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Stop playing WoW and clean your room.

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>NA """pvp"""

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Elf supremacy

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Rooms clean and so is my ass
now what



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Today I shall remind them...

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wtf happened!!?

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Post elf sluts or fuck off, cunt.

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why we must eradicate the Horde with no survivors.

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you're stupid and blizzard is helping you

(And that's a good thing)

>reinstall wow
>play for a week
>stop logging in because it's boring as fuck

thought I would last at least a whole month

It got simplified to oblivion, cause Ion happened. Good thing private servers is still a thing.



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I really want to play as a Drogbar.
I'm just curious how female Drogbar would look like... can't really imagine it.

>more buttons = better gameplay!

>private servers

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fem dwarf ass

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i saw a panda ass once and came pretty close to becoming a furry


Classic servers will have shit populations.

Class balance will be shit in BfA.

Raids being strictly personal loot will be a good thing overall.

Are demon hunters or DKs more fun ?

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can't wait to main a kul'tiran druid JUST to trigger night elf lorefag spergs


but they are connected to nature

I've had more fun playing Atlantiss Cata this past year than playing retail

Where's a good place to start? Anything I should know?

Got no time for this dook recently because college
and internship happens, so I'll probably give this shit a try after college semester ends, so, RAWLING TIME:
Odds: I come back this fall
Evens: I ignore and play something else
Dubs or Pezado loot pics: I resub right after internship.

despite all the shit they get, once i picked up DH i fell in love
then again i also loved DKs

they're both fun.

DH probably more so since LMAO MOBILITY

Say what you want but not being a slow piece of shit like DK is enjoyable.

Pink elf with blue hair or purple elf with green hair?

Okay but there are multiple macros there with non-blood icons, so how the fuck am I meant to know what they do/did?

I did same while playing in Tauri WoW server and Dalaran WoW.

Fuck the horde, race war now

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that's basically what i said.

DH has that insane mobility and just doesn't stop for shit

DK is the lmmovable object. i think they did well with the classes fantasy/play style.

DKs make them come to you, DH go to you.

Lots of people like very simple specs. BM is popular

Based Zandalari Poster!

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Oh I was just agreeing with you, if they make Havoc not zzz tier in BFA that'd be fantastic.

DH is more fun by far. I used to love DK but now I cant imagine going back to being so slow, having almost no gap closers.

It will have more population then retail since all the wow personalities like swifty, kungen, towelliee and soda will be playing it. It will also be F2P.
Retail is FINISHED.

I figured I'd level a DH since it starts at 100 basically and I've been enjoying the mobility

to be honest i only really play PVP and it's hella fun and good

I blacked out items and racials and stuff like that, everything on there is a class ability.

DH is warrior with ADHD, that gone wild. Lots of green, but great mobility. Something like Rogue + Warrior + halfassed shit from somewhere else
DK is paladin, that became a sociopath and want to shoot up a school, because somebody bullied him last year for Naruto lunchbox. Lots of DPS and edgyness, but lack of mobility.

Choice is yours.

nobody's running trial of valor are they

He actually said it's better to be a raid leader in wow then work at McDonalds
Something about learning social skills

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hand over the feet pics and no one gets hurt!

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Should i be gearing my followers with mission success chance item or reduced mission duration items?

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fuck you mean i have to become a RL and then work at McD's?

yea but clean your room first

>"Actually t-they are not druids but using some kind of nature b-based wicker w-witchcraft but were pu.... pu... put under the tag of druid because of the game mechanics and and... and Night Elves are the first druids and lorewise much more powerful with n-naturemagic."
Every autistic nelf druid on any rp server.

i just cleaned it last year though :/

when will they allow every race to play every class?

the last expac?

but being a raid leader nowadays means jack shit, just gather your 14/20 retards and go in
I'd agree with him if it was vanilla when you were responsible for 39 other people showing up, scolding them if they didn't farm mats for 4 hours and mediating in the ensuing loot shitfest


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Is Troll puss tight?

No he means you can learn more leading raids in WoW (mythic raids, since normal doesn't mean jackshit now) then you could learn working at McDonalds
Mythic then

>Retail is FINISHED
Until the majority of the playerbase, who never played Vanilla or are casuals go back to nu-WoW.

uhm no sweaty .. vanilla raids were tank and spank .. you didn't need to assign specific people to different mechanics .. not to mention the job of studying logs to find flaws in your raid, studying boss timers and similar things

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>this is you're healer tonight
what do you do??

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there it is again, i have to do both with that word.

it's spelled "than"

>When enraged, and in heat, a female troll can mate over 80 times in one night. Be you prepared?

When he fucks up i twist his nipple and make him blow me
No homo


I'm not talking mechanics-wise, just the people factor

where am i wowg

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americano is not my papa tongue

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i guess i die

Who /project85/ here?

apologies friendo.

thanks for trying

this is so true. i filled out my keybinds with useless shit like toys and mounts

Who /project100/ here?

For me, it's /project110/

Unironically, I filled almost all my slots with keybinds of abilities/healing items on my shadow/disc priest alt and holy pally main.

whats that????????

nice joke user.

Friendly reminder that ALL rogue players are this shit. No exceptions.

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Who /project90/ here?

console ready in few expansions

>horde rogues
literally what do you expect

When was the last time Blizzard offered a free week of gametime?

Why am I getting keyboard turning melee in +10, what did I do to deserve this

geez I wonder why


The gimmick of playing frost DK is the only reason I touch it desu


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Why would you deserve a week of free gametime

This is why abortion and stronger doses of adderall should be mandatory.

I hope you're ready for classic MonkaS.

>jerking yourself off this much after killing randoms in wpvp in Legion
>ret paladin player
twitch streamers were a mistake

Because I'm a white cis woman.

Watch Sodapoppin for extra cringe.


>look at Nightborne """men"""
>effeminate as fuck, at least blood elf men look like men
>disgusting hair styles and ear attachments
>faces are scowls or scars despite their effeminate appearance
Guess it's a female Trannyborne, then, at least I can look at it without wanting to vomit 75% of the time.

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They've done free week promotions in the past so I was just curious. No need to get all uppity

it's time to stop fapping to tranny porn

It's hard to discern a legitimate question from 12 year olds screaming about how Blizzard is full of jews for not giving them free things

they did the scowls so they could make them look """"""""""""""savage""""""""""""" which is retarded because suramar npcs weren't scowling at all