>Vermintide 1
Don't aggro the vermin patrol, everyone hide
>Vermintide 2

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Hi OP, I just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful and nothing anyone says can ever change that. :3c

I love Kerillian

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That's pretty gay famm

Chaos patrols keep spawning in front of me in legendary hell I lost a run because I was picking someone up and a hook eat spawned in front of me.

It keeps fucking happening

>play kerrilian
>constant bitching
>bad scottish accent
>like the way she plays
>friend always moans whenever she makes a comment
>friend tells me to change constantly

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Your friend is a faggot desu senpai.

>>Veeky Forums


>>>>/my peenus weenus of course/

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whats the problem in having one vermintide thread in the entire catalog
no one seems to care when there are several souls, persona etc.. threads at the same time

Reminder to report and ignore Veeky Forums shitposting

I'm just a salty /scp/ fag

Feels bad

Any good elf tips? Specifically for handmaiden

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>watch gameplay
>"damn, these graphics look great"
>Look up engine
>Stingray Engine
>development recently cancelled

Why is Autodesk a bunch of retards?

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I play with a friend who aggros every single Stormvermin and Chaos patrol on Champion when he can't even stay alive on Veteran. I just don't understand what goes through his head while he's plinking away impotently with his swiftbow and tiny knives. Is it fun to go from full health to dead in 15 seconds multiple times a map?

>any boss level on champ
>everyone's doin' good
>get to the boss
>Sienna and Elf (always two in each game) revert back into vet-tier retards
>switch to range and stationary M1 the boss
>don't switch to melee to block or dodge when the boss targets them
>gets slapped in the ass by 5 clanrats because too busy tunnelvisioning the boss
>die halfway through the fight

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>Play Foot soldier
>Get lucky with items and get shitloads of stamina and stamina recovery
>I am the fucking wall!
>Stun bosses like they are little bitches
>Keep friends safe from rattos and chaos shits
Is there a better feeling?

Doing all of that with a lot of Handmaiden in the party

Dont be like that man it encourages trash they're enjoying a game like we did once let it thrive

What's shade purpose? I feel like there's a class that's better at everything that she does, being horde killing, special killing or bosses. Should I simply give up and go waystalker

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I am actually hoping they get fucked so they rise against fag mods too

Do gutter runners try to jump you from behind? I can't even count the number of times I turn around with an assassin flying towards me just meters from my face.

Ask him to stop?

Reminder to tell Ranald to go fuck himself

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When they spawn they track the position of one player, spawning x meters behind him. If you are on the run sure as fuck they get you behind but if you are stationary and got a spawn or the locked one turns around you get into your face.

Ah ok. Makes sense.

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fucking kek

She can rape a boss if she gets a chance to stab it from the back. She works pretty much only if there is lots of stun in the party. If not the boss will dunk her hard.

>Not those black bastards again!
Holy shit how did Fatshark get away with this TWICE the glory?

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pretty much all bosses give you opportunities to backstab them, especially the epic troll
killing bosses as shade also involves unloading your 30 crossbow bolts then recovering them all by backstabbing

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What's a good build for her?

Why are pubs so fucking stupid, is it so hard for people not to go into melee unless necessary and when they do why in the name of fuck do they keep strafing left and right without even dodging, they are getting hit anyway and the only thing they manage is to get shot in the back from a crit crossbow

Daggers with crit, or Glaive (remove the ammo refund talent)
Get crit as much as you can, oneshot chaos warriors. Daggers are pretty good to shit on hordes if you aim for the head and don't get hit by accidental slaves that leap heroically and strike instantly.

And im talking about Chamion/legend here not fucking veteran where it would be understandable for people to be retarded

t. bounty hunter abuser spamming crossbow without caring because muh ammo refund
the game is primarily melee, ranged is what you use against bosses and specials

Yeah, I've been using daggers. They rip through hordes like butter. Which are the must have talents?

Almost as clutch as the mercenary at level 25.

>dwarf is down
>mage is down
>chaos spawn is chomping on qt elf
>yell something the lines of "STAND UP OR SHUT UP" and "FIGHT. MAIM. KILL"
>everyone gets a good revive and makes it back to the portal

30% stamina regen (the other two are shit as far as I remember), +15% power with grimoires (Even if you don't want to take them, the two other talents are so underwhelming)
Ammo refund if daggers, +25% backstab otherwise (and I'm not even sure about that, since your carrer skill should oneshot chaos warriors, talent bonus or not)
HP on kill (I tried on crit and it feels so underwhelming, if fatshark balances it then hp on crit should be better)
-30% cd on stealth is the best IMO. You don't need to stay stealthed while shooting your ranged weapons (you're already safe anyway), and a longer stealth doesn't matter, 10s is plenty.

>since your carrer skill should oneshot chaos warriors
Man sized enemy are everything except monsters and chaos warriors.

which applies to what i just said just the same, stop being retarded

I meant the stealth, which, while the tooltip doesn't mention (thanks fatshark) gives you a huge damage increase, like hobo-Kruber's camouflage

I dunno, I find her bitching kinda endearing in a sense.

Yeah, that's pretty close to what I've been planning. I'm still only 15 and pretty shit at playing her. Her playstyle is pretty different from every other career's.

Get good at running forwards and backwards while attacking, you should stop running forwards right when your attack hits.

Your bow is almost solely for Specials/Stormvermin, everything else is either too weak or too stronger to be using arrows on.

You are invincible when picking people up off the ground, even if some enemies can interrupt your uninterruptible revive, you won't take damage as long as you hold block.

Learn to use the glaive instead of the spear, while you are an immortal god with the spear, you can't kill armored/bosses worth a damn with it.

Find the other tankiest party member and stay on his ass, you give him stamina regen, and he can make up for you not having your spear.

Try to always keep track of saltz and sienna, these fags can never remember they have melee weapons and will always friendly fire you on Champion/Legend, try to give them as big a berth as you can.

I've always thought the rest of the crew finds her immature and just ignores her temper tantrums. Which is funny to me as she is probably decades if not more older than the rest of them.

saltz hates her (like he hates everybody but sigmar-praising humans) but needs her so he endures
sienna is magic addict and is just high and doesn't notice
bardin meticulously fills his book of grudges and doesn't comment
kruber thinks about killing himself too much to notice she's tsundere for him

being decades old doesn't excuse that she's going through her edgy elf phase where she scorns all of the mortal races.

I didn’t realise Raimi had moved to video game writing

I have 25 bucks to spare.
Is this game fun?

I've only played on recruit and I'm about to get the fifth character to lv 10 for the keep

How do I go about getting permabanned from /v/ only?

>That niggling itch was bothering me!

What the fuck, dwarf.

>mark patrol to let people know where they are and to avoid them
>they shoot at them

no content

Why recruit? Veteran is just as easy and gives more xp.

Fatshark got the tech to keep working on it after developing for it, I've been told

Getting to item level 200 is a fucking pain
It takes fucking forever jesus

If you like this kind of games then yes, if you don't then no

Getting to 200 was easy, 200-300 is a fucking pain

>Forget to look at her bar while casting during big mob battles
Every god damn time!

I've played for like 25-30 hours and I only have 187

>accidentally tap R to vent some heat
>forget I'm at grey health with 1 pip of hp
>drop grim
Sigmar forgive me

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Just go for it. If you don't find the combat fun before two hours then just refund it.

Gotta move up to the next difficulty.

but does that even make it faster

What are you guys doing?
I have played 60 hours. Everyone is at least lev 15. Krubster, my man is at 378 power.

Well each difficulty has a power level cap. So i'd guess staying within the regular difficulty you will receive a smaller breadth of item levels as you near cap than if you jumped to the next difficulty and had a higher cap.

>Heroes have grown stronger from first game
>Can now perform more impressive feats

Why is it a problem that stormvermin patrols are not an instant wipe?

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>have a minor stroke or something
>instead of pinging I press F and go flying over the cliff
>rest of the team wipes soon after
I've never felt so stupid.

not sure, just wanted to get all the characters before moving up

At least learn how Veeky Forums works before moving a thread there. Now there's TWO vermintide threads. Faggot.

Out of curiosity do regular /v/ threads like new vegas get ever moved here
I don't care to browse /v/ or Veeky Forums and I think the stereotype of "Veeky Forums is just tripfag trannies ERPing" is unfair, but I was surprised to see the thread moved just like that

No, they don't. They only ever get moved when a literal fucking faggot mod stops getting fucked by tyrone enough to look at the front page and see a thread they personally dislike, then they move it just because lol.

So, like, what are the grounds on which a thread can be judged Veeky Forums worthy and /v/ worthy? Because Vermintide 2 came out like a few weeks ago so it's new and we're just discussing it. When XBC2 came out there were multiple threads with the same picture of the welsh cat thing and I recall Odyssey threads being the same so I just don't understand

Item level idiot, not hero power level

it's been a problem ever since Veeky Forums exists
Basically if a /v/ thread boils down to "This is a thread for this game" then it should be in Veeky Forums, but it's almost never been applied
And even if it was it'd be disguised with "Should I buy [game]? Discuss [game]".

It's about what threads that mod personally likes or dislikes. Everyone knows mods have become bigger and bigger faggots over time

No video games on /v/.

>hear horde sound
>see a bunch of enemies all together on the other side of the river
>actually they were a Chaos Warrior patrol and the horde was coming from behind all along

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>Is there a better feeling?
Getting green circles

The game literally screams at you when you are too high. How can you overheat?

What happened?

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is this the next Tortanic?

when are we getting all the cosmetics added

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When the High Elf hero DLC drops

>mfw this OP

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>cant take bants
your friend's American?

What is the point of moving this to Veeky Forums when there is already a general here?

/v/ moderation has gone to absolute shit in the past week
I got warned by a janitor for insulting people who drink to look cool in a gamer fuel thread lmao