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Kagero is my wife.

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Flat is better

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Does Eliwood want a speed or attack boon


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Reminder that unique movement types will always be relevant, and not rolling for Kagero if have a flying core is fucking retarded.

That looks like it hurts

Friendly reminder that Catria has appeared in more games than your favorite lord.

>tfw I can finally have my revenge

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>eiricar on race track got corrupted for whatever reason or lost it totally
save me bros

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Breed the bunnies!

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>your best friend fucks your daughter
Gods can you imagine how conflicted Chrom feels?

Factually incorrect.

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>always wondered why grandpas were so up in arms about awakeningbabbies
>currently experiencing this with worldfags in the MH community constantly complaining about how oldfags shit on their fun and refuse to try the older games
so this is what it feels like to be a grandpa, at last I truly understand

How hard does Alfonse plow through Bruno Ass?

That's my wife

He'll be back.

>milk truck of the month
no thanks

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V!Ike looks like Kenshiro

>Your best friend that gives you the power of friendship fucks your daughter

Delete. Tailtiu is for Azel.

>spring banner reveal: 5.5k RTs and 4.6K likes
>Thracia teaser: 6.5k RTs and 5.8K likes
wat do?

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Not very since his best friend is also his wife

But Lucina was in Awakening, Fates, Echoes, Herpes, Project X Zone and Monster Hunter!

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Muh Pickle

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Should I replay Fe4? I already beat it and thracia and im pretty stumped at what to try next

Please let my pain teach you to not pull on the evil colorless orbs. Starting with subaki I ripped 75 orbs. I just wanted titty pegasus lady. I’m 255 orbs in on the banner reeeeeee

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wow warriors looks like THAT?

>Black guy
>On bottom
There's a reason it took over a year for Alfonse to even be considered a decent unit.
Do a sub run in FE4.

this? never seen one with a race track

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Cumming in boots

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M8 he's the one getting plowed

Felicia is the cutest! Holding her in my arms! Giving her little kisses on the cheek! Spending every second I can with her! Making her feel loved and wanted! She's my soul mate! I could never want anything more! I love Felicia!

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somewhat this but inserted into a race track on the first place

Since you asked nicely.
Hand over your best lewd!

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Are you guys enjoying the new cavalry Sharena?

I know this is a shitpost but that's still less games than Catria

Wasn't she in S.T.E.A.M too?

Play binary

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Was it his dick size and generally sleeping around?

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I'm not rolling because kagero is a dumb nuFE bitch, user.

>horrendous theme
>shitty fight(not exactly world’s problem, comes from his moveset being made more for invading)
>actually fucking removed some of his moves
>this is supposed to last for a month until oroshi kirin or lunasta, two reskins
I hope to god this fucking kills the normies from mh

But enough about that, this thread is for fe

What MH is that? 3U?

Catria's better than Reinhardt, so I guess. Still rather use Lady Lel.

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Post your sheep.

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>he doesn't know

and despite that, nobody cares about her

she is tho

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post your bets

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thank you, but I don't know your tastes or if you want /feg/ pasta or simple tits

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To be fair, in the case of mhw it's mainly sonyggers once again shitting up a fanbase as soon as the corperation pays for exclusive time.
SF4 to SF5 left /fgg/ and many other fg communities in flames.

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>free summon
>4* Jakob
I feel like stopping already. I'm sick of these Jakob/Sophia/Sully free rolls.

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We're getting a master knight Raquesis,right guys?

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Why are all FE girls such big brocons?

Sad bunny, I wanna pick her cunny!

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Project X Zone
Monster Hunter
Woolly World
Mario Maker
Super Duper Slambo Lads

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>Ever getting alts


Eirika and Ephraim's incest

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Give me one reason why there shouldnt be a Hoshido only banner

Fjorm > the entire Fates cast with exception of Selkie and Subaki.

What did user mean by this?

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Because nobody cares about any of those characters.

>after being a laughingstock for an entire year, shapes up and gains his own unique niche
>becomes a worse Nino after almost a year of irrelevance

Why is this ordered so terrible with epic reactions all over? /v/ tier crop. Should be done correctly, in order. The inital post, then the "thanks for the yous" alone would have sufficed.

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We have 30 fucking days to roll for them, not rolling for her now means jack shit because I can just wait.

She's looking at walking human garbage

No that's monster hunter

Remember when IS thought Fates pandering was more profitable than grandpa pandering?


>shapes up and gains his own unique niche
If by that you mean he's the only usable axe cav then sure. Otherwise pass that axe over to someone better.

This is very cute.

Stop imagining.

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>Rolling for a flying dagger
>Her being a nuFE titty monster thot
>When flying archers are canon and bound to happen

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>Got pitycucked out of Catria-chan by Mancaiah
Not sure how to feel

>Every month Heroes has been active Fates has been dying more and more
Soon we may be free. Now all we need is a console FE with the scale and themes of Jugdral to drive them out for good.

Frederick is fine too, especially since he's really easy to +10

>Imlying it's not
>He bases his shitposts on "profit" comparisons between individual banners


Do I remember today? Probably, yes.

I believe this period will be the era of colorless

Flying dagger up until next month
Colorless dragon will be one of the new heroes
Caeldori will show up after as a flying archer

Tank you Phoenixmaster and to thank you user who recommended him last thread.
I did not even remember having a Henry and my Fjorm only had half the skills learned despite having over 1000 sp.

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>worse Nino becuase she has one less Atk despite a greatly superior defensive spread and other build options thanks to her Prf
Good to see that Ninofags are bringing back the green mage wars.

They took years to realize Ike was big money boy all along.

Fiyorumu is cute!

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Which FE girls would /feg/ defeat and mating press?

can anything be done aside from merging to increase his power or have i reached peak weed?

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Don't feed it (you)s

Tell me 1 (ONE) flying archer that will not only make it in but have a good stat spread.

Who will Legendary FRobin be drawn by?

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>wanted chill res fodder
>got +spd -def Catria on my free summon
Should I keep her after all

Sonyggers are only prevalent on Veeky Forums though. There are legitimately people in other communities who think that oldfags need to leave because of the complaints that world is too easy

Can we post some Gunnthra? I think she looks really cute