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>get extremely rare time gated drop
>buy ac to affix gear
this game 2 ez

Just cleared the new solo xq as hunter.
Why are you all with your panties in a twist over this quest?

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but AC is a fucking awful way to make money

You get some 15 mil an hour working a minimum wage job though. Can you get 15 mil an hour doing something in the game?


Did they accidentaly release the new solo quest with unnerfed enemies? Was slashing that Deus for six minutes straight and he still didn't die.

>6 minutes
How fucking shit is your gear?

Probably. Takes me 3-4 mins to kill deus and I get oneshot by his stab beam

Hey buddy, stop complaining about damage sponge enemies. Keep slicing away until you get that reward(?) you're after

I used Fornis sword at first, but regeneration wasn't enough to survive. I switched to Chainsawd and lasted six mins but then he caught me with a stun attack.
It was a dick move to release a quest that can only beaten with Elder Pain Omega when most players don't have it.

I already cleared in 4 different classes and don't have any lifesteal.

I hope you're pretending to be retarded.

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>generic SAO shit
but that's wrong, you retard. it wasn't a good episode but save knocking it for after you play it so you can actually know what you're bitching about, faggot.

then again
if you don't take off the goggles, nothing will be good.

what units do you have? Also I'm regretting my only level 80 being a bow braver

I'm using triple ares ether factor izanes. kek

Just casual 8s qliph units

You seem upset

Same boat as you right now but slowly transferring over to guhu main.

rip my ray units with default everything

is there any reasonable way to farm the old 13* summoner eggs right now? ult quests are dead and i can't think of anything else.

Sorry they scrapped collection files so you are shit out of luck. Your best bet is to solo Ultimate quests for hours alone or hope one drops from the EQ's.

it's ok I'll just keep being useless and waste everyone's time with my nu-pets

New patch and the game is fuckin dead. Why cant they have a boost to something that is worth grinding 24/7? No one grinds outside of boost week.

>Be a shitter
>Take 5+ minutes to fight the new omega falz angel
>But I beat it and had a lot of fun doing it
This game is a lot of fun when you're bad at it like me.

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Smelling a lot of stinky diaper babies in this thread crying and whining and complaining

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>now i have to deal with another prick inside of me
I just wanted to fuck harriet

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What will you do now for fun?

Lots of stuff. I've been playing for almost half a year and haven't burned out yet.

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>Premium Triboost
>Premium Set users will be given an exclusive +50% Triboost effect, separate from the other boost effects available in the game. Use this to your advantage to further increase your Rare Drop, EXP, and Meseta boost percentages!
Wait so I just have a 24/7 +50% now?

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If only I felt the same way

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The trick is to be just the right amount of casual. Not so casual that you don't care about the finer details of the game, but still casual enough that you don't focus on those details too hard either. It also helps to be a huge idiot, like me.

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I'm casual and I did try
I farmed the recent boosted quests tons trying to get drops...

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I didn't ignore the boosted quests but I only grinded them a moderate amount. I also didn't really care either way whether I got anything or not. I even spent time doing other irrelevant things during the boost.

>tfw spent the entire week playing monster hunter and the small amount of time i spent on this game i just fashion whored around in b7

its the little things

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You sound fun user, you should let me add you so I can suck some of that soul out.

>so I can suck some of that soul out.
That doesn't sound fun at all.

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For you, it wouldn't be.

I'm actually demotivated by the crests to some extent. It's nice knowing I have a safety net that'll eventually get me something but I feel less inclined to grind my butt off trying to get a 14* from e.g. the LQs

I just play with the expectation that I will never get a 14 star. I don't even go out of my way to grind for crests. If I happen to get one, it'll be neat. Otherwise I don't really care.

EVEN MORE SOLO QUEST """"""""""""""""""""""CONTENT"""""""""""""""""""""""" IN AN MMO


I just make sure to do all the campaign things since it's such minimal effort anyway. Given that it's two crests per dragon, supposing you do rematch, whether or not you do all EQs with crests really doesn't matter much in the big picture.

I'm also under that assumption so that's the other half of the reason I don't feel like grinding them until I burn out.


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I've actually skipped some of the campaign crests and I never do any rematches anyway.

>he can't clear this quest with 3+ different classes that are not hero

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Solo stuff is great.
Should have been more solo EQ triggers though instead of more bad XQs.

Jokes on you I can't clear any of them period.

>wasting your time on artificial difficulty: the quest instead of playing something actually fun.

Pso2 isn't an mmo

>not an MMO
>classified as one officially

I already cleared with 5 classes m8

someone post the screen filters, please i need to know what i'm missing out on

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Top right, regular
Bottom right, monochrome
Top left, vintage
Bottom left, sepia

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So what weapons are worth farming right now besides atra?

I have been using astra rifle and launcher is there anything that is farmable right now that is stronger than astra?

Autumn (but good luck with forest triggers) and now Invade.
Looks like Invade have recent drop rate. I'm using nothing but premium drink and I keep getting once every second run, though, good luck clearing solo XQ with astra.

getting one* every second run

so i'm not missing out on a lot
this one looks nice tho, wonder what it looks like in motion

>Paying for a lesser reshade
Can't even make this shit up

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i bet you that wowdrones and ff14drones would pay extra cash just for meme reshades, but premium for that thing in pso2 is quite stupid, triboost is cool though

>ff14drones would pay extra cash just for meme reshades
alas, they get them for free

yeah, and it's considered "new content"
but im talking about if there were new reshades that require you to pay money they would do it in a blink

But ffxiv has reshade and stormshade, which look fantastic and don't crash the game within a few minutes

>wonder what it looks like in motion
Imagine a webm with poor bitrate, actually ill make one

Can't resize it or lower the bitrate, otherwise you can't appreciate the pixels.

>Another Deus with no zein/cliff drops
They're pretty much 14 stars as far as I'm concerned.

I thought so too and then I got a talis with a grind cap of 33.

Made me realize there's no point trying to get them anymore.

>duo faster than 4 man party
time to quit and come back until they add blank space content


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Enjoy your 30 grind welfare 14*

>muh ability 4

>unironically giving a fuck about the grind cap
>welfare *14
>what is atra
>what is grind caps boosters
its a twitter cap of some jap

depending on the weapon, a +30 one can be way worse than atra.

Yeah, just disregard the massive QoL given by their potentials.

>muh ability 4
>muh measly adition 40 atk
>when the pots and base power more or less BTFOs atra

>People killing themselves over inferior welfare
If you weren't chosen by the gods of your class, then maybe you should stop playing that class? Hmm user?

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Is there a cookie cutter SSA build for the Atra/Val weapons?

Reminder that if Reddit's Gunslash Demon™ can clear this XQ, then you should be able to clear it, too.

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Testing Invade NT weapons and their damage variance, with 5% crit rate (base, no skills, no ring)

>687 dex (200 attack mag)
>152 hits
>2,055 crit
>2024 average
>1,992 min
>3% damage difference from min to crit (rounded down)

>887 dex (200 dex mag)
>154 hits
>1909 crit
>1879 average
>1846 min
>3% damage difference from min to crit (rounded down)

Now trying with Atra, still with the same 5% total crit rate
>866 dex
>144 hits
>3113 crit
>3069 average
>3012 min
>3% damage difference from min to crit (rounded down)

Concussion: My dex is too high to negate the "humongous damage variance" many people are spouting, or it does not exist at all.

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>32:08 clear time

Not exactly. You have to think on your own for this one, unless you want somebody to do it for you as well.

Gunslash is not a difficult weapon to use. If you max step you play like a ghetto hero.

Around how long would it take to get a Shine Red? I'm looking to upgrade from my current poopy armor, since there's not much to do because boost week is over.

a couple of hours assuming lucky wins

Oh that seems pretty light, I'll definitely get into that some time this weekend then

I did mine in like 3-4 hours iirc, but it's been a while.


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The sound of 50 excubes being flushed down a toilet.

I want to like the Gunslash...

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I really wish this was the canon story weapon instead of "well its episode 5 and sega knows everyone is obviously playing hero soooooo". Persona being a gunslash user would have been really neat.

sega has never called it one. what "official" are you dreaming up, retard?

I would use gunslash if it had guard.

You posted this last thread

He's looking for attention and you're giving it to him.

I forgot


>some fag mentioning getting clipped by omega hunar for ~1600 on a guardstance fihu
>there are people who will swear this isn't bullshit and artificially created difficulty via the gross inflation of enemy power well beyond what anyone would face in normal gameplay
truely, we have a cancerous community around this game, when people will excuse shit that requires playing like firesword to not get cheesed by.

solo shit is great, but not sega's idea of solo stuff. sega thinks that people who want to work alone are interested in having their balls stomped on with golf cleats. sega makes "solo" content that would be obnoxious even with a group.

a lot of people who want to play on their own/their own time don't have delusions of being godhax, and just want to play without dragging anyone else down with their habits/faults/not-meta-compliant-but-perfectly-functional gear, etc etc.

oh, you poor baby. you might do ~10 damage less, what ever will you do.

and it's your own fucking fault, you meta-humping retard, for raising your mag with anything other than food devices for the attack you want it to be. there's literally no fucking reason at this point in the game's life for you to ever feed your mag normally unless you're just charging it's battery -after- you capped it. you can fucking BUY shitloads of spheres to trade for food devices via 10*s on the market, you have no fucking excuse if you're bent on a pure-stat mag.

I have some mags I haven't got around to doing. How many food devices does it take? 0-200