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This is a general for discussion of upcoming mmo's or mmo's without their own general.

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FFXI is the best mmo

i guess nobody cares about mmos


play RF online guys

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wow, thats still going? i played the beta for that

how was it?

>needing to solidify your identity on vg when it's not relevant
LMAO filtered

Going to start Closers on Tuesday. I have my particular OCD that i must satisfy in order to be allowed to start it.
Played elsword , metin , lineage , 4 story , cabal and pso2. Maybe even something else but i can't recall at this moment.
I still consider PSO2 the pinnacle of fun, the only reason i had to stop it's because my computer is shite and this ruins my fun in playing coop.

I havent fucked with PSO2 but I really loved PSPo2

Play it on the 3rd when the new character comes out

I still want to satisfy my urge to play something. But yeah Tina will be a blast when she comes out.

Is closers any good? What can I expect from it?
The 2D element is really offputting to me

it's fast paced , the girls are cute and if you posses average skills you can feel good about yourself when you complete stages without ever getting hit.
This is my initial impression though. It also dumps a lot of things on you, pets, houses, gardens etc. Which i personally enjoy.

Hope you enjoy yourself user I got burned out after raiding everyday so I'm playing soulworker until Tina comes.
Pretty much what said it's really fun but once you hit endgame raid shits gonna break you unless you either have a good party that knows what they're doing or you got mad skills

I see, thanks.

anyone here going to play crowfall? Is there a Veeky Forums guild?

where? also are the summon dudes still OP? or not?

In which server are you playing and where are you from/what's your ping? it seems there's a few private servers, and the redfox server seems on life support, but the latest is eu.RF? kinda afraid of the ping on a EU server, but I rather play on a newish server than one where everyone has been playing for years.

give me a quick rundown on this game

Anyone here play BLESS? I'm tempted to try it out when it comes out because the amazonian cat girls are cute. I know it's a korean mmo though so it's probably unoptimized as hell, Tera's a fucking piece of shit because of this.
But is it GOOD and can it RUN WELL

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we don't know, the American client is supposed to be better than the JP client which is the latest one, you can watch plenty of videos on youtube to give you an idea of how it runs, but obviously it depends on your machine. Massive battles still run like ass from what I've seen, but Arena fights seem good and solid, 10 man dungeons run well too. It's just the sieges and world content when there's like 30+ niggers casting spells that it goes to shit, but again it might be better once EA is released

I doub it

I agree the panthera look fuckin awesome and remind me of Mithra from ffxi. I'm gonna try it but it looks like even after they updated the combat it plays like gw2

PSO2, still dicking around in W*
>Lookan Forward To-an
Kinda have been keeping a half eye on Bless, might check that out
RO, not really sure what else.

Bless Online stuff

Thoughts? All information you'd ever need on Bless is here: youtube.com/watch?v=vchWsvh3Z4E

Disclaimer: Fuck Cryyy, I only linked because I'm too lazy to type out all that shit.

+You can legit work for the Bless team and get paid
+Buy to play, no pay to play or free to play
+Release date announced/early access

>Q. Will there be an in-game store? Will it be Pay-To-Win???
>A. Yes, there will be an in-game store! We will offer cosmetic equipment, skins, awesome mounts and pets, and consumables that give services and boosts, etc. However, the items will not offer special bonuses that lead to Pay-to-Win!

How is wildstar now? How is the population? I have a boosted character but no idea wtf i should be doing

It's still plodding along. The latest State of the Universe from the devs was kinda underwhelming, unfortunately.
There was that stuff with the Primal Matrix and that one Darkspur raid I think? I should really do more of that and work for some better gear instead of being an RPfag.

Are they gonna do that founder pack shit?

>I'm playing soulworker until Tina comes.
I was enjoying the beta until recently. Had to stop when me and my PC had a disagreements about how many Frames should i be playing it. I thought 17 would be fine, but my machine thinks a stable 8 is all i'm gonna get. I wanna get into closers because i heard people in SW talking great about it.

Wouldn't that be a contradiction to their statement of "No Pay to Win"?

But there will be early access so some form of a Founders Pack may exist. I might be similar to TERA's founder pack if you remember that one (boxed Tera).

By the way, it's not Free to Play. It's Buy to Play. So if you were thinking that founder pack = early access = wait until open beta -> live server you will have to pay out the door to get in the game. Not sure how much it'll cost.

>I wanna get into closers because i heard people in SW talking great about it
really? all I've seen is both sides shit talk each other even though most people play both


this general is toast


hey at least we've been able to avoid the bot. hopefully gw2fags stay the fuck out of here.


Fuck the grind from 50-55 on SW is a nightmare what the fuck were they thinking?

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what's sw?


user the bot gets triggered when /gw2g/ is in the op. /mamug/ is stupid

oh yeah? go fucking try making a thread that has /mmog/ or /mmos/ or /ammo/ in the fucking title. See what happens.

Has anyone tried it recently? I've only seen a /gw2g/ go under

i tried it a month ago, if the bot is still around it'll get hit by it, just like the gw2g did. Do you think the guy would have rewritten the bot or some shit? No, it's just gonna permanently destroy any gw2g or /mmog/



wow it's like i was right or something. /mamug/ sounds retarded but it's the best we got, and at least if you search mmo it pops up.
Anyway, are any of the aeria games any good?

Warframe, i don't recommend it.
>looking forward to
I just found a private server for PSO, thinking of starting that with a friend or two.
does youth count?
>wishin you had played
Phantasy Star Universe back when it was still a thing. Didn't feel like doing a subscription though.

>looking forward to
hopefully bless isnt a p2w shitshow because i want cat waifus
old ffxi
>wishin you had played
lineage 2