difficult. First you need Recoome's beam to hit in the corner and activate sparkling. At worst, you'll only have one character being taken out.

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Because it was the Final Final

But there were 20 others

Because dooberz, despite claiming to be the savior of the FGC, couldn't actually get a high enough turnout to save it

what the actual fuck
dbfz is dead.

That would make everybody play like a charge character.

I bought MKX on a whim yesterday since it was on sale

Got my ass handed to me in ranked, what the fuck is this game even? Is there any fundamentals in this game, playing neutral feels so fucking weird. I know d2 is universal anti-air but how does pressure work, do all characters have invincible reversals. What is the default block, low or high, I can't even really tell, is that even a thing in thsi game? Literally what is this game

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rising thunder? I think it has potential personally.

You got netorared

Shittiest design in the sf series

I hope my main comes back in Street Fighter 6, bros...

I don't really like anyone else...

fat asses are NOT cute thankfully sakura has a very toned bottom from years of rigorous exercise

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Who is it even? Fei Long? C. Viper?

>buying an NRS game

you deserved this

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anyone else feel kind of bad beating kolins and sakuras? i feel like they're the easiest characters to beat

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NRS games are pretty wack, but doesn't it have a tutorial or something?

>chad weeaboo football player dressed up like a samurai
no it's cool


s3 kolin gets no sympathy

>feel bad for beating tierwhores and sniffshitters

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Play Weiss

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s2 kolin was more dishonest desu

*taps forward twice from fullscreen*
*tick throws you*

sorry kiddo

t. guile player


I feel like she won't come back. Her usage is really low...

i thought dbz had infinite protection where if your combo lasted longer than a certain amount time/hits the character automatically pops out

you have less than 9 hours left to complete the extra battle costume challenges for this week!

I feel no remorse for beating anyone. My character got nerfed now nobody got excuses.

S3 kolin is completely broken but the guys who just picked her because she is have no idea how to play her.

How can I play Urien as disrespectful as possible but also win?

Based Ginyu does it again

I'm really glad I got Ed to level 50 last night, this level 50 colour is so fresh. New primary costume + colour combo for sure

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Does using native american stereotypes even makes sense anymore?
They are pretty much extinct.

lol no

>not distracting your enemy with Ed's package

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Nice gay post

The beam from Recoome, the orange pineapple ginyu force guy, bugs it out.

she's nearly the same as she was in season 2 except now she has a vt that isn't shit. her vt2 isn't nearly as broken as someone like guile, rashid, or abigail

I would give that unblockable crossup in the corner for her back

VT1 is a good VT comapratively to the cast
it's just that VT2 is definitely better

I was using this costume as my standard before

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Infil blocked it at FR so it's ok :^)

Here's a quick guide for anyone looking to pick her up.

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