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No wonder Yugi ignores Téa if there a monsters like this around


● Latest News
>'Superb' Téa is now roaming Duel World
>The Card Trader is getting an update on the 28th
>Jesse Anderson will be obtainable late March
>The Chazz structure deck will be available late March

● Useful (Duel) Links
>Sites with good info on LDs, skills, deck lists, beginner guides, etc. (Partially outdated but it's the best we've got.)

● Future content (No release date but it's in the files)

● Android emulators (or just use the Steam version)

● A few tips for new players
>You can change the resolution of the Steam version with DuelLinksConfiguration.exe in the game folder
>Create and link a Konami ID to play on multiple devices and save your progress in case of a crash
>Turn your battery/power usage bar up to max in the settings menu for a smoother experience
>When sending Vagabonds, always choose the 1 card challenge because it gives the most XP.
>Decide on what deck you want to build before spending gems.
>Level up Mai, Keith, Alexis and Odion first to unlock Windstorm of Etaqua, Metalmorph, Spell Shield Type 8 and Curse of Anubis respectively
>Don't get baited into buying packs from 'Land of the Titans'.

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first for ghostricks are a cute. a CUTE

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>Amount of stones and gold will be increased
>Not keys too

Ghostricks are cucks. KEKS.

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me on the left

Tea only plays with big dicked boys

*Amount of stones and gold you can carry


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to the people that play this game on their phone, what phone do you use?

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seething mexican who cant put welfare counters on facedown cards

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Franken MOGGING the shit out of the ghostricks

I don't need a counter to deal with cuckolds like you.

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>"i dont need a counter"
>posts counter trap

Nadatheo is a pharaoh descent with with high fashion standards. Just like how Dr Crowler is meant to represent the ugliest effeminate man possible, Nadatheo is meant to represent the prettiest effeminate man possible. His clothes are heavily inspired by the Egyptian female royal outfits. His body is thin with an unbelievably high waist - being considered the perfect figure for a woman in the Ancient Egypt.
He comes to Duel Academy to humiliate Crowler .

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Does somebody have a better suicide deck than this?

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do you speak the language of humans?
but you will need a deck. turn endo cuckold-sama

God I fucking hate komoney. Just release Arkana. I want to fucking run dark magician.

What deck does she play /dlg/?

some sony xperia. it would be quicker if my cell provider didnt include bloat ware installation on their sim cards.

Samsung Galaxy S7. On my PC, Windows 7

Seriously why do all the best technologies come in 7's

Why do all these autistic donuts hate Crowler so much?

that cyber dragon fusion support and dicephoon

>suicide deck
>goblin thief

tempted to get an s9+ though

Go away /dlg/

>He'll never get the chance to MOG anyone


It's a man. He uses an Ancient Pharaoh deck.

Brown girls are for _______

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here's your leaf bro

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Because he's ugly. Need I say more?

my niggas, s7 is great phone especially if you got the exynos chipset model.

slavery jk

>play a suicide deck during it peak
>face another suicide deck player that went first multiple occassions
>he baits your suicide instead of suiciding ever
If i could strangle someone through a screen it wouldve been him. Playing suicide mirrors and only activating your burn cards must violate some geneva convention clause.

2D only because real egyptian women look like shit

>current year
>people still think Anzu is a slut

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>mexican is so seething he resolves to made up words and salsa stroke masturbation
get out of my coffe shop

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Used to play on an xperia m5 (Basically the mid-low end from sony)

I started lacking off in my syudies and now play on my laptop every other day.

its a dog eat dog world kid


>people still think she isnt

>dog eat dog
doggy dog*

When does the next box drop?

we aint konami dude

when you show support for land of the titans you stupid goy

*sperges in portuguese*

What annoys you the most in a duel /dlg/?

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She's such a slut that she hangs out by the dumpster hoping to grab some shotacon cock.

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>Opponent draw 3 perfect counters in a row
>Opponent gets exact lethal off of rng
>Opponent wins with 2 Spikeshields

Man, this fucking game is great, new cards weekly, nostalgiafag pandering, meta so diverse plenty of different decks can be used without being overpowered.

If i could only ask for two things would be more archetypes support and MPRE FUCKING GEMS KONAMI GODDAMN, IM TIRED OF USING THE SAME DECK FOR 3 SEASONS


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I opened Galactic Origins solely for Storm Neos, because lets be honest here: The only deck that can truly be considered tier 0 is storm neos. It's immune to literally all staple cards except Sphere Kuriboh ( this is unavoidable but it does have a counter for SK), It's extremely consistent, and is an incredibly strong beatstick and its good backrow removal + if you have 3 contact outs in hand and you have storm neos out you win the duel no matter what, that's a death sentence for the enemy, you can rack up to 20K+ attack on your enemy if you manage to get 3 contact outs in hand. Try to argue with me on this, you cant. And this isnt even the true power of the Neo-Spacians archetype, it goes far beyond just Storm Neos. Neo-Spacians truly have never been tried, We have storm neos but thats just the surface, just wait til we get Air, Rainbow, Divine, Honest and Wiseman Neos. Plus we are still missing the triple OG Grand mole neo spacian which would open up Grand neos and Magma Neos which is at the same tier as Storm Neos, if not stronger, 400 ATK for every card on the field. Neo-Spacians could literally take the meta by the ass as thrust full force harder than CA or Ninjas ever did. Dare I say it, Jaden's archetype is the strongest of all the YGO MC's deck archetypes. People who say Neo-Spacians are trash are obviously falling for the meme. They say they are trash because they don't have the intellect to play Neo-Spacians and instead would rather be a metaslaves such as yourselves. Ahhh Storm Neos.. you truly are the people's champion.

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>on mobile
>accidentally click the board menu and clicks to Veeky Forums
>first thread is Duel Links
Why do i keep forgetting other boards, jeez, sweeet.
Does anyone else want to see more Union monsters?

she sure is superb at sucking dick

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>nostalgiafag pandering

Yu Gi Oh Main Girl Tier List

>Kotori/Yuzu/Aoi are interchangeable

Prove me wrong

i like to pretend she's sucking off karate man instead of a random nig

hello last time i played was in the middle of the new dd tower event. the insect pack just dropped but it didnt seem really interesting.
anything new?

That was like a week ago. How much new stuff do you expect?


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I like your way of thinking, user.

there's like three new events i come back to.
superb tea (does ojama work as a farm deck?)
the 10 days reward thing
and the duelathon
dunno about these

The only real Yugioh slut is Vivian. Anzu is just after some Pharaoh cock.

rebecca is better than them all. she's not even 13 and she's already in college. also yugi gets to actually tap that soon instead of being strung along like fucking anzu.

in a week he will be unlockable

New lvl 40 drops, when!?!

new standard duelist drops when?!?!

forgot image

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NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE, can compare to Alexis.

Who the fuck are you talking about?

>nostalgiafag pandering
not enough desu. Spellcasters/dark magician needs some more fucking support asap, arkana is locked behind a time limited event, I could go on.

She's the worst of the first three

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Post Superb Tea farm decks?

Soon you will fear the synchros

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>Age of consent in certain Japan prefectures is 13 years old

Yugi is lucky

Fuckin yes this, i hate the useless normals we get. Level 5s with the attack of 16-1800, like the hell man. WHY

elements unite and draw power

>he thinks Alexis is better than Akiza

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Sorry user but Alexis is a goddess

Iphone 8+, why?

Shit man,

You spilled Yaoi into my Children’s Card Game commercial

Akiza is good but Alexis is better. The other heroines simply can't compete with the patrician's choice

I can smell your fear

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The's the jobbiest of them all, that's no quality to have in a waifu


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I saw you in the Alexis thread in /a/, go away. I will not allow you to disturb the Queen's thread

>Firm as Earth Genex deck with Arrivalrivals to drop Army in the battle phase

Kinda neat.

>She has the most wins of any YGO heroine
She's a champion. She is and always will be the patrician's choice


Why have fear when you can have PEACE?

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Cumulative victories don't matter, your percentage of victory matters most.

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Are Nig Gi Ohs the best blacks there are?

Caribbean yugioh players the best people. they play unique decks and are generally good sports. unlike white people that netdeck hard and don't shower.

...Really? Is it really that easy?

nigs are terrible at yugioh but want to be good , i talk from tournament experience and i even have some stories , they really really try hard and really really fail , it's like watching a monkey trying to play piano

Im guessing it's difficult being a weeb in the hood without constant bullying

Can someone give me a quick rundown on Zoodiac? I heard they used to be all pretty broken

I don't know about all of them, but she does beat Anzu in all but body, and even that is just a matter of a few years.

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she has no way to get through gate guardians