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Brigitte is LIVE. Not in comp till season 10.

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I want to bully Mercy until she cries!

>the state of this community

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if most of the kids in this picture are torbs grandkids then could brig be a mom? or did torb have other kids?

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>this is allowed
>sweaty 76 in speedo gyrating his muscles isn't

post the "all modes" profile of the guy.

>Brigitte is LIVE
And that's a fuckin cancer

Tigercat is super cute.


Nobody wants gayshit, not even mods. Kill yourself.

Torbjörn has 9 kids, you cant tell my anything else

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Everyone who plays Brigitte is tilted and whiny as fuck all the time. Why weren't Mercy mains this bad when Moira dropped? How long until they swap back to heal slut? At least then you can tolerate whining because they're figuratively letting you fuck their ass to win.

Brigitte is the youngest of Torb's daughters so probably not hers

>*blocks your path*
>*shield bash combos you*

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Ladies and gentlemen, the ruling council of Brainletville.

i'll literally let you fuck my ass to win

more like blocks my charge.
Being Rein main is bad in the age of more heroes getting stuns.

>skin only shows a tiny bit of her tummy
What a bunch of hacks

Probably because every time there's a Brigitte, the entire team goes hanzo widow genji tracer because "hurr we have a healer and a tank, that means we can have 5 DPS!!!"

give it a week or two to let people get her out of thier system and go back to their mains.
us brig mains can enjoy playing her without having to fight every game to pick her first.

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Also reminder that everyone in the overwatch world is bisexual.

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>skyshoots you in a head while you trying to hide behind your shitty shield

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What the fuck am I reading.

Almost a year uninstalled and looking back I still have no regrets.

Why are you still playing this over-aestheticized cash grab?

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Everyone has their fantasies, I guess

muh dick this pic too much


link sauce

brigitte will be symmetra-tier content for anything above diamond; throwpick

Yeah... almost everything about it I distaste but there's no alternative. I played +2000 plus hours on tf2 and I needed something new

It was confirmed months ago that those kids are grandkids and the only first generation there is Brigitte. People are slow on the uptake.

For the record, it makes more sense that, considering Torb's age, that he had his kids before or right at the start of the omnic crisis when he wasn't a solider. Doesn't it?

i just want to post this, have fun.

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>0 Friends Online


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is their battlegrounds clone out?

cool zenyatta skin

Why are you still in a thread of a game you don't play?

what am i looking at?

Gonna need source, my man.

>Also reminder that everyone in the overwatch world is bisexual.

I'm convinced that everyone is gay honestly, have you seen how hard tumblrinas shove their headcanons to everyone in the cast?
All males are gays and all females are lesbians.

rather looks like the demonic Junkrat skin from HotS

Paladins is f2p so it has a store for cosmetics tokens and shit.

>UI screams of microtransactions

It's jew-rez, killers of Tribes what do you expect

If you playing mobas, at least play decent ones.

Ooga booga where da Liana and Skye at?

tf2 with tits, toxicity, and less maps.

Time to PROVE we belong.

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actually not too far from the true.

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Based, we need an elf in OW

>skyshoots you
Wrong image. Pharah does that me as Brig all the time. I never run into any problems as Brig vs Widow though.

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I'm telling you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an egyptian mommy gf. I mean, girls can have daddy bfs and no one bats an eye but why is it so weird suddenly if the roles have reversed? Personally, I think there's nothing wrong with having a girlfriend who's naturally nurturing and if she doesn't have a child anymore I would happily fill that role. I think it's just them practising for real motherhood for when we have kids together. Also, it's not like I'm her actual kid or anything, that would be weird, I just like to lay my head on her lap while she pats my head while we watch TV or something, it's very comforting. I think having a mommy gf is the best because she's like your actual mom maybe even better and you can aso fuck her, you get the best of both worlds. So fuck you, I'm going to go have dinner with my egyptian mommy gf now

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but does it have good sfm pron? I need some good animated stuff or i cant play the game.

Go to your usual SFM sources and check it.

>have you seen how hard tumblrinas shove their headcanons to everyone in the cast
Luckily I haven't. But yeah, that's tumblr, not overwatch; the overwatch world is filled with free minded individuals that see past both skin color and sex. It's beautiful, as a whole, the true utopian world we can only dream of.

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hate to break it to you kid, but at ana's age that pic is missing some severe wrinkling, sunspots, scarring, and sagging.


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is the game somewhat playable in terms of having a competitive system? and is the community just as cancerous as overwatch?

>read forums for a quick laugh
>"Moira is OP because she dominates in deathmatch"
>"D.va is balanced"
>get cancer instead

That forum needs to shut down.

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>comp match
>mexican who only knows the words "go" and "back" is our shots caller
>we absolutely curb-stomp the other team due to his leadership

This game is fucking hilarious sometimes

The whole game is a joke. Now they're just making it a SMITE and Overwatch clone while taking away all the fun mix and matching of the skins.
And the community is your usual f2p gaem community, children, huehues and cykas.

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I said it already, but she looks like me when I was 15.
Honestly that's kinda weird

>in-game chat
>Brig a throw pick

Sometimes simplicity is better than a Lucio main trying to draw a convoluted plan that always includes him booping three guys off the map.

And you will be missing all your front teeth and a lot of blood if you don't shut your lie hole, whore

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>enemy McCree and Widowmaker freely shooting down at payload unopposed while we try to contest is
>eyeing them with Soldier:76 but their aim is good
>"Winston can you dive those hitscan dps up top?"
>"I keep trying but I die every time."
>"Try again please."
>Winston immediately jumps right on the payload and gets instantly gunned down.

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Brigitte wins a lot of 1v1s which is what the majority of players look at when deciding if a hero is overpowered or not. In reality she isn't, she barely fits into a pick comp, doesn't replace Lucio and Moira in a deathball comp, and isn't better than Zen/Lucio/Mercy/Ana for literally anything else.

she's turning 30 soon. no kids.
god damn... I hope she doesn't off herself


Last time this image was used for the OP, we were left with a (X file deleted) thread after about 300 posts.

She has a long term bf she's already mentioning marriage with

Any tips on how to survive longer when taking on a team as Tracer? I can kill 3 people but if I go for more I feel like it becomes much harder and my resources are depleted and I'm much more likely to die.

>play main tank but a guy insists on playing winston
>dead useless, dives into the middle of everyone and always drops his shield mid air so it's behind him
>doesn't shield dance
>refuses to ever frontline
>playing D.Va and trying to support him when he dives and would loop around if he ever sat on the front line
>literally looks worse than Roshan playing against Koreans
>everyone is so angry they don't leave the spawn until he switches
>get winston
>bubble and front line at first
>dive to the back when there's an opening
>leap back when I'm low
>suddenly we stomp them

He's unironically one of the easiest tanks to play. Obviously his skill ceiling is really high, see Gesture, Fissure, or Muma, but like if you can't just not dive over and over and die you must have downs syndrome.

>"McCree needs a small buff. His survivability is fucking garbage compared to literally everyone else."
>50 dislikes

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She replaces a DPS slot because that instant 155 damage and stun will be deleting heroes left and right.

I'm telling you now, once she goes live on comp it's going to be who has the better Brigitte.

>guys i can only kill half the team

y-you too

It's okay to back off. You don't HAVE to kill the whole team. Step back and poke for a bit. If your team isn't able to disrupt enough to protect you, especially after you get a few picks, you either need to focus on distracting or just switch. Sometimes Tracer just won't work because your team will leave you wide open every time.

2 support squishies and 1 squishy dps isn't anything to be proud of.

I get so tunnel-visioned and cocky and want to keep going instead of running away, it becomes detrimental to our team instead of beneficial. I'm also tired of those teams that just huddle up to turtle and defend themselves even when attacking only to just die and feed so much ult charge and never gaining any grounds.

so why does junkrat have that? is it suppose to be funny or...?

>get potg as Brigitte
>a lot of it is just me blindly swinging my flail around when there's nobody on the point, killing a lone hanzo and then ulting when the symmetra shows up
i love qp.

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wait is geguri a girl or a girl (male)
She both looks and sounds male.

>I get so tunnel-visioned and cocky and want to keep going instead of running away, it becomes detrimental to our team instead of beneficial.

Learn to play defensively and you'll see your SR rise a bit. The maps are full of chokes and there's a lot of places where you can jump on someone without them knowing.

tfw torb got to suckle those delicious mommy milkies.

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Korean female(hasn't gone under the knife)

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I find tracer the hardest to play in 2cp but in KOTH and payload maps I find that I can really shine and destroy anyone out of position. I'll try to be defensive though... Should I just use my last blink to always get away? I have the timing down btw, I don't need to look to see when my blinks are coming back or my recall has cooled down, I've played enough with tracer to feel it all.

sounds male? not really t bh

I find that Brigitte's main weakness is any sort of splash damage, be it junkrat or pharah.

Reaper ptr buffs when?

>new hero added
>free weekend and half price not long ago
>queue times increase ever since

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battle net forums are reservation for autistic retards on which blizz makes all their social expiriments.

honestly doesnt make sense

This. Every faggot playing Brig has spammed "Thanks!" everytime our team is losing.

Women in your country must be quite the smokers. Greece?

>Mercy healing me
>Get hooked by roadhog
>Survive his shot with a little bit of health
>Mercy decides to ult at that exact moment instead of healing me first to make sure I get away