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I love Kotori!

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Date Umi.

Umi is love.

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Kiss Umi

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Help Umi!

honoka > umi > kotori desu

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cute wives.

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Mating press for Eli!

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Opening up a bakery and having three kids with Nozomi

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Holding hands with Riko

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Cute pirate

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cutest tomato.

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Umi is shit.

>Not honk thread
What a waste


How does Umi resist turning around and putting an arrow through Honoka's forehead? It's a mystery.

Just curious, but are there any popular characters in the game, like their events are clearly harder to tier in?

Umi, Maki, Kotori, Nico, Eli


What is crystalcat doing today?

Not really. Some girls have more people playing but the only way you won't tier is if you literally don't play.

>next Umi event is silent tonight token

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Chika loves her beautiful senpai Dia-chan!

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Hopefully prepping a noose

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For reference:

You have to play for about an hour a day every day during events to t2
Half that for t3
Twice that for t1

That's just points though. Score varies a little but it's usually just a little lower than 1m for t1, 850,000 for t2, 750,000 for t3. Score tiering either takes years of dedicated card collecting and intelligent team building (think MTG nerdery but you can't just buy the cards you want for fifty cents) or lots of money.

So if you don't spend money this game's only competitive element is a grinding contest.

Being sad about Maru being the least popular member in her subunit, why do you care about him by the way?


Why would anyone invite a teenaged australian to Veeky Forums? Regular australians are bad enough.

like a nuclear bomb

Not anymore because of event SRs are less useful now and seal idolization. The events with flop 3rd years, Honk, boi and rice are even dedder.


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My beautiful wife.

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that's sweet, honoka and kotori.

Rude. I'm not a jav slut or a dumb bird.

Kiss Umi


Cute mikan.

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>try to fill friends list with friendly people who actually play
>they already have full rosters or are too suspicious to add random people

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>No nudes
>Not very girly face


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Which mod is for score boosting?

sww a piece of sheet

Why do you want to know?

I wanna check it out and have some fun

Reminder that Umidah saved SIF EN

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>not very girly face

girly, but healthy. your face shape is partly genetic but the most striking features or lack of features are from lifelong health - diet and allergies. a lot of americans have small jaws from their processed mush diet and flabby bodies from meat and sugar overconsumption altering their gut flora and ruining their ability to properly digest food while simultaneously threatening to fatten them up or give them type 2 diabetes. aussies eat better food and develop stronger faces because of it. americans also have more allergies which really fucks your chin up.

the good news is that even if you're a chinless, flabby skeleton like most non-obese burgers you can leave your country, start a family in australia, and have children who aren't cursed.

Post cute Chikas!

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If you play a live with any of these on your main you WILL be banned during the 5.3 update so just fuck around on an alt

This matchmaking fucking SUCKS

I hate Australians so god damn much.


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I tried to predict the next event round.

Next event:
Smile Yoshiko - Cool Chika
Then in random order:
Cool Ruby - Pure Maru
Pure Yoshiko - Smile Dia
Cool Kanan - Smile You OR Cool Kanan - Smile Riko
Pure Mari - Smile Riko OR Pure Mari - Smile You
This is correct unless klab will decide to fuck with us and rotation (like those 2 KananMaru events)

>so just fuck around on an alt
That was the plan. Thanks.

>Cool Chika

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song of the day

song of the day

Still has bigger tits than your mom

Why is Riko angry?

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are they as big as THESE though? >_>

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CG has really good songs

I want to fuck Kanan!

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her spine is broken.

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What is her ID? I want to message her!

Call him a shitter

We know, everyone.

Nico and Pana!

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Nico and Pana.

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Fuck off moot.

Who's Moot?

God Imagine how sexy she would be cosplaying as Emma.

I miss him.

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>magnets is back in rotation

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Fuck off.
I really miss him too. Fuck the Jap faggot running this site to the ground.

where's Umi

>rhombus mouth
Sunrise really struck gold with that one

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can't wait for PDP anime where they all have that face by default

the more animated and cartoony facial expressions are one of the best improvements over µ's anime desu.

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>the only improvement over µ's

Umi guy only posted twice.

>psychic fire is still in rotation

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Chikafriends, after the MariZura UR set, the rotation begins anew. Which Chika UR set are you looking forward to the most?

We have:


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It's there till the end of event now.

Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history

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Wrong image, buddy?

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>normie memes


I want her to be my wife.

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ChikaRuby set that redeems Ruby after her last UR

>absolutely bomb a song
>sub-100 combo
>1st place, usually over people who got full combos

>end song thinking it went really well
>200+ combo
>3rd place

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>How do you pronounce "?←HEARTBEAT"?

Hate na Heartbeat

yeah i sure loved the same joke repeated ad nauseam jaja

You know what general this is?